I’ve made a couple of these posts recently that incorporated different personality types for my characters, and I found some good links for seven different ones so I thought I’d put them all together in case anyone else wanted to use them!

I included quizzes in a couple of these, but personally, I just ended up just reading over the types and deciding for myself which ones best suited my characters.

Myers-Briggs (quiz) 

extraversion/introversion, sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling, judging/perceiving

four temperaments (quiz)

choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, melancholic

nine enneagrams

reformer, helper, achiever, individualist, investigator, loyalist, enthusiast, challenger, peacemaker

seven roles

server, artisan, warrior, scholar, sage, priest, king

Hogwarts houses (quiz)

Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin

alignment (quiz)

Lawful/neutral/chaotic, good/neutral/evil

five elements

metal, water, wood, fire, earth

psd ( #17 ) ▬ by lefues ;

this psd is a free creation of mine, plus it’s poc friendly ! it will not whitewash the beautiful natural color of the skin of the models in your graphic. you can change the layers as much as you prefer but do not claim it as yours. please, like or reblog this post if you’re about to download it. these small things are highly appreciated !  ▬ mediafire 」,  「 deviantart

how to mentally prep yourself for a test


  1. Create a routine. Every night before an exam, after I’ve put my books away and am ready to go to bed, I take part in a self-care routine. I brush my hair, braid it back, wash my face, put lotion on my legs and apply lipbalm. In the morning I do something similar. The familiarity of the routine comforts me and relaxes my nerves by removing some of the uncertainty surrounding the test.
  2. Get there on time. Arrive for the test with ample time so you have a few minutes to settle in and calm yourself down. Being late will make you frantic and worried, which doesn’t help anyone.
  3. Make yourself as comfortable as you can possibly be. Eat a healthy, filling breakfast in the morning, use the restroom and carry a jacket. You don’t want to be distracted by things like hunger or being too cold. Focus all your energy on answering the paper.
  4. If you need to, talk to others. A lot of people tell you not to learn anything/cram right before the test, but between me and you, I’ve had to write entire answers based on what people have told me in the five minutes before we started writing. Let’s face it, there are going to be people that know things you don’t. If learning more from others at this point is going to stress you out, then avoid it. But if there is valuable stuff to be learned and it doesn’t, don’t be turned off.


  1. Now’s the time to change something. I know I talked a lot about routine, but a weird little trick that helped me in my finals last semester was wearing my hair down all day, and then putting it up right before I started writing. It kind of felt like an alter-ego, and I pretended to be confident af, which brings me to my next point.
  2. PUMP YOURSELF UP. This is literally so important. The entire time, keep up a stream of mental affirmations. Be your biggest cheerleader. I got an entire 100 points higher on the SAT than I expected (I’m not even kidding) because I just kept telling myself how prepared I was and how well I was doing. Don’t let anything knock you off your game.
  3. Do the easy questions first. You’ll have the leftover time to sit and work through the harder questions, and if you spend too much time on them, at least you’ll have some easy points under your belt.
  4. Don’t worry about what other people are doing. Enough said.
  5. Always check your answers. Try solving questions in a different way or working backwards to make sure your answers are correct. If you’re writing an essay, read it aloud in your head to catch any grammatical mistakes or spelling errors.


  1. Discuss answers with others if you like, but don’t get too stressed. Sometimes the affirmation that you’ve written the correct answers can do wonders, but sometimes it backfires if you realise you’ve written something completely different than everyone else. Keep in mind that although a lot of people wrote the same answer, it’s not necessarily correct. Dwelling on this can affect your performance in later exams. 
  2. Go celebrate! The stress is over, stop worrying- there’s nothing you can do about it now. Might as well go out and treat yourself :)
Spanish resources: Oxford Dictionaries

HEY, GUYS! I just read through all the Spanish Resources on the Oxford Dictionaries site, and they’re all really useful, so I decided to link them here. This way, all you Spanish learners can check them out!

Spanish language resources

Grammar A-Z:

On the OxfordWords blog:

Improve your Spanish:

Writing in Spanish:

Pay close attention to some of this stuff because it will make a difference in the way you speak Spanish!

Cornell’s Digital Witchcraft Collection

[Cornell University] has a [Rare and Manuscript Collections] section to their library system. Part of this collection is a section on [European History and Culture], which has a vast subsection on Witchcraft! This [Witchcraft Collection] includes:

…over 3,000 titles documenting the history of the Inquisition and the persecution of witchcraft, primarily in Europe.

A small part oft his collection has been digitized into an online resource - this [Digital Witchcraft Collection] consists of 104 (as of this posting) English language books that have been digitized, and are available to view online through their site.

These titles were digitally scanned from microfilm by Primary Source Media in 1998. The resulting full text scans were later made available to Cornell University Library to enable free public access.

You can browse the list [by Title] or [by Author], and can even do [keyword searches].

Candle Colors in Love Magic

Red - Physical, passionate, lusty love.

Pink - Sweet, flowery, friendly, romantic love.

Orange - Basic attraction, somewhat lusty.

Yellow - Intellectual love, based on similar interests and communication.

Green - Marriage and family love; monogamous partners.

Blue - Dreamy, sensual, reckless love.

Violet - A love based more on imagined qualities than reality.

Gold - A protective love, somewhat possessive.

Silver - A very weak love, with clingy partners and issues with possession.

White - A loyal, but un-passionate love (this color can also be used as a substitute for other candle colors).

Black - A turbulent love with hidden aspects.

Brown - Not used in love magic.

This is a handy little list for if you want to be more creative with your love spells! I personally use combinations of colors to achieve the desired result. I hope you all find this helpful and use your power wisely! :3

Source: www.empathys.co.uk

10 beautiful Italian films

  1. La finestra di fronte (2003); F. Özpetek / 106 min / Giovanna is stuck in a dreary and bleak marriage. Her life changes completely when she begins to take care of an old Holocaust survivor who has lost his memory.
  2. La grande bellezza (2013); P. Sorrentino / 142 min / a decadent character in a decadent city lives his lavish Roman nights surrounded by art, religion, irony and vanity.
  3. Io che amo solo te (2015); M. Ponti / 102 min / Ninella is a fifty year-old single mother who happens to be still in love with Don Mimì, whom she wanted to marry in her youth. Destiny surprises her when her daughter gets engaged to the long loved man’s son.
  4. Malèna (2000); G. Tornatore / 109 min / Malèna is a stunning young war widow who’s become the obsession of every man and woman in her town.
  5. Le Meraviglie (2014); A. Rohrwacher / 102 min / a family of beekeepers leads a peaceful life in the Italian countryside until they find out a TV show is being filmed near where they live. 
  6. Nuovo cinema paradiso (1988); G. Tornatore / 155 min / the nostalgic story of a film director’s childhood.
  7. Il ragazzo invisibile (2014); G. Salvatore / 100 min / a fantasy-superhero film about a boy who can turn invisible.
  8. La tigre e la neve (2005); R. Benigni / 118 min / a celebration of love between Rome and an occupied Baghdad during the war in Iraq.
  9. Vergine giurata (2015); L. Bispuri / 90 min / Hana is an Albanese orphan who’s forced to follow the strict rules of Kanun, a set of traditional Albanese laws according to which Hana has to proclaim herself a man in the absence of a male child.
  10. La vita è bella (1997); R. Benigni / 116 min / a stunning tragicomic comedy-drama film about a Jewish Italian book shop owner who must use his vivid imagination to protect his son from the horrors of internment in a Nazi concentration camp.
films to watch

so i saw a post listing films in foreign languages and i thought i could expand on the list a little bit but my addition got so massive i decided to move it to a separate post. this list will focus on my target languages and feature a little bit of french as well just to spice it up. 

films are good for several reasons

  • usually quite fun
  • actually challenging if u watch w/o subtitles and the easiest way to achieve immersion in the privacy of your home
  • “productive procrastination”
  • might give u cultural insight as well
  • or encourage you to learn some history!!!!
  • i’m really tired of people watching almodóvar and being like uuuuuuhuuuu look the great spanish director and forgetting that not only are there spanish films not directed by almodóvar but also that spanish is spoken in other countries as well and GUESS WHAT they produce culture

ok here we go!!!!! im really lazy and my computer is agonizingly slow so i can provide no links. if something interests you search for it et voila

WARNING!!!!! long post 


  • magia salvaje - this is an uber cool colombian film showing largely unexplored areas of colombia which i think is the most beautiful country on earth. it was recommended to me independently by a friend from my spanish class and my colombian pen pal gal. from its website: “magia salvaje es la cinta del mundo natural más ambiciosa realizada en el país (…) [realizada en] 85 locaciones y 20 ecosistemas. (…) un tributo a la belleza de colombia“ tl;dr: cool shit u should watch, it’s available on yt
  • señor ávila - a p good series filmed by the mexican hbo starring tony dalton as an exemplary father and husband that starts working as a paid killer for the mafia, but it’s not all peachy because it affects his personal life and his son gets into some really deep shit. gets a bit grim at times but good nevertheless
  • retrato de un comportamiento animal - really cute indie film made in uruguay. an unlikely couple on a trip to brazil. expect nice landscapes and voseo
  • relatos salvajes - dark humour from argentina, a series of episodes in which people go absolutely bonkers over the most petty shit and also get p violent when you wouldn’t expect them to be. produced by pedro almodóvar if that serves as any recommendation.
  • la historia oficial - another one from argentina. drama. set during the dictatorship and based on true events, follows a family through a period when they would literally tear lil kids from their mothers and drown the parents if they were enemies of the state. watch it
  • juana la loca - spanish historical drama about their queen joan the mad
  • el laberinto del fauno - can we just, omg, ok, i love that film so much. fantasy, set during the civil war in spain. a little girl discovers this world with monsters and other creatures and it’s scary as shit but she goes through these adventures because she cares for her family. watch itttt
  • doce hombres sin piedad - this is the spanish version of the american classic 12 angry men, recorded in 1973. you can watch it on youtube.
  • gran hotel - spanish tv series, historical drama sort of downton abbey style. weird shit is happening in this lovely hotel, what do we do??? apparently available on netflix
  • como agua para chocolate - cute film “about how life used to be in mexico” (imdb) based on the p famous novel by laura esquivel. lovely colours, romantic love and a lot of nice food
  • los diarios de motocicleta - starring gael garcía bernal in an adaptation of che guevara’s memoir in which young che travels the world on his motorbike
  • no - ok this is some amazing shit (oscar nomination holaaaa). it’s a chilean film with gael garcía bernal set in the 1980s. in 1988 pinochet held a referendum in which basically if u said “yes” he stayed as te country’s official and lawful leader and if you said “no”, well, he went. the film is about the campaign that sought to get rid of him
  • talento de barrio - sorry but i couldn’t omit that one. it has daddy yankee in it, period.


  • la dolce vita - please do yourself a favour and watch it
  • la grande bellezza - as above. this is my favourite film of all time. look for the soundtrack on yt and you will know why
  • il bidone - early fellini follows petty thieves in rome
  • il prefetto di ferro - set in the 1920s. giuliano gemma as cesare mori aka the iron prefect who comes to palermo to deal with the gangs. good shit
  • ladri di biciclette - directed by vittorio de sica, set in post-ww2 rome, “a masterpiece of italian neorealism” (wiki). a desperate family needs their bicycle to survive
  • amarcord - comedy/drama, set in the 1930s. coming-of-age. “Fellini skewers Mussolini’s ludicrous posturings … that <<imprisoned Italians in a perpetual adolescence>> by mockig himself and his fellow villagers in comic scenes tha underline their incapacity to adopt genuine moral responsibility or outgrow foolish sexual fantasies” (wiki). won oscar for foreign language.
  • gomorra - tv series based on famed novel by roberto saviano. rival mob clans. good shit
  • il vangelo secondo matteo - “trattando in maniera antidogmatica un argomento di carattere religioso, l’opera fece sensazione e scatenò un aspro confronto intelettuale sulla stampa, proseguendo le non sopite polemiche per le accuse di vilipendio della religione” (wiki). three oscar nominations.
  • una vita violenta - poor kid in rome attempts to transform his life after leaving prison
  • la notte - marcello mastroianni in a study of a deteriorating relationship
  • la nostra terra - cute film which is literally my aesthetic aka people working the land. educated guy from bologna comes down south to start a community and sell organic veg he will grow himself. featuring creepy mafia guy freshly released from prison and sneaky southerners
  • la mafia uccide solo d’estate - drama but also a comedy fresh from palermo. lil boy observes how the mob influences people’s lives
  • il capitale umano - drama. a car accident ties together the lives of two families. people go crazy. great performance by valeria bruni tedeschi
  • il rosso e il blu - follows the lives of three school teachers as they get really involved in the fucked up lives of their students. confusing but oddly satisfying
  • latin lover - fun comedy of how a famed actor dies leaving behind a shitload of lovers, wives and children who all meet for his funeral.


  • trash - an AMAZING brazilian film about two favela boys trying to solve a criminal mystery and unearth corruption before an ill-willed police officer gets to them; all thanks to a wallet found in the dumpster they work in. really good cinema with appearances made by rooney mara and martin sheen
  • singularidades de uma rapariga loura - modern portuguese film based on a short stories by eça de queirós. a blooming romance meets an unexpected obstacle. spot on aesthetic and cleverly blended cultural references. directed by manoel de oliveira who is THE MAN, check out his ther shit such as the p recent o convento starring john malkovich and catherine deneuve
  • saneamento básico - p straightforward but fun brazilian comedy in which a small town community will do anything to raise money to fix their sewer system
  • this is embarrassingly short i will make a separate post to expand 


  • farinelli - an AMAZING film based very loosely on the life of the most famous castrato singer, farinelli. loooveeeee
  • la religieuse (2013) - a really stuningly made adaptation of denis diderot’s novel about a girl thrown into a convent against her will and desperate to get out who discovers some dark family secrets.
  • tom à la ferme - weird indie canadian film with xavier dolan, a gay man travelling to meet his dead boyfriend’s family and terrorised by said’s boyfriend’s horrible brother. more dark family shit for u
  • yves saint laurent - nice biographical film with pierre niney
  • dans la maison - terrifying and fascinating drama about how one seductive teenager ruins some families. 10/10 would recommend
  • les choristes - really good film about how a music teacher transforms the lives of a class of “difficult” boys. set in the 1940s to spice it up
  • les liaisons dangereuses (1959) - adaptation of laclos’ classic novel, set in the present day. directed by roger vadim.

that’s it - I hope at least one person finds it interesting/helpful!!!

i once promised a crash course in polish thing and i know i’m delaying it horribly but sometime next week i will prepare a similar post about polish films (if u folks are interested, ofc)

Helpful Links for FFXIV

XIVDB - the FFXIV version of Wowhead, but not as exhaustive. Good basic information, generally useful comments from other players.

FFXIV Wiki - Information on almost everything you could want!

Official Forums - what it says on the tin.

Hunt Logs - locations for all the class and GC hunt logs. The site also has the Centurio mark locations as well. There are a few inaccuracies, but it’s still a great tool.

Macro guide - if you’re a WoW veteran like me, you love mouseover healing macros. This will give you the basic format for writing your own macros in FFXIV.

MTQCapture Channel - Video guides to almost all the dungeons in the game.

FFXIVGuild - Your one-stop shop for NON-COMBAT levelling advice. Take it with a grain of salt and level however you feel comfortable, but they can point you in the right direction if you need the help. I was reminded that their combat guides are terrible, but they’re still a good resource for knowing which leves are most economical for crafting.

Ariyala’s FFXIV Toolkit - Timers for high level gathering nodes, BiS lists, etc.

THE Fishing Site - best resource out there for fishing.

FFXIV Realm - decent beginners guides. Some are a bit outdated, but Caimie’s crafting and gathering guides in particular are amazing.

Gearing up at 60 - again, what it says on the tin. Where to find the gear and how to get it. 

Retainer Ventures - info on what retainers can bring you, and at what levels.

Cactpot Solver - Makes winning those 10k Mini Cactpots at least a little easier.

Explore x|v - timers and locations for all the sightseeing logs.

Gamerescape Wiki - someone pointed out that this should be included. I don’t use their site myself, outside of the retainer ventures page, but some people might like it.

FFXIV Housing - another commenter suggested this; apparently you can preview housing items before crafting/purchasing.

FFXIV Roleplayer’s Coalition - I’m not an RPer myself, but I’ll take the suggestion to add this for anyone that is.

Crafting as a Service - I honestly did not know about this one, and I wish I had. Definitely got bookmarked once someone mentioned it.

Garland Tools - does a lot fo what xivdb does, but hey, a working skeywatcher function! I’d add it JUST for that honestly. Stupid weather dependant fish…

Tips and Tricks for Making Gil - written by me at my FC’s request. They’re not get rich quick, but they should help if you’re always broke.