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This is the 2nd trailer for Blade Runner 2049. It just came out yesterday and reveals a little bit more of the setting and scenes in the film. Such as the fight with Dave Bautista’s character. And something that is interesting about that particular scene is that the it was originally intended to be the opening scene in Blade Runner. It was written in one of the scripts and was even storyboarded before being scrapped. It’s great that there using older ideas from the 1st film and it makes me wonder if they used any other ideas. We’ll find out soon enough.


Lucy Preston + Historical Figures (6/?)

1.12 “The Murder of Jesse James ” - Jesse James; Robert and Charles Ford; U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves; U.S. Marshal Grant Johnson
1.14 “The Lost Generation” -  Charles Lindbergh; Ernest Hemingway; Josephine Baker; Picasso; Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald

The New Ford GT Use More Code Than a Fighter Jet

The all-new Ford GT uses more than 50 different sensors to monitor vehicle performance and behavior, external environment, and driver inputs for an optimized driving experience.

The ultra-high-performance Ford GT’s sensors provide real-time information on factors from the positions of pedals, steering wheel & deployable rear wing, to air humidity & sunshine levels, delivering the thrill of a Le Mans-winning race car.

Data is generated at a rate of 100GB per hour – equivalent to about 25,000 song downloads –and is processed by more than 25 onboard computing systems comprising 10 million lines of software code – more than a Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II fighter jet. Between them, the systems can analyze 300MB of data – comparable to downloading an hour-long TV show – every second.

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