Everyone i have an announcement to make.

Remember when Trish Stratus won the WWE Championship?

Remember when MVP left the United States and started his own country with Snitsky, Umaga, and William Regal?

Remember when someone had a relationship with Melina while feuding with Undertaker?

Remember when there was a “who ran over Teddy Long” storyline?

Remember when Sheamus won every single championship in the WWE?

Remember when The Miz had his own gang called the “Mizfits” who consisted of Jack Swagger, R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler, and Kane?

Remember the storyline where Candice Michelle knocked a dude out with a “magic wand”, then the following week turned him into a woman with said wand while Viscera hit on the guy and then the following week or so, made Edge sound like Davari and then turned him into The Boogeyman and then later it turned out it was this big dream?

Remember when Rey Mysterio turned heel with Kevin Nash (even re-enacting the Finger Poke of Doom) and won the WWE Championship while Nash eventually revived WCW?

WWE Games storylines, ladies and gentleman…