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A/N: 52 Followers!?! Whaaaa??? I’m so excited so here’s an imagine!! Sorry this took so long, but I’ve been trying to get back into he swing after winter break. I’m also trying to think of more ideas for imagines. If you have any requests, feel free to ask! Anyway, this is based off of what happened to me when I came back from MLK weekend (Except no cute guy for me) and I was so pissed that I turned it into a fic! Enjoy my shitty roommate’s decisions :)

Pairing: Reader x Thomas Jefferson

Warnings: Stripping ;), Implied smut, Swear words, Mention of sex

Word Count: 1707

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You hated your roommate. It was a month into your first semester at King’s College and you wanted to rip out your hair. Your roommate, Eliza Schyler, loved to have her boyfriend, Alexander, over 24/7. If they weren’t at your dorm for the night, you were sure they were bugging Alexander’s roommate. You were finally pushed over the edge when you came back to your dorm over the long weekend to see that your bed was a mess. You furrowed your brows and set down your bags on your side of the room. You distinctly remembered making your bed before you left, so you were trying to figure out why it wasn’t made.

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Masterlist - Updated 1/19/17


  • Alexander Hamilton

1. Cheap Pants -  College AU

2. Lunchtime (Part One) - “Are you wearing my shirt?”

3. Lunchtime (Part Two) - Continuation of Lunchtime

  • Hercules Mulligan

1. Loud Mouth - Hercules has a soft side

2. Changes - “Friends with benefits. Oh, wait. I like you” 

3. Non-Negotiable - “Accidental waving” 

  • Lafayette

1. Love Sick - “Can I kiss you?”

2. Late Night - Coming home drunk

3. Fresh Snow - Snow War

4. Jeopardy (Part One) - “Friends to maybe something more” + Angst

5. Jeopardy (Part Two) - Continuation of Jeopardy

  • George Washington

1. Unreadable - “Wanna bet?” 

  • Philip Hamilton

1. Legacy (Part One) - This poem

2. Legacy (Part Two) - This quote

3. Legacy (Part Three) - This quote

4, Yo-Yo - Soulmate AU

  • John Laurens

1. Overdue - “You’re overdue for this book and I really want it.” 

In the Heights

  • Usnavi de la Vega

1. Smooth Operator - “How long have you been standing there?”

2. Breaks - “I may be an idiot, but I’m your idiot.”

3. Throne - “Do it. I dare you.”

4. Home - Reader is new to Washington Heights

RPF (Real Person Fics)

  • Okieriete Onaodowan

1. My Favorite Cousin - Reader is Anthony’s cousin

2. Peace - Reader owns a bakery/Lin sets them up.

  • Alex Lacamoire

1. Second Date - Lin sets them up.

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda

1. Manhattan - “The one night stand I had is actually my boss.” 

2. Sisterly Love - “I told my family I was in a relationship/fake boyfriend”

3. A Man’s Opinion - “I’m helping you pick out an outfit for your date tonight and I’m totally in love with you.”

4. Backstage - Reader is a celebrity and goes to see Hamilton.

5. Slytherin - Reader is an understudy for Eliza

6. Mixtape - Reader is a single mom

7. Wedding Plans - Part Two to ’Backstage’

8. Through the Years - Part Three to ‘Backstage’

9. Red Lights - Angsty Part Four to ‘Backstage’

10. What’s Next? - Oak plays matchmaker

11. 5 Things - You frequently have one night stands

12. First Dance - Lin and Reader meet early on in their careers

13. Impress Me - Reader conducts an interview with Lin and is also babysitting.

14. One Cream, Five Sugars - Lin spills coffee on the reader

15. Impact - Reader is married

16. Impact Part 2 - Sequel to ‘Impact’

17. Green, Green Dress - Based off of Green, Green Dress from tick, tick…boom!

18. Embarrassed - Lin is a fan of the Reader

19. Settled - Lin and Reader were college roommates/he invites her to the Tony’s

20. Impress Me, Part 2 - Lin is a little jealous of how much the Reader likes Daveed.

21. Tell the Kids - Reader is Lin’s assistant on Mary Poppins.

22. Armani Suit Reader is a part of an auction for a date with her.

23. Rehearsals - Reader is the choreographer for Marry Poppins and Lin needs extra help.

24. Still Hurting - Reader was recently cheated on and has to go on as Eliza.

25. Drunk HistoryDrunk! Lin confesses something to the reader.

26. Rewind - Sequel to ‘Still Hurting’.

27. Secret Santa - Lin is Reader’s Secret Santa.

28. Tells Your Story 1/5 - Reader is asked to be a part of the Hamilton Mixtape

29. Tells Your Story 2/5 - Part 2 of ‘Tells Your Story’ series.

30. Tells Your Story 3/5 - Part 3 of ‘Tells Your Story’ series.

31. Tells Your Story 4/5 - Part 4 of ‘Tells Your Story’ series.

32. Christmas Without You - Christmas Eve with Lin

33. Tells Your Story 5/5 - Part 5 of ‘Tells Your Story’ series.

34. First Date - Lin and Reader are set up on a blind date.

35. Cool - Reader is a famous singer that sings a Hamilton song at her concert.

36. Snapshots - Lin and Reader both miss their subway.

37. Snapshots, Part 2/? - Part 2 of ‘Snapshots’ Series

  • Daveed Diggs

1. Street Cred - “You’re a celebrity I admire but you’re flirting with me?”

2. Noted - First date

3. First Sight - Rafa sets them up

  • Anthony Ramos

1. Stars in the Sky - “I’m in love with you, this could ruin everything.”


If you ever, EVER need the motivation to make it through the day today, our favorite dumplings of Hamilton are giving us kind words of strength to make it through.

This numb feeling isn’t going away anytime soon, but we can’t give up. For the next generation, our generation can’t give in to the hate that made him win the campaign. We all most start loving one another. We must make his supporters see that this will not bring us down but pull us together.

Obama has done so much to make everyone feel equal and like themselves in the past eight years as president and now we have someone who is having a fucking rape case studied next week.

For those who follow me, and for those who don’t, we must live. Throw your head high in the face of ignorance. Stare them down when they choose to resort to childish behaviour. Let’s not give them what they want.

We have to hold each other closer than before now.

We can do it.


Descriptions of Broadway Guys' Voices
  • Leslie Odom Jr.: A red velvet cupcake fresh out of the oven with cream cheese frosting in the middle
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: That Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb that just explodes with color when you drop it in the bath water
  • Michael Arden: Butterflies in your stomach that are so strong you want to pull a Julie Andrews and start spinning happily in a circle
  • Andy Mientus: Fuzzy socks and hot chocolate by a warm fire with tons of blankets while having a Disney movie marathon
  • Aaron Tveit: The cold side of your pillow that feels oh-so-good in the middle of the night
  • Jeremy Jordan: Dressing in a cute outfit and strutting around while everyone is checking you out and you KNOW you look hot AF
  • Alex Wyse: That one harmony in every Broadway musical that just is so frickin beautiful and you want to die because of it
  • James Monroe Iglehart: When you're home alone and you act out all of your favorite Broadway musicals. At the same time
  • Austin P. Mackenzie: Walking outside on a warm day and it's the perfect temperature and the sun hitting your face makes you feel so peaceful
  • Daveed Diggs: Tap dancing. Just tap dancing but also rapping at the same time
  • Ben Fankhauser: GO AND LOOK IT UP THE POOR GUY'S HEAD IS SPINNING!?!?!?!?!?!
  • Jonathan Groff: That one commercial for Coca Cola that they play at Christmas Time that makes everyone laugh,smile, and cry.
  • Gideon Glick: When Harry Potter opens up that golden egg underwater and that beautiful mermaid song starts playing