dave chambers

Your fave is Problematic: Rachel Chavkin

- directed Great Comet

- That is all

oh wait…

-also directed Three Pianos and Preludes, the angsty Dave Malloy classical music chamber musicals, and Hadestown, the one show I may love as much as great comet

- general badass

-posted those really nice pictures of Amber backstage during the original run to her insta

-also posted a super aesthetic pic of Damon Daunno on her insta which is nice because he doesn’t have one

-”woke af” as the Tumblr User™ would say

- Most recently, she was probably one of the reasons Oak got cast in Great Comet since he was in another show she directed

What Wu Tang Clan member describes you?

• Inspectah Deck - That dude that’ll sit back n watch you

• Raekwon - The Chef, cooking up shit ta get us mouth waterin

• Method Man - mad different methods to the way you do ya shit; basically like roll that shit light that shit, smoke it

• U God - a psychopathic thinker

• Ol Dirty Bastard - cuz there ain’t no father to his style

• Ghostface Killah - on some now you see me now you don’t, know what I’m sayin

• The RZA - the sharpest mu'fucka in the whole clan; on point


• GZA - the genius; he’s just a genius