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Revenge of the Sith | Behind the Scenes | Behind Sith Eyes 1/?

Hayden Christensen’s post-burn contact lenses, which suggest scorched eyeballs, were crafted by Reel Eye of London, the house that also supplied Ian McDiarmid’s lenses for his make-up as the Emperor in Return of the Jedi.


Ian McDiarmid in make up for Revenge of the Sith

“I did a sculpture of the make-up, but no matter how hard I tried, it [the bust] just didn’t look like the Emperor to me. There was something wrong; it wasn’t him, and when I was putting the make-up on Ian, I kept thinking ‘It doesn’t look like the Emperor at all! There’s something missing,’ and meanwhile, Ian was sitting there, passively watching this go on. So I asked him, 'Is there anything different, anything that’s not here that I should know about?’ and Ian said, 'Oh, it was a long time ago, I don’t remember, but it looks the same to me.’
I said, 'Well, I guess that’s the best I could ask for,’ so we kept going and finally finished, but I still couldn’t see the Emperor in it, and then Ian suddenly leaned forward in his chair, looked at himself in the mirror, and did that lightning hand pose that he does and went 'Aaaagghh!’ and suddenly it was there: the missing piece was Ian! He has a face that he pulls as the Emperor that he hadn’t done in the life cast or the make-up chair but as soon as he did it, he was there. So we were fine after that, but it was a very scary moment. It’s all to do with the way Ian holds his mouth as the Emperor.
I know everyone says how wonderful it was to work with everybody else on a film, and it’s the professional thing to say, but it really was wonderful working with Ian. He made it a beautiful job. It’s a delicious character.” - Dave Elsey, Creature Supervisor on Revenge of the Sith
(Taken from Star Wars Insider, 2006)

And this is just another day in the makeup trailer.

Image: the incredible makeup transformation of actor Benicio Del Toro as a werewolf in the movie THE WOLFMAN (2010) by Rick Baker and Dave Elsey. The entire makeup session took approximately 3 hours to apply and 1 hour to remove.

Revenge of the Sith | Tidbit Tuesday | You are my only hope, Foamy-Wan Kenobi 

The filming of the scene in which Anakin is carrying the unconscious Obi-Wan on his shoulders took several days and the production team didn’t want Hayden Christensen to put his back out straight away as soon as he started production. Therefore the Creature Department constructed lightweight version that looked exactly like Ewan McGregor. It was later nicknamed Foamy-Wan Kenobi. According to Dave Elsey, the body was articulated and weighted to give realistic movement. The hair on the beard was individually punched. Elsey spent days starring at pictures of Ewan McGregor’s beard, to get the color and the hair direction right. 


#WerewolfWednesday Dave Elsey, Creative Director of Igor Studios, was invited to complete 3 “How-to” special features for Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine. Very wolfy!