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My feelings about adult dominant solid 7/10 Karkat are strong

you know, atm I just don’t physically have the patience for finished pieces, given my brains nonstop chaotic drive to draw everything at once, so I end up with pages on pages of little bits and scenes like this


These are pulled from The Eurydice Suite which I misspelled no less that 6 times trying to type out, by the ASTOUNDINGLY TALENTED CallmeArcturus

honestly if you’re into Dirk/Jake or DaveKat and haven’t read at least a little something by Arc you’re missing out

What Guns and Ships feels like
  • Lafayette: You want to fight for your land back?!
  • Washington: I need my right hand man back!
  • Lafayette: yeah getcha right hand man back, i know u gotta getcha right hand man back,i know you gottaputsomethOughTINTOTHELETTERBUTTHESOONERTHEBETTERTOGETYOUR RIGHT HAND MAN BAC K!
  • Laf: *explodes into red white and blue pieces of confetti*
  • Washington:
  • Washington: oh dear

I slightly changed the design of John’s costume
And a little bit about John’s abilities: he can completely turn into a stream of air or arrange hurricanes and other wind things. He also can find out where someone has trouble, because he literally, listens to the wind. When he uses his powers, his skin turns white.
About Dave, from a young age his brother taught him self-defense and art of the sword, but over time he just abandoned this case, until the moment when his life did not appear Windman. He promised himself that he must protect him. Despite everything…
this one


The jewelry is very very relevant in this here Paradise AU. The Striders (really all of the desert dwellers) wear a lot of thin gold pieces, light and loose, form and function. They don’t always have it on tho, that would be bonkers. The colored stones are vivid and soft, think a variety of topaz and quartz, with wire wrappings around blown glass in similar hues.

Jake, however, mister rough and rowdy gentleman himself, wears a mix of vine/leather strung fangs and vertebrae (ie his bracelet). His jewelry tends to run heavier, but less in number. Think Aztec with deep colored gems like Emerald, Cobalt, or Serpentine. He also carves bone into things like knives and little figures, but that’s a later conversation.

Phew long winded post. Anyways Jake’s tattoos are still on the mend, but there’s gonna be foliage and skulls I can guarantee you that.

Watch me wake up tomorrow and rewrite all this.


🍬🔮💀🌕  no one but jefferson even acknowledged alex’s “costume” choice 👻🎃⚡🍂💚


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Alexander Hamilton

-Major in law 

-is on team no sleep

-gets in a lot of fights

-bi-curious bean

-confused on who he loves more John,Thomas, or Eliza

-Always gets advice from Peggy but never listens to her.

-Hangs out with Burr to go chick hunting

-Hairstyle:ponytail, short hair (aka the current hairstyle of lin)

-Wears glasses occasionally

-Hoodies,Baggy pants,converse is his go-to outfit

-Is a part of the school newspaper

-Classic music is his thing.


-new kid

John Laurens

-Has a pet turtle 

-room mates with Alexander,Lafayette, and Hercules

-Has a small crush on Peggy

-Totally crushing on Alex 

-Football player, jersey number 12

-Shirts with collars and shorts are his thing.


-listens to reggae


-The exchange student

-Part of the french club 

-Spits hot bars every night at the underground club in their campus 


-Football player,jersey number 05

-Has the flag of france hanged on their dorm

-Dresses elegantly 

-Starbucks is his bestfriend

-drinks heavily 

-picky eater

Hercules Mulligan

-The gentle jock


-the one who runs around the field when their school wins a game 

-Wears beanies or bandanas

-is a fan of the incredible hulk

-weightlifting is his thing

-always says the word “BRAH”

-Heavy drinkers with Lafayette and John Laurens

-In the stalker squad with Peggy and Angelica (occasionally Eliza joins in)

Aaron Burr

-the student who is the welcoming committee 

-Frenemies with Alexander

-calls Alexander “lex” or “zooANDER”

-All around advice giver 

-does everything for his family



-reliable with the LADIES

Angelica Schuyler


-That feminist 

-Rich bish 1

-Close friends with Lafayette (Best Fashion Friends!)

-The mom friend

-In the stalker squad

-Listens to girl artists or bands with female fronted vocals

-Crop tops are her thing 

-Roast queen

-Has a pink lamborghini 

-Known as the queen B of the campus

- Sorority Leader

Eliza Schuyler


-Wears that longsleeve shirt underneath that vest sweater  and wears those shoes with those leggings. (cue Angelica cringing) 

-that hot nerd 

-Rich bish 2

-cinnamon roll

-met Alexander in the football field

-a raging homosexual when drunk

-has a blue lamborghini 

-Listens to mainstream rappers(like drake and the weeknd) and K-pop (No one even knows)

-More on western music.

-Doesn’t swear but passive aggressive af

-Burns ex’s letters.

Peggy Schuyler


-Has terrible fashion sense 

-no one knows her except for Burr and Laurens 

-Rich Bish 3

-Meme lover 

-Course related to Music

-goes by the name DJ PegLeg

-A literal sunshine 

-Gives good advice to Alexander



OK get this.

Something like a Desert Oasis AU that’s got the Strider boys as princes (maybe I’m still hashing this out) or something and Jake is of course this damn cute jungle cat adventurer that finds their city. And Dirks interest.

Karkat is some flavor of exotic pet/slave from the northern Alternia and par for course he’s saved and promptly swept right the fuck off his feet by Dave.

Honestly I just wanted to design this more than wring a plot out of it, bare with me.