David and the doll.

Porcelain was the youngest doll they had. The most expensive too. He had the most unique features; a pointy nose, fair soft skin, tall body and slender. He cost a fortune to get for the company. Porcelain was his assigned name. His birth name Kurt Hummel. Sold himself to save his father’s life. He did it under his father’s nose while he was dying in the hospital. His Aunt signed his release. Kurt was under contract for two years. The money given for him did save his father’s life. After father was alive and well. They told him that Kurt was away at a boy’s school. They would program him ever so often to show his dad he was fine in a skype video or even in person for lunch on the holidays.

Porcelain was quickly purchased 4 hours later for a year by one of the wealthiest people for $5 million dollars. They were in agreement that porcelain would sometimes need refinements, changes and updates. That sometimes it was good for a doll to come here and be on sleep mode. Topher spent so much time on Porcelain’s details. He was a nerd. A genius. A fashionsta. He could sing. He was ocd about cleaning. He only ate red meat and hated his freckles. He wasn’t rich. He had a sweet tooth.  Which Kurt really did. He was big into Dungeon and dragons and knew how to speak the language of Middle earth.

Kurt was a virgin. Which Topher found admirable. He  made Porcelain was too. Porcelain was program to fall for David Peters.. He would love arts and acting. He would be in shows. Porcelain’s procedure took a day to program. He woke up with a bit of an ache to his temples. “Did I fall asleep?” He asked Topher. “Only for a little while.” Topher whispered. Kurt’s handler was there. His friend Rachel who was also a doll was also there. Porcelains handle was name Mr. Schue. Kurt glanced over at the other dolls. Doll Quinn. Doll Puck. and Doll Santana was all doing yoga. “May I go?” He asked. He lifted up and walked out as soon as he was permitted.

The next day Porcelain was woken up and told that he had to go to his new school and meet David. He had the most up to date fashion, a bag from target. He loved fashion, but Kurt was too poor to afford it, didn’t mean he didn’t bargain shop. Kurt believe he was poor and his dad John worked as a car sales man. Kurt knew he was into Glee and musical theatre. He knew he was new to the school and had to join the clubs. He would be the star. He had to He was the most talented. Doll Rachel was there too. She was there for some unknown reason, perhaps to start a club with Kurt. Kurt didn’t ask questions, he trusted the doll house. His mind averted to forgetting the doll house. Kurt saw a poster that called for mid evil club. They wanted to do a mid evil club for october and needed members. It was by David Peters. 

Kurt smiled and went to the club. He sat down in front and waited for David. He was nervous. Would Davdi like him? Kurt had seen David down the hall a few times. His mind told him. He only wish David would notice him. Even if it wasKurt’s first day of school. He already had seen David a few times in the first day to know he was in love. Kurt took out his tablet and set it down. He took notes on his tablet.