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doshbones  asked:

Know any other draw friends who have tumblrs we can follow?

@kohirasan @yotomore @nyong-choi @steven-ps1verse @discount-supervillain @dinklebop-manjensen @mechandra @meekbot@12-amu @peridugh @dav-19 @havesomemoore @jankybones @oelm @onirsrakugaki @aku2 @skellyjack @yug0 @hamsterparade @6060roro @nnmmaz @happyds @umeguru @thegembeaststemple @lu-audrey @greenbluecloud @su2gold @e52o @ashtonfern @brideake and most of the people I follow currently 

A lot of these people are so fun and talented and for a long while inspired me to push on, I mean a lot I never talked to much of them at all but always got that “they seem like they would be friendly and fun to hang with” vibe

Hello. I’m sorry, but now I don’t have much free time. Therefore, I can’t answer all your messages or draw requests. I’m really sorry T_T
But I finally FINALLY!!! make my F.A.Q. http://dav-19.tumblr.com/faq
So, if you have any questions, you can check F.A.Q., maybe you can find answer there.
Thanks for reading, and have a nice day^^