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Jason is already a big guy, very muscular, and had decided that he was not going to take his shirt off, because he’d already done Conan and he wanted to wear some clothes in this production. So we didn’t build a body for him. Then one day Jason came in, saw all the bodies we were building for the other actors, and he got kind of…muscle-envy. He said “Where’s my suit? "You don’t have a suit, Jason, you’re not taking your clothes off and you’ve already got a great body.” And he was like “ No, I want a suit! I want to have a suit like everybody else! So we literally at the last minute has to pull his suit out of thin air.

It was so funny because after all that, he was the one who you could see the most suit-skin on. Because he was just wearing a vest basically. He was so excited about it. He was like, give it all to me. I want to wear it all!

Of course, a little way into the shooting, he was going. "This is all my fault, isn’t it?” And we’re going, “Yes.”

Dave and Lou Elsey interviewed 
And Out Come the Wolves: Famous Monsters November 2014
Jason Momoa as Connor Slaughter/Wolf suit test

Revenge of the Sith | Tidbit Tuesday | You are my only hope, Foamy-Wan Kenobi 

The filming of the scene in which Anakin is carrying the unconscious Obi-Wan on his shoulders took several days and the production team didn’t want Hayden Christensen to put his back out straight away as soon as he started production. Therefore the Creature Department constructed lightweight version that looked exactly like Ewan McGregor. It was later nicknamed Foamy-Wan Kenobi. According to Dave Elsey, the body was articulated and weighted to give realistic movement. The hair on the beard was individually punched. Elsey spent days starring at pictures of Ewan McGregor’s beard, to get the color and the hair direction right. 

And this is just another day in the makeup trailer.

Image: the incredible makeup transformation of actor Benicio Del Toro as a werewolf in the movie THE WOLFMAN (2010) by Rick Baker and Dave Elsey. The entire makeup session took approximately 3 hours to apply and 1 hour to remove.


Academy Award nominees Rick Baker and Dave Elsey discuss their make-up work in ‘The Wolfman.’