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George Harrison at the British Grand Prix, 14 July 1996

Photo: Dave Benett

“Often [George Harrison] went unrecognized as he stood at the back of the McLaren garage, soaking up the atmosphere. He expected no special favors, he had no minders or security men; he just enjoyed being there.
He sought me out in the paddock at the British Motorcycle Grand Prix at Donington Park some eight years ago. My wife Beth, a big Beatles fan, had died of cancer two months earlier. Somehow he had heard the news, and he wanted to say how sorry he was. I was astonished he knew, and that he had made the effort to find me. It lifted my spirits at a very difficult time.” - Andrew Marriott, Formula One Supporters Association, 6 December 2001 [x]

“George [Harrison] came to quite a few bike Grands Prix that year, happy to stand in the pits and enjoy the atmosphere, sometimes completely unrecognized by the local fans. Here, too, was a kind and generous man. My secretary made some relatively small arrangements for one particular race, fixed the hotel room or something similar. The same day a huge bouquet of flowers was delivered personally by George.” - Andrew Marriott, Formula One Supporters Association, 6 December 2001 [x]

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     Jenson Button // Dave Robson

     Kevin Magnussen // Mark Temple

     Felipe Massa // Andrew Murdoch

     Valtteri Bottas // Jonathan Eddolls

     Adrian Sutil // Marco Schüpbach

     Esteban Gutierrez // Craig Gardiner

     Sergio Perez // Gianpiero Lambiase

     Nico Hulkenberg // Brad Joyce


A race to forget for Felipe today. He said: It was a frustrating day for me to have to start from the pitlane. The car struggled to fire-up and once under way I had a lot of positions to make up. A few laps in at Turn Four, Maldonado ran into the back of me and damaged something. From then on I really struggled with the rear and the car was very hard to drive. It was a difficult day but one point is better than nothing.

Rob said: Felipe had a sensor issue on the grid and we struggled to return from that. In the end Felipe drove a great race to fight back and bring the car home with a point.