Using natural, unpainted wood and neutral grays and whites, the design gives the impression of minimalism while still including plenty of features and furnishings. The Overhead light fixtures spread out like broken umbrellas and serve to make the space and it’s massive ceilings a bit less daunting.

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Do you find that allo people are rarely attracted to ace people? Is this a thing. I always seem to be invisible to people's attraction radars or something.

I think there are allos who are daunted by asexuality or incompatible with asexuals, yes, but there are also those who can be in a relationship with an ace.

discriminate my soul through the curves of my addictions,

for perfection never did escape me.

while I opened my mind and welcomed loved,

I didn’t clear the acceptance with those higher up.

so tonight my skin is screaming,

like rain on fire flames.

burning photographs like layers of the truth,

dare me, you cannot to show myself to you.

as I am a collection of scars lined up like soldiers.

dismiss them, do not ask, for one day I may need,

to self destruct one last time, just to clear my head of these daunting thoughts.

Right - “We’ve been friends for 3 years, we met at dance school.“
Left - “Ballet has it’s ups and downs. It get’s harder as you get older. Like everything.”
“How old are you?”
Right - “I’m 17, she’s 18. It’s like oxygen though. It’s a love hate relationship. Some things are out of your control so you can’t always get what you want to get. Everything is very independent, structured, and disciplined.”
Left - “I moved out here when I was 15 from North Carolina. I was by myself. It was scary. I moved into a house with 27 dancers. We got into a program for older dancers so we were young for our groups and I didn’t know a single soul in that house.”
Right - “It was very daunting. I was 14 when I moved. If you want to be pro you have to make that decision when you’re about 12.”

Hey Babes! Just a small update to my blog status:

I’ve dropped a few threads that I no longer have inspiration for–That doesn’t mean I don’t want to RP with you, I just don’t really have any direction for the thread anymore plus looking at 50+ drafts is kind of daunting. You’re all welcome to [ like this post ] if you’d like a starter though.

Here’s a list of threads that I still have in my drafts:

thecoldlights | redlacebitchslap | molliscor | jakofalltrxdes | sovrxna (& 1 ask)  | fujinochou | sweetestdumpling | xraines | littleroboticknow-it-all | whoisqueen (x2) | kamiyarising (x2) | accursedimmortal | demon-blood-youths | shiranuibloom | woebringer | greatforcesofnature | babyhoneypiesugartits | crownofsmiles | sxfaia | deathxbecomesxyou | talonbacklash | tidesofpower | albionrush

Also I guess most of you know I caught the flu from my fabulous Mom last week so I’ve been resting and not really posting many replies since my brain is tired. It’s also hard to breathe/stay awake -cri-. I’m hoping to be back into the swing of things by tomorrow. If we’re mutuals you’re all welcome to ask for my skype too since I’m on daily  ( ゚▽゚)/


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I've been playing guitar for maybe 3 years now and the only thing I really struggle with is improv. For my class I have to improv and I'm easily the worst one there. Nothing really flows or sounds really good to me. How can I improve ?

That is a difficult question! 
Firstly, improvisation is not an easy thing, and to be able to improvise successfully takes a lot of practice. 
The way to start practising to get where you want to be, is to find a fistful of backing tracks (there is an abundance of free ones on the interweb) and play along to them. You should try and get a variety, blues, rock, metal etc. so your playing will become more diverse over a range of styles. I know it sounds daunting, but you should just sit somewhere alone (so you don’t feel self conscious) and play along with the track from beginning to end. Even when you mess up, which everyone does, you should keep at it, because if you stop you’re only reinforcing the feeling of not being very good. After a while it will become second nature to you and you’ll be able to blow away all those classmates of yours. 

If opening your eyes, or getting out of bed, or holding a spoon, or combing your hair is the daunting Mount Everest you climb today, that is okay.
—  Carmen Ambrosio

The tabloids, they’re waiting for them to cross paths, he knows. They sit outside his door; circling the air like vultures waiting to pounce.

He stays inside, doesn’t go out: only chooses to take up small gigs on week nights, where the crowd isn’t as large or as daunting. They’ve taken to chanting her name when he takes his prerequisite spot in the middle of the stage. He supposes it’s his own damn fault, for singing songs about, you know – her instead of the usual favourites. He lowers his head so they might not see his lips curl. (x) (x)

FOR THE DARLING goldcaught.

Tomorrow is going to be my last day at home… and I won’t really be home.

I’ll be doing grocery shopping in the morning and taking that to my new apartment, then after that I’m meeting with my little brother to have a last long talk before I move out. My friend S had fantastic timing and organised an Ultimate match around 10, so I’m going there with my brother. It should be good for making memories, and for releasing some of the stress we’re both feeling. I can also ask my friends S and N about doing lunch/dinner next week, when I’ll be presenting exclusively as a girl. Fingers crossed!

Anyways, my point is that this is weird. I only have one day left of my old life. I feel somewhat at peace, but just a little bit worried for my parents’ emotional health. Nothing I can do for them though =/

Productive afternoon making this. Feels a lot less daunting to have all the proofs in one place.

Thursday may well be my final maths exam /ever/, depending on whether I drop maths or French for A2. Glad to get the maths papers all over with!

This gender expectation of men being aggressive and authoritative and women being coy and nurturing has daunting consequences for almost every child and adult. Girls are domesticated young, trained to do chores, while boys are being forced to repress their feelings and be self-conscious of what they say.
If a woman is married, she is assumed, even socially coerced to do housework and child care. If a woman doesn’t like cooking or cleaning and has no desire of being a mother, she is seen as deficient, unfit as a wife and “less of a woman”. If a man is not the one in control then society bashes him for not being the leader and “less of a man”.