dave appreciation post


Daveed Diggs appreciation post.


here we have literally hamilton.

pippa and lin are cinnamon rolls, whereas renée is a sinnamon roll bc shes spicy.
leslie is a literal sunflower
anthony is a little baby angel and jas is an angel
daveed is the literal sunshine/light of my life
chris and oak are daisies because what are they but cute
i lowkey hate myself but i love my terrible photoshop skills and i think these are funny

Daveed Diggs Appreciation List

-all smiles on stage this guy is always happy
-HIS SMILE is the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s so bright and adorable and I can have a whole speech dedicated to it
-cute but also hot??? basically the whole package
-literally always hopping on stage, is a legit human incarnate of a bouncy ball
-voice oh my god his vOICE KEeps me aLIVE
-in farmer refuted when Hamilton says his dog talks more eloquently than Seabury, Lafayette does small doggy paddling motions aND IT IS THE SINGLE MOST ADORABLE THING I HAVE EVER SEEN [x]
-“immigrants, we get the job done”
-legit PREENS on stage and fLUFFS HIS HAIR
-I mean who wouldn’t fluff his hair it looks beAUTIFUL
-BRAIDS in his hair
-him with glasses keeps me awake at night
-during cabinet battle #1 he drOPS THE MIKE INTO MADISON’S WAITING HAND
-audience always laughing at his funny moments and he always does some cute and comical moves
-“whaaaaat” and “say what”
-gives Jeffery some serious SASS
-during the Reynolds pamphlet he was throwing the papers everywhere like money to a stripper and handed one to a person in the audience, it was hilarious
-“that’s the problem, Thomas, see? they see Burr as a less extreme you”
-has made me suddenly very attracted to guys who speak French ooh la la je t'aime
-can hit me with his wooden staff and I’d be turned on
-his ponytail gives me life
-is a really good rapper and actor in general, successful with his band called clipping.
-shirtless and eating a hamburger and I’m still if not more attracted to him wth
-shirtless, shiRTLESS, chant with me
-shOTS OUT OF The graMMY
-pretty human what did we do to deserve him
-his fashion style, hIS FASHION STYLE GIVES ME HOPE I mean have you seen the suits this guy wears to interviews? my idol
-legit godsend to this bleak work


Appreciation Post: Daveed Diggs.

Much love to this precious cinnamon roll. 

One of my favourite things is still David’s reaction to Henry just after the curse breaks. Snow was his teacher and already had a bond with him, but to David, he was just the mayor’s kid. They barely knew each other.

Then David gets his memories back, and realises that his daughter is a grown woman who has a ten-year-old child of her own. He goes from being the father of a newborn, to a childless guy torn between love and duty, to a grandfather, in a matter of days or weeks (or moments, even).

And his reaction? “I guess so!” and laughter and happiness.

He just immediately embraces his new family and his new role and he’s immediately “grandpa” without a hint of embarrassment or anything.

I just love that.

Some (spoilery) thoughts about Dave

Dave is just so, so important, you guys.

Remember when Jamie found out about Layla/Hawkwind being married to Ariel and was just so pissed and hurt and started to taking his anger out on Mary? It was Dave who called Jamie out on it and reminded him that just because he’s in pain, it doesn’t mean he can be a dick to a person he decided to take responsibility for the moment things went to shit. And when Jamie was busy with looking for Ariel and forgot to contact Paula, Dave called to check out on her and told Jamie to get his shit together and think for a sec about his mother back in Slough worried and all alone.

And amazing thing is, that Jamie does listen to him and comes back home and does all those things like helping homeless people and paying a woman’s mortgage and I like to think that what Dave said to him had caused it more or less.

I’m not saying Jamie isn’t a good person by himself, because he is, but I think sometimes he just needs a reminder to be better.