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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Season 3, Episode 6: “Kimmy is a Feminist!”


Who’s ready for the first annual #broweek 2017?


June 18th, Sunday - Fluff

Anything you want so long as it’s fit to rot some teeth off! Shipping is allowed, domestic platonic guardian content with their respective charges is also allowed–just put your best foot forward and create something that makes you smile!

June 19th, Monday - Summer Fun AKA: “Swimsuit Episode”

Summertime–amiright? Public pools… the sea… swimsuits… speedos… broken air conditioning units…. Create anything that captures the essence of summer, and most importantly, our favorite guardians.

June 20th, Tuesday - “What’s Under The Hat, Bro?”

The question for the textbooks–what’s under B!Bro Strider’s hat? Bald spot? Combover? Yet another hat? Will we ever know? Don’t forget to have fun! (And just to make things even here, alternately, what might just be under A!Bro’s shades?)

June 21st, Wednesday - AU Retail Bin

Obligatory AU day, shipping is also allowed here so long as it’s present in form of an Alternate Universe separate from the Homestuck Canon!

June 22nd, Thursday - Cosplay Day

Guess who’s time it is to shine? That’s right, a day dedicated to our BBro and ABro cosplayers! No art or other media content for this day–though audio/voice acting posts will all also be accepted!

June 23rd, Friday - Shipping Sandbox

Armada ahoy. All ships are game, all mediums are game. Just have fun, and remember–keep things civil. ***Note: Negativity will not be tolerated, please don’t force the mod to create a block list. Let’s make this a fun day, folks.

June 24th, Saturday - “My City Now” (Free Day)

It’s your city now. Free rein, kiddos–your sandbox now. Even the obligatory angst/Sadstuck is technically allowed to end off a hopefully fun and enjoyable character week!

anonymous asked:

"Look at me- just breathe, okay?" Daveed x reader please? (I love your writing so much omg it's everything 💙)

When you joined the cast of Hamilton as the understudy for Angelica Schuyler you were beyond thrilled, this show was huge and would be such an incredible opportunity for your career.

You knew the part backwards and forwards from listening to the cast album on repeat from the minute it was released and every single member of the cast had offered you their support and wishes of luck for your first performance.

Even Renee, who was sick at home had sent you a string of texts telling you how great you were going to be tonight. But despite your preparation, you’re still absolutely terrified to go on.

When you hear the announcement, letting everyone know there’s just five minutes until the top of the show you can feel the dread settling in your stomach.

“Knock, knock,” Daveed says, leaning on the doorframe to the dressing room, already in his costume for the opening number.

“Oh h-hey,” you mumble.

You drop your gaze from him, focusing on your hands as you pull at your fingers, releasing your frustrations and stress about the performance.

“Hey what’s up?” He asks, slowly stepping towards you and placing a hand on your arm.

“I-I can’t, d-do this, what if… what if I mess up?” You ask as your breathing starts to speed up, your whole body feeling like it’s shaking.

“Look at me Y/N- just breathe, okay?” He says, his voice soft and kind.

You look up into his deep warm brown eyes as he rubs a hand down your arm.

“You’re gonna kill it out there. You know this part, and you’re damn good at it,” his soothing voice helps you calm down as you force yourself to take deep breaths.

“What if I mess up though?”

“You ain’t gonna mess up,” he assures you. “But if you do, no one’ll give a shit. We’ve all messed up before, even Lin has and he wrote the damn thing.”

That last statement manages to get a small laugh out of you, which causes him to grin just as another announcement is called, letting you know it’s time for places.

“Go show ‘em how it’s done,” he says, gently kissing your forehead and leading you out of the dressing room.

so yesterday when i was playing ow for the first time in almost a week, i decided to do my 1v1 rock paper scissors games to just get that box.

the first game on black forest, the enemy was able to pick hog (his main and one of the few classes i can’t play for shit) 3 times. like. fuck. okay, rng, it’s fair, but it really was a painful reminder i can’t play one of the best classes for 3v3/1v1 like come on. i chatted with them a bit about school.

the second game, i was matched against a GM who’d decayed back down to diamond (my scrub tier elo, hi). i don’t think i won a single round. potg was him playing mccree vs. me playing mccree on necropolis and i rolled into the pit in the middle. or walked into it. i remember at that point in the game, they typed in the chat, ‘there’s a hole there’. i told them about how jordan was playing nekopara and they replied ‘what a weeb’.

the third game, i was matched with someone actually in my elo on castillo. and i got to play ana four times. they also picked ana each of those four times. more than once, they slept me but didn’t manage to finish me off before i killed them. more than once, i finished them off with a punch to the face. the potg was me being slept and bio’d, waking up to bio both of us, and them walking off the cliff.

i’m an ana main, but like… yeah. fair win there.