Thorns (Part 2)

Eric X Reader 

Warnings: Swearing 

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Part 1

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The Dauntless leader places a hand on my shoulder, causing me to wince. He starts pushing me forward, making me walk down the dark corridor. I stay silent. There is something about him that tells me the less I speak, the less ammunition he has against me.

“Aren’t you going to ask where we are going?” He cocks an eyebrow at me, waiting for my response.

“I figured there was no point. I have no idea where anything would be, and you’re my superior so I couldn’t argue.” I shrug, trying to act like I am not scared out of my mind.

He gives a small chuckle, “Smart girl.” He grins, clearly proud that he has made someone scared of him so soon.

It wasn’t long till we get to the large metal doors. Eric doesn’t hesitate as he shoves them open, dragging me behind him. An older woman with black and pink hair looks up, startled at the sudden entrance.

“Candace, this is Rose, a new initiate. She dislocated her shoulder, so I popped it back in.” He takes his hand off me and crosses his arms as he waits for her to do something.

“Okay.” She confidently walks across the room to me, unfazed by the situation. I would imagine people get hurt all the time in Dauntless.

Gently touching my right shoulder, she asks what happened. “I landed on my shoulder when I got on the train. Then another initiate, Tris, was falling behind, so I pulled her up, that’s when it was dislocated.” She nods her head in understanding.

“That was very brave and selfless of you.” She smiles a little. I like this woman; she seems kind, not the usual MO for Dauntless. I hear Eric scoff in the background.

“It’s stupid is what it is.” Rolling his eyes, he continues. “You let yourself get hurt for some Stiff. That’s not brave, its idiotic.” He looks angry, now hearing it wasn’t just me leaping off the train that caused it.

“So what, I should have let one of my own people die. I should have abandoned her because it would cause me some discomfort.” I glare at him. How could he say that letting Tris die or become factionless would have been better than a rather small injury.

I have left him speechless. He huffs again in anger, I’m not sure if it is at the fact that he now agrees with me, or if it’s that I spoke against him in the first place. Either way, he is pissed.

He starts marching towards the door like a petulant child when it fly’s open, just missing Eric. In marches a large man who looked tired and angry.

“Eric what happened here?” The man says looking at me. Eric’s back stiffens while he raises his head to answer.

“The initiate dislocated her shoulder helping another initiate get on the train.” He says with no facial expression. The Man walks over to me, examining my face and shoulder that Candace is wrapping an ice pack to.

“Is that so?” He raises his eyebrows at me. Stuttering I answer.

“Yes… Yes, sir.” He nods his head.

“That was very brave of you…” He pauses, waiting for me to say my name.

“Rose. Rose Kane.” He smiles.

“Rose, the Amity transfer.” He gives a small chuckle. “Well Rose, my name is Max. I am the Leader of Dauntless.” He stays quite for a seconded, letting me get the full importance of his title. “It was very brave of you for helping a fellow initiate, but it will not be easy to get into Dauntless. It is every man and woman for themselves. I would hate for someone like you, who shows much potential, to be dragged down by someone lesser. Please keep that in mind going forward.” He starts to back away from me. “I hope your shoulder feels better. You are in great hands here with Candace.” He turns around, heading for the door. Eric holds the door open for Max, saying good bye in the process.

My shoulder is bandaged and feeling better. Candace says I am able to go, but to go easy for at least day. Nothing too physical. Eric is just standing by the door looking bored.

I move towards him, unsure if I should ask him to take me to the other initiates. As I am mulling it over he starts to speak.

“Let’s go. I am taking you to the initiate quarters.” He doesn’t look at me; he just starts walking.

We pass by what looks like giant crater in the ground filled with tables, and over a metal bridge with what sounds like a waterfall below; but is too dark to actually see. Eric remains silent. He doesn’t even check to see if I am still behind him; well he probably doesn’t have to since I keep making noises every time I lose my footing in the pitch black corridor with uneven floors.

Lost in my thoughts about why there are no lights down here, Eric stops. I run full speed into his large back.  “what the fuck” I whisper shout at him. It just doesn’t feel right to speak loud in these halls. He turns around, looking unfazed.

  “I’m supposed to be somewhere. Just finish down this corridor, then take a left then right and you’ll be there.” He starts walking back the way we came. I grab his arm to stop him. “What, initiate?” He snaps at me.

“You can’t just leave me here!” I shout back at him.

“watch me!” He rips his arm out of my grasp and walks away.

Panic start to kick in. I have always had a fear of the dark. In Amity someone was almost always with you, so it wasn’t that big of a deal. Here everything is dark, and worse than that; I have no idea where anyone or anything is.

Signs as Divergent factions
  • Erudite:Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Amity:Libra, Pisces
  • Abnegation:Cancer, Leo
  • Dauntless:Aries, Sagittarius
  • Divergent:Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio