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Dauntless: Daddy, Dearest

Eric x OC

Warnings: Language

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Eric POV

“Listen here, you motherfucker,” Camille snarled, glowering at me from across the table. “So help me if you don’t pick one fucking name, I’m drawing them out of a hat!”

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For: Anon

Imagine: Finding out that you are pregnant with Eric’s child and being scared to tell him.

You stand in the training room alongside Four and your boyfriend, Eric. As a trainer, it was your responsibility to show the initiates how to spar, however you felt sick to your stomach today. Should I tell Eric? Nah, I’ll be fine. 

“Y/N and I will be showing you some new fighting techniques today,” Eric announces to the initiates. The two of you transferred to Dauntless together, you were from Candor, he was from Dauntless, on the first day of initiation you had gone through your fear landscapes, you and Eric were the only ones in the dorm room, and he had comforted you. You two became fast friends and had started dating soon after; you’ve been together for almost six years now and are absolutely inseparable.

You step into the mat alongside Eric and he looks at you muttering, “The initiates are so annoying, I fucking hate kids.”

You roll your eyes and tell him to start. After demonstrating a few different techniques to the initiates you start to feel dizzy, Eric goes in for a punch and you clutch you mouth gagging, he steps back and you run out of the training room. 

“Y/N!” Eric calls after you, his voice laced with concern. 

You quickly find the washroom and shut the door behind you, throwing up in the toilet, you don’t hear the door opening, but when you feel someone grabbing your hair and rubbing your back, you instantly know that it’s Eric. 

You step away from the toilet, flushing and rinse out your mouth to get rid of the taste of vomit. 

“Are you alright baby?” Eric asks, his eyes filled with worry. 

You absentmindedly nod knowing that you should tell him that this has been happening for the past week. But you dread thinking about what the meaning of this might be. 

“-okay?” You finally hear Eric say. 

“Huh?” You look at him. 

“We’re you even listening to a word I said Y/N?” Eric asks, you look down at your hands, “of course you weren’t, what’s gotten into you Y/N? Lately you’ve been acting so distant, if there’s a problem you can tell me baby, if I did something wrong get angry, yell at me, but don’t distance yourself like this.”

“It’s nothing like that Eric, I’ve just been really tired lately, and I think I might just be getting a fever or something, I’ll go to the infirmary later today.” You lie. 

Eric sees right through the you, but just says, “Alright Y/N, go home and rest, Four and I can take care of the initiates for the rest of the day." 

You wait for Eric to go back into the training room before walking towards the pit; you go into one of the drugstores, buy a pregnancy test, and walk back to yours and Eric’s shared apartment. 

You go into the washroom and put the test to use. You sit on the washroom floor waiting for the result. 

You wait for a few minutes and finally build up the courage to look at it; you see a little plus sign on the screen. Fuck. The result is positive, this can’t be happening, how will you ever tell Eric? 

You sit on the couch, Eric words from earlier today replay in your mind, ‘I fucking hate kids.’ This wasn’t the first time he had admitted something like this to you, you knew how much he disliked kids. Your lip begins to quiver at you let out a whimper, wrapping your arms around your stomach. You can’t help but wonder, what if Eric leaves you, or worse yet, what if he makes you get rid of the child. Maybe I shouldn’t tell him. No, he is the father, he has the right to know, and I have to tell him. Come on Y/N, you’re Dauntless, stop being so scared.

You continue crying until you hear the doorknob rattle, Eric was home. Shit. You quickly wipe your tears, take a deep breath, and go into the bedroom.

“Y/N I’m home!” Eric calls out, you don’t respond, knowing that your voice will betray you, “Y/N?”

You hear Eric’s footsteps coming closer, and he enters the room, “Y/N? Are you okay? Why weren’t you responding to me baby?”

“Eric I-” your voice breaks and you can’t continue.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” Eric almost looks scared.

You force yourself to look him in the eyes, and knowing that you will not be able to answer him, you hand him the test. He looks confused at first, but realization soon strikes his face.

“You’re pregnant…” He says in shock. He’s not happy, fuck he is not happy.

“Pleasedon’tbemadatme,ifyouwantmetoleavethenIwill,I’msorry!” You say quickly.


You take a deep breath, “No Eric, i-it’s okay, really, I know how much you hate kids, but I’m not getting rid of my child, if you don’t want it then I’ll leave!”


“I’m serious Eric, you won’t have to take any responsibility for it, I won’t even tell it that you are its father after it is born, you jus-” Eric presses his lips against yours to shut you up, stare at him with wide eyes as he pulls back.

“You just never shut up do you,” He says.

“Wait, so you’re not upset?” You ask hopefully.

“Did I say that?” His expression hardens and your heart sinks, “Of course I’m upset Y/N.”

You look away from him and try to keep yourself from crying.

“I’m upset that you thought I would leave you. I’m upset that you were afraid to tell me any of this. I’m upset that you didn’t want to tell me that I-I’m going to be a dad,” You look up at him and his face breaks out into a grin. He grabs your shoulders and shakes you happily, “I’m going to be a dad Y/N, a dad!”

You wrap your arms around him and he lifts you up in his arms bridal style, spinning you around, “We’re going to be parents Y/N, I can’t believe this! Fuck I can’t believe this, I’m so fucking happy right now.”

He puts you down and kisses you passionately, “I love you Y/N.”

“I love you more Eric.”

Eric kneels down and kisses your stomach, “and I love you most!”

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Eric x OC: Trapped

A/N: Keep those requests comin’. Haha. I can’t wait for Suicide Squad!!

Pairing: Eric x OC

Request: Could I request another where the reader is also a Leader in Dauntless and one day her friend dares her to sit in Eric’s lap (maybe he’s at the bar), and instead of pushing her away he won’t let her get up. Thank yooou!

Originally posted by barefootmalecelebs

Cheers erupted in the mess hall as you entered. You smirked at the back of the group, proud of your men. There was a factionless attack in Candor and your team had been deployed to contain the situation. The mission was a success with minimal casualty sustained. There was not even a scratch on you or your team. Yes, you knew you were good.

After picking up a tray, you went down and joined your friends. “Hey, there she is. The undefeatable Y/F/N “The Stinger” Y/L/N!! Whoo!” Johnson whooped, clearly buzzed. You winced at the nickname he gave you. “Why are you yelling my name like we’re at a boxing match?” You asked and this time it was John that made a face. “What’s a boxing match?” A laugh bubbled up your throat. “Nevermind.” You said. You forgot that boxing was an activity from the Old World. They don’t do that anymore. The only reason you knew about it was because you were quite interested in History while in school.

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Prompt by the lovely and beautiful mimigemrose.

There she was helping Abnegation feed the factionless as if she was not factionless herself. Eric shook his head in disbelief as he looked over at you. He could not believe how happy you looked.

You looked across the street to find Eric staring at you. You smiled to him and waved but he did not smile or wave back. You didn’t expect him too. The Eric you knew would never smile or greet someone with kindness. You found that out last year when you were a Dauntless initiate. You would have made an excellent Dauntless member but one day you woke up in the bunks and you just could not imagine taking orders for the rest of your life however long that would be as a Dauntless member. You didn’t know much about the Dauntless faction but you were always in awe whenever you saw them so on choosing day you chose Dauntless. You were having fun during training, learning a lot and was at the top of your class but that fateful day you woke up and chose to be factionless. You just wanted to be free and you could not be any happier. As a factionless member you were at peace and content. Your former leader Eric on the other hand did not seem happy. Though he rarely showed emotions when you spent your time at Dauntless as an initiate he was visibly upset when you told the leaders you were leaving the faction. They could not wrap their heads around as to why you would chose such a life for yourself but Max and Four gave their blessing as Eric stormed off shaking his head.

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Dauntless: Daddy, Dearest (Part 2)

Eric x OC

Warnings; Language, angst

It must have been the look on my face that gave me away.

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I Love You ‘Til the Sun Dies

I was requested to do and imagine base on the song “Little Do You Know” by Alex and Sierra, I know @imagine-mix-fandoms already did and imagine based off that song, which was amazing, so please go read that as well! I combined this request with an imagine of my own, so enjoy!

Imagine: You and Eric going through each other’s fear landscape. You learn why Eric is the way he is, and he finds out that you are scared of him.

Warnings: Mentions of sexual assault and death!

“Eric, please don’t,” you beg with tears streaming down your face.

“I can’t believe I ever fell for a piece of Divergent trash like you,” Eric says with a gun pointed to your head, his face holds an expression of pure disgust, “but don’t worry sweetheart, I make this easy for you. It’ll be a quick death.”

He pulls the trigger.

You jolt awake gasping for air. Your face is covered in tears and body in sweat.

“You okay Y/N?” Eric asks opening his sleep filled eyes and looking at you.

“I-I’m fine.” You quickly respond, looking away from him. You’ve been waking up from this nightmare every day since the attack in Candor during the war, which had ended weeks ago. Since then, Eric was forgiven for what he did, and was given back his leadership position, Divergents were now safe, and you knew that Eric would never hurt you; however, this did not stop the nightmares from coming.

“Y/N, please telling me what’s bothering you. You wake up from these nightmares every fucking day and you won’t tell me what they’re about. Talk to me baby,” He was now fully awake, he grabs your chin and makes you face him, “Please Y/N, I can’t stand seeing you like this.”

“It’s nothing Eric, really,” How could you ever tell him that your nightmares were about him killing you, I would break his heart. He clearly didn’t believe you, so you leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss, trying to talk his mind off it.

He eventually pulled back, with a disappointed look on his face, “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but remember, I’m always here if you need to talk.” With that, he got up and walked out of the room.

‘I’m sorry Eric, I wish I could tell you, but I can’t,’ you thought.

“Where are we going Eric?” You asked, he held your hand leading you through the dark hallways of the Dauntless compound.

“Do you trust me Y/N,” He stopped walking and looked back at you, you nodded, “Then shut up and stop asking me!”

He finally stopped in front of the familiar room that you hadn’t seen since your initiation. The fear landscape room.

“Eric why are we here?” You question.

“We’ve been together for almost a year now, and I realized that you barely even know anything about me, so I thought what better way for you to get know me than going through my fears,” He says with a hopeful expression on his face.

“Eric, you don’t have t-”

“But I want to.” He said getting out the syringes.

“How many fears do you have?” You ask.

“Eight,” You can’t shake off the feeling that you’re invading his privacy, but he really wants this so you go with it, “Ready?

You nod as he injects himself; he then brushes your hair away from your neck and injects you.

Suddenly you find yourself trapped inside a small box, the walls closing in on you, claustrophobia. You look over at Eric, he is sitting, jaw-clenched, staring at the wall in front of him, you shake him, “Eric snap out of it and do something!”

He then takes a deep breath and puts his legs out pushing against the wall in front of him, you decide to do the same with the opposite wall, Eric counts to three and you both push, the scene changes.

You two are now standing in an open field, you look around and then back at Eric who is standing beside you stiffly, suddenly a flock of birds fly down and surround you, you see Eric taking shallow breaths, and try to stifle a giggle, “Your scared of birds?!”

He narrows his eyes at you, “Are you making fun of me Y/N?”

“No! Not at all! I’m just surprised that the big bad Eric is scared of birds,” You laugh.

“Says the girl who’s scared of itty bitty spiders,” he says rolling his eyes.

You punch him in the shoulder and say, “Now do something so we can get out of here.”

He walks up to the birds, bends down, and picks one up. He stands there for a second just staring at it with his jaw clenched, then gently pets its head, and I let out a small laugh as the birds and field disappear.

One by one, we went through the rest of his fears, being buried alive, failure, killing his loved ones, etc. Until we finally got to his final fear, we were standing in a dark alley somewhere in Erudite, there were five large men dressed in blue, three of the men stood holding an unfamiliar girl with a beaten and bruised face, and two of them held Eric who was struggling in their hold.

“ERIC!” The girl calls out.

“ELIZABETH!” Eric yells back with a pained expression, “Fuck!”

When he finally gets out of the grasp of the men, the girl changes, she is now in black clothing, she is still bruised and bleeding, and she has a tattoo of a dream catcher on her forearm. Wait, what?! You look at her face closely. It’s you.

“Eric…?” You look towards Eric, who is standing next to you wide eyed and frozen, “Eric!” You shake him.

“It changed,” His whisper is barely audible, simulation you lets out an agonizing scream, right before she is slapped across the face by one of the men.

“ERIC!” You hear yourself yell his name. This is so fucking strange. I’ve never seen Eric look so scared, his face has gone pale, his eyes are wide and he’s barely blinking, his jaw is clenched, and his hands are in shaking fists. One man grabs the neckline of your shirt and tears it apart, you scream once again, and thrash in the hold of the other two. You suddenly knew exactly what was happening.

Fuck I have to end this,’ You think to yourself, you stand in front of Eric and grab his face, forcing him to look down at you, “It’s okay Eric! I’m okay! Look at me Eric, I’m okay!”

When nothing worked you stood up on your toes and kissed him, eventually his heart rate slowed down and when you finally broke the kiss, the two of you were back in the fear landscape room. Eric looked around and collapsed to his knees.

You instantly kneeled down next to him, “Eric what was that? What was happening?”

“I-it was always her but now it’s you! It’s you Y/N!”

“Just breathe Eric,” You grab his hand as he took a deep breath, “Now tell me.”

“Back in Erudite, just a month before my choosing ceremony, I had a one night stand with this girl, she was my older sister’s ex-boyfriend’s younger sister,” Older sister? You knew Eric’s two younger sisters, but you never knew he had an older one too, “to me it was nothing, but she wanted more, I rejected her. So one day after school, I walked to the place where my older sister, Elizabeth, worked, Mum wanted her to take me shopping for a new blazer. We took too long in the shop and it was getting dark outside, we knew Mum was going to be mad at us, so we decided to take a shortcut home. Fuck that was the biggest mistake in my life,” He put his head in his hands and continued, “We were passing by this alleyway, I was leading the way, when suddenly Elizabeth screamed, I turned around, but I was held back by two men, two others held Elizabeth, and there was a fifth man, Elizabeth’s ex. To get back at Lizzy for breaking up with him, and at me for breaking his fucking sister’s heart, they raped and killed her in front of me, and I don’t know I fucking lived through that, but I did. It left my family shattered, and left me angry and full of hatred, and that’s why I chose dauntless on Choosing Day.”

“Oh my God, Eric I- I don’t know what to say,” You say quietly, trying to take in all the information you had just received, looking down as your lap.

“It’s okay Y/N, I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything in there, it was always her, always, and suddenly it changed to you, and I didn’t know what to do,” He admits sadly.

“Eric, it’s okay, I understand,” You quickly respond, trying to comfort him.

“Let’s just go through your landscape,” He says getting up, you know he’s trying to get his mind off of what he just saw, but you can’t let him see your fears. If he sees the nightmare you have of him every night, it will break him.

“You’ve already seen it during my initiation,” You say.

“Yeah, but things change, and besides you haven’t been through it since then, it’s important for a dauntless to go through their fears often, we need to be able to handle them, in case they come back to haunt us in our real lives,” He says, trying to convince me.

“But, Eric-”

“I guess it’s fine if you don’t trust me enough to let me see,” You groan at Eric and his blackmailing skills, you mentally roll your eyes.

“Ugh, fine,” Maybe you’ll only have the same nine fears, maybe new fears don’t register with the serum that fast, you silently hope, as Eric injects the two of you once again.

One by one, you go through all nine of your familiar fears. Then everything goes dark, “Y/N? What’s going on, I thought you only had nine fears?”

You laugh uncomfortably, “Looks, like you were right Eric, things can change, I guess I have a new one.”

Suddenly the darkness disappears and you find yourself in Candor Headquarters, you’re on your knees, hands cuffed behind your back, you look up with wide eyes and see Eric standing above you, gun pointed to your head, this isn’t real you try to tell yourself, but you can’t bring yourself to believe it, it feels so real, “Eric, please don’t-”

“I can’t believe I ever fell for a piece of Divergent trash like you,” Eric says, his face holds an expression of pure disgust, “but don’t worry sweetheart, I make this easy for you. It’ll be a quick death.”

Your heart speeds up so fast you think it’ll explode, you start to cry, “Eric no! I’m sorry!”

He pulls the trigger.

You snap your eyes open gasping, you look around and you’re back in the landscape room.

“Y/N?” You just remembered that Eric saw all of that.

“Eric I-”

“Save it Y/N,” He tries to sound angry, but you can see how hurt he is, “I’ve tried to so hard to convince everyone that I’ve changed, but who the hell is gonna believe me, if my fucking girlfriend’s even scared of me!”

“Eric! Wait, I’m so fucking sorry! Eric?!” You call after him as he storms out of the room. After a while you walk to your best friend’s apartment, you thought it would be best to leave Eric alone for now, at least until you could think of a way of showing him how you feel.

You were in your friend’s guest bedroom, when suddenly you got an idea; you got out a piece of paper and started to write:

Little do you know, how I’m breaking while you fall asleep
Little do you know, I’m still haunted by the memories
Little do you know, I’m trying to pick myself up piece by piece
Little do you know, I need a little more time
Underneath it all I’m held captive by the hole inside
I’ve been holding back for the fear that you might change your mind
I’m ready to forgive you but forgetting is a harder fight
Little do you know, I need a little more time.

You walk back to yours and Eric’s shared apartment, knowing he wouldn’t be home yet, and go into your room, and fold the note in half, you put it on top of his laptop and leave, praying that this would work.

The next morning your friend comes into your room, waking you, “Y/N! Get up!”

“What?” You grumble.

“I was just about to leave for work, when Eric asked me to give this to you,” she says handing you a folded piece of paper, your heart sank thinking that he rejected your note and returned it.

“W-what is it?” You ask her.

“I don’t know, I didn’t check,” she looks at her watch and says, “listen, I have to go now, but you can stay here as long as you want!”

“Thanks,” you call out as she leaves, you hear the door shut and you finally open the letter, your heart flutters at Eric’s familiar handwriting:

I’ll wait, I’ll wait, I love you like you’ve never felt the pain,
I’ll wait, I promise you don’t have to be afraid,
I’ll wait, The love is here and here to stay
So lay your head on me
Little do you know, I know you’re hurting while I’m sound asleep
Little do you know, all my mistakes are slowly drowning me
Little do you know, I’m trying to make it better piece by piece
Little do you know, I, I love you ‘til the sun dies.

You look up from the letter, trying to hold back your tears, and you see Eric standing in the doorway, he looks at you and says, “’little do you know, I, I love you ‘til the sun dies’.”

You jump off the bed and run into his arms, you finally let the tears release, “I’m so sorry Eric! I’m sorry!” You say through sobs.

“Shh, it’s okay,” He whispers kissing your forehead.  

 A/N: Ahh that was so long, I’m so sorry it took forever to write this, but I had exams going on, however I’m free for the rest of the week, so send in your requests!

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Word count: 571

 You left Dauntless three days ago, looking for rebel Factionless around the Amity farms. The night is falling and you just finished with your tent. You’re forced to share it with Eric and two other people. Lucky for you, they rather not to sleep in the same tent as Eric and choose to sleep outside.

 You love Eric with all your heart. You’ve been very good friends since initiation, what makes things even worse.

 Now you’re mad at him, angry, furious. You barely spoke to him since you left Dauntless. So you decided to stay away from him, sitting under a big tree, humming to yourself and trying not to think about how beautiful that girl is. Redhead, tall, tan skin.

 “What are you doing?”

 You jump, a hand on your heart as you get up quickly.

 “Just thinking.”

 “About what?” Eric leans on the tree, sighing. You stare at him for a while before moving away a little. It’s lovely how someone like Eric can feel so comfortable around someone else. And it’s you, his only true friend. It’s a bless and a curse.

 “About… how much I miss Dauntless.” You mutter. Talking to him is hard now, with the image of him and the redhead.

 “Are you ok?” Eric stands in front of you, looking down at your eyes.


 “You’re never this quiet, what’s wrong?” He caresses your cheek, almost making you burst into tears.

 “Nothing is wrong. Everything is perfect and you have the right to do whatever you want.” You push him away with teary eyes. You never cry, never, but now you just can’t help it.

 “(Y/N), I don’t get it. You know you can tell me anything.” Eric grabs your arm, forcing you to face him.

 “Eric, let me go, please. I-I have to…”

 “Why are you crying? You’re scaring me! Tell me what’s happening so I can kill the bastard who made you cry!” He’s screaming, cursing at the wind.

 “Why are you defending me? Why don’t you go defend your hot girlfriend? ” You yell at him, tears finally rolling down your cheeks. Eric’s eyes are filled with worry as he let you go.

 “Girlfriend? Are you crazy?”

 “Yes! I’m crazy! I don’t have the right to be mad about it, but I am!” You slap his chest a few times as he grabs both of your arms.

 “Can you please calm down and let me talk?”

 “You don’t have to say anything. Let go of me!”

 “No! Listen to me first.” Eric hugs your waist, keeping you close. His beautiful eyes making you gasp.

 “You don’t have to say anything. I won’t bitch about your girl.” You whisper.

 “I don’t have a girl. Well, I would have a girl if you agree to be my girl.”

 “What? How dare you? After flirting with that redhead? ” You hiss, angry with him again.

 “Redhead? Jeyne is married and she asked me a simple question. No need to be jealous, babe.” Eric peck your lips, and you don’t even try to push him away.

 “You’re lying to me.” You say after pushing him away.

 “I don’t lie to you. Now, you want to my girlfriend? Or not?” He smirks making you blush. “Did I ever told you how beautiful you are?”

 “Just… just shut up, Eric. And yes.”

 “Yes, what?”

 “I’ll be your girlfriend.”

 “Finally. I’ve been waiting for it since our initiation.”

Serendipity [Eric x Reader] ||  Part One

                His eyes were like
                clocks that stopped
                spinning the moment
                she stared into
                them. The universe
                halted. All things
                began to breathe
                each others stillness.
                To her: it was a
                simple, blue,
                eternity ”
                      - Christopher Poindexter

Originally posted by diplulmaris-antarctica

Your body was a mine field, even the smallest movement caused pain. You could barely do anything without feeling the ache in your muscles, not to mention the pain when you were just simply sneezing. You had sore muscles at places you never even knew you had muscles! To make a long story short, they weren’t going easy on you initiates. Nevertheless, aside from the pain, you felt amazing. The first days in Dauntless were just as you expected: hard and exhausting. Eight hours of training a day were surely pushing everyone to the limit, not only physically but also mentally, since  the fear of failure and the following life as factionless was constantly before your eyes in form of a red line on the ranking board. 

Fortunately, being ranked under the red line didn’t concern you -at least for now.  Being born in Amity was sure an advantage, since working in the fields and  carrying bales of straw required quite an amount of muscles and strength, which you’ve developed quickly in your teens. And  it was this strength in combination with your ambition and stamina that helped you to get on the fifth place of the ranking.  

The only thing you really weren’t made for was shooting. No matter how hard you tried, your bullets never found the red circle in the middle of the target. You let out a sigh of frustration. It was already past 6pm, which meant that everybody was enjoying their spare time, everybody expect you, who was now completely alone at the shooting range. You shot 5 bullets in a row, each of them  missing the center of the target. “Oh for fucks sake, really?”, you muttered to yourself. Your hands were probably already covered in blisters, but giving up was not an opinion, not until you hit the target at least once. It wasn’t until you finished your next range of bullets (which was not any better than before) when you heard footsteps behind you.

“That red thing in the middle of the target is supposed to be hit, you know?”
“Yeah no shit, Sherlock!”, you said exasperated as you turned around. Fuck! As you saw who you were talking to, the gun dropped almost out of your hands. Nobody else but the Dauntless leader himself was now standing in front of you, his cold eyes looking down on you, not amused.

The other initiates couldn’t stand him, most of them were actually just afraid of him. You couldn’t blame them, Eric’s whole appearance and the ‘I can kill you’ expression didn’t make him look like the nicest man. But still, you couldn’t say you were afraid of him. No, in fact you found yourself  attracted to him, because after all you couldn’t deny that he was handsome. And that mysterious side of him, kinda hot, wasn’t it? Furthermore, it didn’t slip your attention that Eric was often watching you when he thought you weren’t looking. And one time you remember seeing him smile after you landed a hard punch on another initiate’s face. Maybe he knew that you found him attractive? No way, you’ve never talked to anyone about him, and being as self-disciplined as you always were, you never looked longer than necessary at him. 

Just as in this moment. While Eric was making his way over to you, you avoided looking in his eyes, but instead pretended to check your gun. A curse upon you and your big mouth! Everyone knew what happened to people who couldn’t keep their mouth shut around him.

“You could be ranked higher if you would do better at shooting”, he continued, ignoring your sassy remark. Saved by the bell! Just as you thought you would get out of this situation without further ado, Eric grabbed your shoulder. Suddenly, he turned you around, so that you faced the target again and put his one hand on your waist. You could feel how every muscle in your body flexed and your breath became faster. Get your shit together, [Y/N], you exhorted yourself,yet you didn’t know what on earth he was going to do.  

“The problem is your position”, Eric said and you could feel his warm breath on your neck. “You’re holding your elbow too low.” With his other hand, he lifted up the elbow of your shooting arm. “Now shoot”, he said strictly. There was something about his voice which turned you on, and you could barely concentrate on the target. Your skin was prickling all over your body, especially where his hands touched you. Concentrate! You held your breath and fired 3 bullets in a row. No way! Each of them hit the red circle. To make sure this wasn’t just pure luck, you fired another bullet, again, hitting the middle of the target. The joy of finally succeeding made you forget that Eric was standing right behind you, his hand still on your waist. With a bright smile, you turned around just to find your face being only a few inches away from Eric’s. As your eyes met his, it seemed like the whole universe stopped.  You never really realized how beautiful his eyes were, blue like the ocean on a rainy day. Neither of you said anything, but you’d give anything to hear what was on his mind in this moment.  His eyes were piercing you, looking right into your soul. What seemed like hours was probably just a few seconds, but still long enough to forget everything around you. The tension in the air between Eric and you was almost touchable. Deep inside you something was yearning for this man, but your common sense forced you to hold back. After all, he was your leader. Why should someone from such a high position waste his time with an initiate?  

And then, all of sudden, something in his eyes changed and he turned around. “You should leave it at that for today. Get some rest, tomorrow you’re fighting”, he said. You were to perplexed to answer something, and even if you wanted to, it seemed like you lost your voice. “And watch your mouth. Next time you won’t get away this easy”, he said with his cold voice before leaving the shooting range and letting you alone with your thoughts, which were going crazy right now. What the hell did just happen? But more important, why did it affect you so much? Why was your skin still prickling, and your heart beating faster than it should? You shook your head vigorously. He was just helping you to fix your problem. Nothing more. You should stop interpreting too much into everything.
After making sure that you still were able to hit the center of the target, you went to the initiate dormitory, completely exhausted and confused.As you laid in your bed, your thoughts were circling around what happened before. The last thing you saw in front of your eyes before finally drifting into darkness were those beautiful blue eyes which were staring into your soul.


a/n: so here is the next part:) Please let me know what you think about it, or what I could improve, I’m always open for critics ! Oh, and tell me whether the length is ok, I feel like it’s a bit short, but on the other hand, the shorter they are the faster I finish/publish them. Oh well..

A Little Treat - Part 2

Some of my readers asked me for a part 2 of this, so I decided to do it. I hope you like it.

Prompt: In your first day at Dauntless you got a little drunk at a party and ended up in a certain leader’s bed…


Four took your class to the training room, and all the way there, all you could think about was how could you be so reckless and stupid? The guy was not only your trainer, but he was a Dauntless leader. What the fuck had you gotten yourself into? Of course, he was hot as hell and awesome in bed, but still, no, was a big fat NO.

In the training room, Four placed all of you in front of punching bags, and ordered everyone to begin. You started to punch yours, ignoring the pounding in your head. Four paused by you briefly, adjusting your stance, then moving on to help the other initiates. You kept punching your bag but you couldn’t stop thinking about how much trouble you were about to be in. Lost in your own thoughts, you jumped when you felt cold hands on your hips.

Eric was pretending to fix your stance, but you knew it was right because Four had helped you less than 5 minutes ago. He tightened his grip on you, and whispered in your ear, low enough for only you to hear.

“Why didn’t you mention you were an initiate?“

“Why didn’t you mention you were a leader?” You asked back.

“I don’t need to explain myself, you do. You don’t look like an initiate.” He snapped measuring you up and down, mostly focusing on your well developed breasts and voluptuous butt.

“What can I say, I grew up quick,” You answered, but this time, blushing, with a bit of fear.

Eric cocked his head, noticing the girl next to you paying attention to your conversation. He then looked at you and barked his words.

“Initiate five laps, now.”

“What?” You asked confused, as ever.

“FIVE LAPS. RUN. NOW,” he yelled at you.

You nodded, and just as you were about to start running, he grabbed your arm hard.

“This conversation is not over. Now go,” he hissed.

As you ran, you started thinking how confusing this all was. After last night, you felt like maybe you didn’t belong in Dauntless. As much as you were attracted to Eric, it was clear he wasn’t going to make this easy on you after what happened on your first night here. He was thinking you kept things from him, especially about being an initiate, and the truth was you don’t even know how you ended up in his bed. You knew you messed up, and his hard looks towards you were showing you that he was pissed at you. At least that’s what you thought.

By the time you finished your laps, Eric was gone. The rest of the day flew by, with Four leading you from activity to activity. After being dismissed from training, you went to have dinner with Felicity and Michael. The three of you were laughing and having a good time, making you forget about the day. Once you were done with dinner, you went straight to the dorms and laid down on your cot, hoping to sleep. It was not even closer to Eric’s bed and you missed his arms around you while you tried to sleep.

In the morning, you were woken up by the loud banging of metal on metal.

You opened your eyes to find Four standing there, banging a pipe against the stair rail. You forced yourself up and out of bed, your head still foggy from the lack of sleep.

During the first part of your training, Eric was nowhere to be seen. But he showed up later to arrange the first fights. He called out your name, then the name of the girl who had been beside you on the bags yesterday. You had noticed her giggling at Eric, smiling and swaying her hips when she thought he was looking. She hadn’t realized he never seemed to notice her.

Of course, he paired you to fight against her.

When you were approaching the ring, he reached out for you, grabbing your arm.

“Win this one.” It was all he said before letting you go.

You stepped into the ring, preparing to fight, and she threw the first punch. You dodged it easily, and punched her in the stomach before she could try again. She looked at you angrily, her eyes flashing with annoyance.

“Just because you’re sleeping with our instructor doesn’t mean I have to go easy on you,” she said, quiet enough so only you to hear.

She tried to punch you again, but all she got was a scrape against your cheek. You were fuming now. Who was she to tell you that? Did she see you with Eric the other night? You were confused by her words, but you didn’t let them bother you. You managed to trip her, and she hit the mat with a loud thud. You took the opportunity and straddled her, then punched her hard, twice in the face and she was done.

Four congratulated you and you went to the bench to wait for your friends. You thought you saw Eric making an amused face toward you, but maybe you were wrong. He didn’t seem like the type to show emotions.

Judging from his silence, it was clear you were getting nothing from him, not even an ounce of praise. Right now, he wouldn’t talk to you, nor would he even look at you. But you caught him glancing your way a few times, always turning away quickly.

After dinner, your friends were staying at The Pit to hang out, but you decided to go back to the dorms. When you were almost there, you felt someone grabbing your arm and pulling you into a dark hallway.


“Did you tell anyone about what happened on your first night here?” he asked you.

“No, but I think Chelsea knows. She made a comment about it before our fight today,” you answered.

“She doesn’t. She’s guessing.” He paused for a second, holding your stare. “No one can know about what happened, ok? It’s against Dauntless rules. You can become factionless if anyone finds out.”

“Can you get in trouble because of this?” You asked him.

“I can lose my job, but Max won’t do it. He needs me. I’m more concerned about you.” he answered tightly.

Your heart sunk. You didn’t want to be kicked out, and you certainly didn’t want to be factionless, all because of one mistake.

“I’m so sorry Eric, I didn’t know, I…”

He didn’t let you finish.

“It’s not your fault, just don’t tell anyone,” He warned you. He squeezed your arm one final time, then stalked away.

After that day, he did a very good job ignoring you. You were focused on your training and were improving quickly, thanks to Four’s help. You were strong and fast and completely focused on succeeding on your training.

Your shooting skills weren’t the best, though. You and your class were up on the roof, practicing shooting at yellow targets on the wall, and you didn’t hit the target once. You were feeling frustrated while Four and Eric observed from a distance. You were still struggling when you heard the heavy footsteps of someone approaching.

“You suck at this, initiate,” Eric said.

You wanted to talk back to him, but a flashback of his raspy tongue on your belly came to your mind, and a shiver ran down your spine making you shake a little.

“I could use some help,” you managed to say.

He came closer to you, purposely making your back collide to his chest. You felt every single hair on your body rise up and you were sure he felt the tension coming from you.

“Just relax your arms and aim. I’ll tell you when to shoot.” He calmly said in your ear, making you lose any concentration you had. It was obvious he knew what he was doing to you.

He took hold of your hands on the gun, making sure you stayed still before he told you to shoot. You did as he said, and to your surprise, you hit the center of the target. You were about to thank him when he whispered in your ear.

“When initiation is over I can help you release all this tension in your body.”

And he then left.

You couldn’t focus anymore, and for the rest of the day, all you could think about was Eric. The feeling of his hands on you and his breath on your neck replayed over and over again. You were losing your mind and you couldn’t if you wanted to pass initiation. You tried to force the thoughts away, and after the day was over, you ran straight to the dorms and took a cold shower.

You were trying your best to avoid Eric, including every single thought about him, but it wasn’t easy. The guy was a wall of muscles, big enough to be noticed even from a distance, and he was gorgeous enough that you just couldn’t stop thinking about him. But you decided to give it a try.


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Does anyone know how long Dauntless initiation is? Each stage? In the books, it seems like the first stage is only a few days, but I know there could be some time skips (not sure what to call them) I missed so the book wouldn’t be repetitive. In the movies, it seems like a few weeks, but I know movies aren’t always accurate and often do things for dramatic effect. Also, since Visiting Day is during the first stage of Dauntless initiation, would it be strange to have it be so close to the Choosing Ceremony, making the first stage longer than a few days? I’m really confused on this, but I need it for a fanfiction. Please help.


“You look hot girl!” Christina tells you, as you look at your new nose piercing in the mirror. It was a free day for Dauntless initiates, and you decided to get your first piercing as a Dauntless you were absolutely in love with it. Tris got her ears pierced and Christina got a cartilage piercing.

You let out a little squeal, “Dauntless are having a party later tonight, we should totally go to show off our new piercings.”

The three of you get ready to go to the party. You curl your hair and wear a short black skater dress with a back cutout. Feeling sexy as hell.

The three of you walk into the bar for the party; the place is full of loud music and sweaty bodies.

A guy leaning against the wall on the other side of the room catches your attention, Eric, the youngest Dauntless leader, and one of your trainers. He’s a complete asshole, but you can’t help but have a crush on him.

He looks like a god standing there in his tight dark t-shirt, and the flashing lights illuminate his muscles in such a way that you think you might just pass out. But maybe that’s just the alcohol in your body.

“Y/N? Hello?” Christina says waving a hand in your face.

“Huh? Oh sorry, I got distracted,” You say too quickly.

“I can tell,” Christina giggles, “who are you looking at?”

“Nobody!” You say defensively.

You stand facing Tris and Christina, laughing and swaying to the music. When you suddenly feel someone slap your ass, you gasp and Christina and Tris look at you not knowing what happened. Their eyes widen when they see who’s behind you.

Before you are able to turn around to see who it is, he steps forward looking at you, Eric.

What the hell?

He grabs your chin and turns your face towards him, you can smell the alcohol on his breath when he says, “Nice piercing sweetheart, makes you looks more Dauntless.”

He winks before walking away.

“What was that about?” Tris asks, at the same time Christina says, “What the fuck.”

Your heart is beating out of your chest and you just shrug your shoulder before walking out of the bar. You need to get some fresh air.        

A/N: Sorry that was so short. I’m working on a really long imagine right now and I just needed a filler. xoxo

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~Little Boy Blue~

TITLE: Little Boy Blue


AUTHOR: bookwarm85


GENRE: Fluffy Fluff

FIC SUMMARY: Eric finds a lost little boy and the fluffiness begins

RATING: F for Fluff

WORDS: 1,121

NOTES/WARNINGS: This was a request by the lovely @kiiiimberlyriiiicker1995 she requested a story about Eric finding a little boy and adopting him.

As usual a huge thank you to @anditcametopass for being my wonderful beta!

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It had been another grueling day at Dauntless and as usual Eric headed to the Leaders Training area to work off the tension. He removed his jacket and placed it on the bench; he began to wrap his hands before he squared up the bag and began his assault, imagining different faces, usually the ones that had worked him up that day.

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Request: “ hi I love your writing! can you do one where Peter is like your friend and you both like eachother , but he outs you, four and tris to save himself? And then when he finds out they’re going to kill you all he does all he can to try and stop it and apologize for betraying you and everyone else? Thank you if you do this!”

gifs are not mine.

Although the rest of your little refugee group were against Peter coming with you, you insisted on that with all your wit - despite Peter’s hard character, you were really good friends, and you felt like you might be more if you have let your thoughts open…

But one day, when Dauntless burst through the gate into the Amity grounds, Peter betrayed you. He simply went for himself, shouting that you’re running away. While the rest of you - Tris, Four and Caleb jump out of the window, you stared at Peter with tears in your eyes, not believing in what he had just done. You met his eyes which were full of sorrow but were dragged out the window by Four. You managed to get away, but this selfish and crucial act of Peter’s never left your mind.

However, not much time passed since you all got caught and transported to Erudite HQ. You were all put in the same cell, like things. And then he came. Peter did. It turned out that he proved himself worthy to Jeanine, and she basically employed him. Before Tris and Four started to punch him, he managed to justify himself.

“I know you want to kill me, and I know that you probably will, but before doing that you should know that I am sorry…” his eyes landed onto yours teary ones. “I will get you out of here and you will never see me again.”

While he led Caleb, Tris and Four out of the cell you didn’t move a muscle. Peter approached you and gently took your arm in his, still staring into your eyes.

“Come now, [Y/N].” 

“I’m going to stay with you.” You slowly shook your head.

“No you’re not.” he said a little bit more harshly and started to drag you out. Tris noticed that you’re not keeping up with them and grabbed your arm.

As she dragged you on, you left Peter standing there alone, thinking that maybe it’s for the best. You both were aware that you have true feelings for each other, but you guess that he just can’t cope with that act of cowardice he pulled on you in Amity - he can’t forgive himself.

And so you left Erudite HQ, with a stone on your chest.


Yoga warm up - 20 mins
(Relaxes, stretches and works on strength.)

30 day shred - 20 mins
(Intense daily workout)

10 min break
(Drinks water and discuss why tris is my baby)

Kickboxing/boxing - 15
(Obviously inspired by film)

Run round block
(Try and beat your usual time so you’re ready to catch the next train to dauntless)