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Linkin Park’s music videos One Step Closer [

Everything you say to me
Takes me one step closer to the edge
And I’m about to break
I need a little room to breathe
‘Cause I’m one step closer to the edge
And I’m about to…


“You can look at a song like ‘CASTLE OF GLASS,’ which for me, has one of the most interesting opposing points of view,” Chester Bennington said. “When Mike was talking about the lyrics, at one point he had said, 'You know, it’s kind of like finding yourself as this broken part of this big machine, and feeling like you’re not part of that, or trying to find your place in the bigger scheme of things.’ And that can mean a solider coming home from war, and trying to fit back into society, or a person getting out of prison, or whatever.
"And here I am, envisioning this big, beautiful glass castle on a hill, and, like, unicorns. I’m thinking like 'Yeah, if you zoom in, I’m this little broken part of this castle that no one knows about, and I may seem like flawed and not important, but when you back up and look at the big picture, you’re part of this really beautiful thing that keeps you together,” he continued. “And it was a really interesting twist; I think a lot of our lyrics can be taken from multiple perspectives, depending on what you want the song to be about … they can be felt on so many different levels.”
Castle of Glass [Live from Spike Video Game Awards 2012]


30 Day Linkin Park Challenge | 03

Day 03 – Favourite LP picture photoshoot

Supposedly I needed to share with you my favourite LP picture, well,  that’s kinda impossible so I’ve decided to share my favourite photoshoot. Although my fav was the BW promotional shoot done in Brooklyn in 2010, I’ve grown fond of the last promotional shoots for OML.

What I love from these pictures is the carefree attitude of the guys.

I love that in most of the shots they’re smiling or seemed very relaxed. It became obvious how much they really enjoyed their time together and you can sense their confidence. It’s like they’re not concerned with proving anything to anyone anymore because they simply didn’t need to.

And well, of course, the obvious reason, these were the last photographs with Chester 🖤

OML release day picture at WB 

Digital painting of Chester Bennington, frontman of Linkin Park, the man with the voice of an angel, one of the greatest singers of all time, a bandmate, an incredible husband and father. 

I couldn’t be older than four or five when I first listened to Linkin Park. I still remember it because the music video I saw freaked me out. It was “One Step Closer”, Chester and Mike had super weird hair and I remember wondering how Chester could be upside down. And should I even mention the weird people flying around? Yeah, freaky. 

If there’s one thing my father passed onto me despite no really being around unless it was to cause trouble, it’s his love for music. Especially rock music, actually. So it wasn’t a surprise that I liked that weird ass band. Still do. Always has, really. I grew up being really lonely, I didn’t have many friends because I was different, a lot of people made fun of me because of that too. At home, it’s always been a mess. You know, there are times, when you are depressed, you think you have no one. That no one cares about you, that no one loves you. Well, at least, I had Chester. At least, I had one person talking to me every day as I grew up, through his songs. Someone who had been through such bad shit, someone who finally could understand me. 

I feel like I’ve lost more than an idol, more than an inspiration, I feel like I’ve lost my best friend, a brother, even. It’s been three weeks and I still can’t get over his death. I’ve only been listening to Linkin Park since I heard the news. I was on holidays when it happened, with my friends, watching TV, and suddenly one of them said “Hey, the singer of Linkin Park is dead, he killed himself, it’s all over Facebook.” I had to excuse myself, told them I was gonna take my shower, I just cried. I didn’t want them to think I was weird, crying over someone I had never met. I didn’t sleep that night, I didn’t smile the following days, and I still feel empty, I can’t stop thinking about it and I still cry sometimes at night. 

Just thinking about the way he did it… It haunts me, I know he suffered and I wonder if he regretted it as he did it. If it was just too late for him at that point, if there wasn’t any way to save him that day. I hate thinking about it but I can’t help it. I hate thinking that I will never be able to meet him, to thank him for everything, to tell him how important he is. 

Anyway, I just felt like I needed to do something too, so here’s a digital painting I spent the last two days making. It’s great seeing so much love being spread for Mike, Brad, Rob, Dave and Joe as well as for Talinda and his kids. I can’t even imagine the pain they are going through if some people like me are missing him so bad without having ever met him. 

I know my blog’s a Marvel blog and that some of my followers might be annoyed that I post a lot of stuff about Chester and Linkin Park lately, but you’re gonna have to get used to it. Chester didn’t need a suit of armor or some indestructible shield to be a hero. So he deserves his place on my blog too. I won’t let his memory ever die, even if that’s all I’ve got left of him. 


Papercut Music video

featuring rob chilling in the background looking confused. 

Chester looking like the plaid punk rooster we never knew we needed, Mike’s aggresive rap hands, acoustic guitars even though the song uses electric, this video is a personal favorite.

Mike spends half the song staring creepily directly into the camera making faces like this. I dont know what it was with HT but Mike was always glaring?? But what I think is my favorite part has to be Chester hurtling himself around the room. Like shit like this

there he goes

Like i can’t even think of this video without seeing this stupid back arch. it’s so funny.

jokes aside i do still think this concept is cool, the two adjacent horror rooms that start to encroach on the room the band is in as the video progresses. Faces get stretched, bugs show up, walls start stretching. It gets at the paranoia and fear in the song without a cliche narrative.