dave ford

So these guys are being considered for Han Solo:

And Anthony Ingruber isn’t?????

He played a younger version of Harrison’s character in the Age of Adaline.

And fans have been wanting him to play young Han for quite some time. And they’re definitely upset.

Just check out his Han Solo impersonation:

The decision is expected to be made within a couple of weeks and no one seems happy about the shortlist.


Lucy Preston + Historical Figures (6/?)

1.12 “The Murder of Jesse James ” - Jesse James; Robert and Charles Ford; U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves; U.S. Marshal Grant Johnson
1.14 “The Lost Generation” -  Charles Lindbergh; Ernest Hemingway; Josephine Baker; Picasso; Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald


Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)
dir. J. J. Abrams / dop. Daniel Mindel

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