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Disney Insider Presents: A Disney Animated Hangout - Google+

This Thursday, Disney Insider is proud to present a special online event for animation lovers, aspiring artists, and Disney fans alike. Don’t miss the Disney Animated Hangout, February 13 from 6-7pm PST. Celebrated Disney animators Dave Bossert, John Musker, Jeff Ranjo, and Hyun Min Lee will all be taking part in a live discussion about the artform, legacy, and future of animation, broadcasting online from the Bijou Theatre at CalArts. They’ll also demo and discuss the new Disney Animated app, which presents a deep dive into the making of Disney’s 53 animated classics and was named the Apple iPad App of the Year for 2013. Tune in at 6pm this Thursday to the live stream event. Viewers can ask live questions, and comment, to the panel via social media using #DisneyAnimated, or just sit back and enjoy the chat with these famous animators.

So staying up to watch this!! Hopefully get a question in !