I read an ask about Aang being too nice and it kind of reminded me of something I’ve been meaning to post.

I like Aang, I do. He’s a great kid and a fun character. My only problem with him is that he had such a huge moral dilemma over killing Ozai but let’s be honest in scenes like in ‘The Blue Spirit’ he has totally killed guards that were just doing their jobs. Sure there were no bodies shown but let’s be real; in this scene

 he blew the guards off of a high up wall onto a concrete or stone floor. They are dead. I’m not saying Aang deliberately killed them because he didn’t. But he acts like he’s never killed anyone before. Aang has a real problem with causing very destructive collateral damage. 

In other words my problem is that Aang took such an issue with killing a man who was a merciless asshole but didn’t think twice about the number of times he may have accidentally killed someone.

Don’t get me wrong I think that this is more of a flaw in the writing, than a reflection of Aang’s character. It’s just something that has struck me as odd. No Aang hate intended.

This has been the most Non-Azula day. Feels kind of weird to me, but I don’t really mind.

Also, I’m sorry if I offended anybody with my Zuko callout again earlier. But really, I was just mad that they’re trying to make Zuko great at the expense of Aang.

So, yes, I got really affected by it.

Just got really upset at the fact that the majority of the posts in the Aang tag is just pure hatred. And they’re not even metas, anlyzing why he’s such a bad character. It’s just literally like “aang was weak,” “aang wasn’t responsible,” “aang was a dick,” and so on.

It just really sucks that the Aang tag is filled with hatred, not about the positive things about Aang. There’s so many positive things about Aang, albeit he isn’t perfect but he doesn’t deserve this much hate in the fandom.

I totally respect if you dislike Aang for some valid reason, but disliking him solely for getting in the way of your ship? I can’t stand for that.