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“Killing me means opening a gateway to get her back.”


“If we can fix this, if we can get her back, we have to try.”

“And this?! This is all you can fucking come up with? The sacrifice fucking play, like you always fucking do. Running away." [x]

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Hello to all my lovely followers! HAPPY NEW YEARS! I reached my end of year goal, and as a special thanks I’m going to to be doing a tumblr awards, yay! But really thank you so much to everyone who helped me reach :)


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  • reblog up to 3 times, like will not be accepted


  1. Louis Tomlinson award: (best louis url)
  2. Harry Styles award: (best harry url)
  3. Liam Payne award: (best liam url)
  4. Niall Horan award: (best niall url)
  5. Zayn Malik award: (best zayn url)
  6. One Direction award: (best one direction blog)
  7. Jennifer Lawrence award: (funniest blogger)
  8. Jack Harries award: (best edits/graphics)
  9. Finn Harries award: (best theme)
  10. Ashton Irwin award: (best ashton url)
  11. Calum Hood award: (best calum url)
  12. Luke Hemmings award: (best luke url)
  13. Michael Clifford award: (best michael url)
  14. 5SOS award: (best 5sos blog)
  15. Little Mix award: (best multifandom blog)
  16. Dave Franco award: (best blog overall)


  • follow back from me if not already
  • promos whenever as requested for a week
  • a spot somewhere on my blog for a week
  • custom theme(s) if requested
  • help with anything
  • and of course my love

Other stuff:

  • this post must get 100 notes at least or you saw nothing
  • if this post gets 300 notes, I will choose 2 winners instead of 1
  • along the way I might add a few more awards to the category so more chances win! :)

may the odds be ever in your favour yes i used that quote sue me