dave farrell (phoenix)


For everyone who listened to the song.
There are so many hatred around Linkin Park now, because of this soft song.
I don’t see the point. ”Linkin Park loses many fans because of this song…”
Well, these people can’t be even called fans. Real fans are the people who will always love them and be there for the band whatever happens.
They are real artists. Linkin Park is special in this thing, that they are changing, renewing all the time. Their real personality never changes. This is Linkin Park. They wouldn’t be that band today if they have walked another path. They can do and try new things, make exciting journeys to the unknown, they can get new musical experience.
For the real fans: don’t care about the haters. You love Linkin Park for a good reason.
For the haters and fake fans: if you hate the new sound, go listen to Hybrid Theory and Meteora or don’t even listen to them.
Linkin Park got used to hatred and hate comments over the years. They could stay artists even this way and they didn’t become douchebags. They still create art and incredibly good music.
They are so kind. And talented. They can make like 13 million types or genres of music. From pop to heavy metal. I think they could even make jazz. If this is not talent, than what is then?
Thank you Linkin Park for saving us again.


Linkin Park’s message can be summed up in one sentence: do down the walls that are in your head and admit your own chaos.

Linkin Park is so important to me

Many people will say that a band is just a band, and they’ll think me fangirling about something slightly related to a band is ridiculous  . But really, Linkin Park means a lot to me.

They give me music that not only sounds good to my ears, but inspires me. Also They and their music have taught me a lot

The music has taught me knew words, from since I was younger until now.(Including alibi, instigate, meek, integrity).

I use to not be able to pronounce ‘TH’s and I would get made fun of for that. Copying the raps helped me pronounce TH and help my speech

They have taught me that the world is pretty messed up. That you shouldn’t let someone to take the best of you, and you should do you best.

And the guys themselves have taught me so much. They taught me that it takes hard work to reach your dream, and to never stop trying(and to actually finish school before going out into the world). That change is okay and will even help you. The even taught me to be energy conscious. 

They taught me that real best friends are out there and you can love them. That other’s opinions matter. Helping others is important. 

I truly do hope that LP stays together for a while longer, and I hope I get to see them live one day.