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Eight (Daveed Diggs x Reader)

AN: I fucked myself up writing this lmao

Warnings: smut

Request: Anonymous- Are you still doing requests? Cause I would like to request a Daveed Diggs x female reader where it’s the reader’s birthday and he gives her a (sexy) gift? Thanks 😊

Word Count: 2,375


“Good morning,” Daveed murmured, his voice thick with sleep. You groaned quietly and turned your head in his direction, keeping your eyes closed.

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King of the Lost Boys - Anthony Ramos x Reader (Chapter 2)

Summary: A leather jacket needs to be returned to it’s rightful owner, leading to an uncovering that isn’t at all ideal. Things are repaired. A home is found. Then, the world starts to suck again. 

Warnings: LOTS of curse words. A lot. 

Words: 4,855

A/N: I am so sorry this took so long. Thank you @secretschuylersister for proof reading for me, and of course my lovely @hamilbye for letting me feature her! So far, this fic (to me) sucks a lot, but let’s try this anyway! I’ll tag the people who asked here too: @robotic-space @daveedsbra @attackonmikaelson @pearltheartist

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Morning broke with a harsh light. The weekend beckoned you back to bed with warm hands but the sun that shone insistently through the window was too bright to let you rest peacefully. Feeling, as always, as if you hadn’t slept enough, you trudged down the stairs to arrive to two lovely conclusions: the first being that you had slept all the way till one in the afternoon, and the second being that Nat had too.

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Is it 13 or is it 8? TVLine and EW are saying eight!

Dave told me it was 13. Maybe they reduced the episode count and that’s why it took so long to announce the news. Let me find out and get back to you guys.

General Washington and those two awkward teenagers he adopted.

History always calls Alex and Lafayette Washington’s “surrogate sons” and I just have this mental image of Washington referring Hamilton and Lafayette as his sons in public and confusing everyone around him.

“Sir, you don’t have any sons in the battalion…?”

Hamilton has family issues but he doesn’t hate this.

Lafayette just loves America. And his adopted family.

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⅚: Post the link if your current favorite song.

I have two songs I’m currently addicted too and I couldn’t make up my mind:
The Dubliners- The Rocky Road to Dublin
Dave Goulder- Eight Freight Blues
(( Im not sure if anybody knows of these songs, but hey now you do. ))

  • Step One: Think about the Clone Wars
  • Step Two: Lay on the floor
  • Step Three: Cry
  • Step Four: Get off the floor
  • Step Five: Watch Rebels
  • Step Six: Lay on the floor
  • Step Seven: Cry again
  • Step Eight: Curse Dave Filoni's name for all of eternity