Teen Wolf Divergent Faction Assignments

So, I just saw Divergent tonight and loved it. Here are the assignments as I see fit:

Scott McCall:

Scott is Abnegation. He selflessly helps everyone and puts everyone before himself. He is a leader, which is also the case of the Abnegation. He fits perfectly here.

Stiles Stilinski:

DIVERGENT. Stiles is divergent, featuring strong aspects of Erudite (intelligence), Candor (honesty expressing one’s opinion), and Dauntless (bravery). Stiles is very clever and intelligent, but he also will tell people exactly what he thinks. He sometimes lacks a filter. He is also brave and has faced danger many times and endured much. He is divergent for these three factions.

Allison Argent:

She is clearly Dauntless. Part of their code is to protect those who cannot protect themselves. That is part of  Allison’s code as well. She bravely faces any enemy or evil she encounters. She is the epitome of Dauntless.

Lydia Martin:

Lydia is a genius. It goes without saying that she would fall into erudite. It fits her perfectly.

Derek Hale:

Derek is strong, brave, and defends those who need it and those he cares about. He is also very strong mentally and physically. He fits everything that Dauntless values.

Isaac Lahey:

Isaac is a great guy and he speaks his mind openly, even when it might be best he didn’t. He is a very genuine and honest person. He fits perfectly into Candor.

Kira Yukimura:

DIVERGENT. Kira possesses strong characteristics of both Erudite and Dauntless. She is intelligent to be sure and it has shown up several times in the show. She is also fearless and will fight with everything she has until the end. She is a skilled fighter concerned with the safety of her friends. She fits both.

And there you have it. The faction assignment for Teen Wolf!