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Dave Chappelle defends Trump, slams LGBTQ and women’s rights activists in bizarre set

Comedian Dave Chappelle took the stage Friday night at the Cutting Room in New York and delivered a 60-minute set that focused on slamming Hillary Clinton and supporting Donald Trump. Chappelle also made comments about LGBTQ and women’s rights that deeply misunderstood intersectionality.  

According to the Observer, Chappelle was less concerned with Trump’s infamous “grab ‘em by the pussy” leaked tape and instead accused Clinton of leaking them. It only gets worse from there.


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I fell out with a nigga cuz he said I was “self-absorbed”….

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I’ve given my ALL to a nigga before and learned a whole lesson, so that’s honestly the best fucking thing I’ve heard all year. It means growth. Stepping into my purpose: ME!!!! I wanted to yell in Dave Chapelle’s voice: It’s on PURPOSE nigga!! It’s on PURPOSE!!!!! 

He still called the MINUTE I was off the clock from work though. Three times. Texted me saying he “didn’t mean it” psh the fuck

Nah I’m good lmfao

Take that lil ego swerve you tried to pull and crash into the ditch you shoulda been diggin instead of tryna dig holes in MY self-esteem/self-worth nigga. 


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