I’m Always In Control

Request: hi if you write smut, can you write one where the reader is slightly scared of Eric because he is always mean and teasing her, but then one day, he starts to tease her sexually like fingering her under the table and him being in control. Thanks you. 

 I don’t write smut. Yet. But I tried my best.

Word count: 516

“You need to do better than that, initiate.” Eric barks from somewhere behind you as you fail with the damn knives.

“Sorry.” You whisper.

“Did you just say ‘sorry’?” He laughs, getting closer, his breath now on your neck. “You’re too soft.”

“Maybe.” You wanted to be sarcastic or something, but Eric scares the hell out of you. He could throw you off the Abyss or something like that, then you rather keep your mouth shut.

“Meet me here after dinner and don’t you dare to be late.”

“Why?” You ask, turning to face him. No way you’ll meet him alone tonight.

“No more questions. You better be here, initiate.”

After dinner, you walk slowly to the training room. What the hell Eric wants with you? With shaking hands you enter the training room, finding Eric throwing those stupid knives. He never misses. You stand there for a while, staring at the man. He’s very handsome, tall and muscular.  

“Come here.”

You jump a little, obeying him immediately. Eric gives you some space, so you can aim.

“The position is correct. Why do you keep missing? ” His hands touch your waist, pulling your body closer to his. You let the knife slip, falling to the ground.

“What are you doing?”

“I’ll give you a reward if you hit the target.” Eric’s hands slid down your back until his grabbing your ass.

“Stop it. Are you mad?” You raise your eyebrows, but don’t move away from him. It’s good to feel his hands on you, now he’s not so scaring.


“Fuck you.” You mutter and take another knife, aiming and throwing it. Unfortunately, you hit the left hand of it. “So sad, I missed it again.”

“You’re not trying hard enough.” Eric squeezes you again and you can feel his erection. Smiling a little, you push him away, leaving the training room.

“I recognize a virgin when I see one.”

“If you want me you’ll have to do better than this.”

“Tell me why Eric is coming this way, would you?” John whispers before Eric push him to the side, sitting beside you.

“Excuse me, I was talking to my friend.”

“I’ll have my breakfast.”

You raise your eyebrows at him, exchanging looks with John. Giving up, you drink your water, trying not to punch Eric for being such an ass. Then you freeze. Eric’s hand squeeze your left thigh. You jump a little, but try not to look like a freak in front of your friends.

“What are you doing?” You mutter, pushing his hand away.

“Just enjoy it, cupcake.”

“Not here!” You push his hand away again, staring at those icy eyes.


“Whenever I want.”

“No, cupcake. You have to understand that I’m always in control.” Eric smirks, sending shivers down your spine.

You would slap him or something, but somehow his words make you horny. For an ex Abnegation, you should blush and run away from this kind of relationship, but you do want to have him.

“Fine.” You give up, gladly allowing him to caress your thigh again.

“Right answer, cupcake.”


For: Anon

Imagine: Telling Four that you’re pregnant. 

You look at the test and tears spring to your eyes; it’s positive, you’re pregnant. You want to scream in joy and run halfway across the faction to tell your husband, Tobias, who was at work, but you decide against it, you need to make your announcement more special. You spend the rest of the day planning a special pregnancy announcement for Tobias. 

Tobias’ POV

I unlock the front door to my apartment after a long day of work. I open the door and see a trail of blue and pink flower petals leading to the dining room. What is Y/N doing? Y/N has always loved decorating the apartment in new ways, so thinking that this was just another one of those things, I make my way to the dining room to find my loving wife. 

She doesn’t see me coming in and jumps a little as I wrap my arms around her waist. 

“Oh it’s just you, you scared me. How was work,” She says sweetly, she seems a little strange. 

“What are you hiding?” I raise my eyebrows. 

She giggles, “Why do you think I’m hiding something?”

“You’re acting differently.”

“I have a surprise for you.”

“What did you do this time?”

“Nothing!” She mocks hurt, “well, something but it’s not entirely my fault; you’re to blame as well.”

“Y/N?” I feel a little worried at this point, she points to a slice of chocolate cake -my favourite- on the table. 

“Eat,” she says in an almost commanding tone. 

“First tell me what’s going on.”

“Not until you eat it,” Knowing that I can’t win with her I eat it, it’s the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted. She sits and examines me as I get to the bottom of the plate. I see some writing poking through the cake that’s left. As I finish, the words become clear: The man reading this is gonna be the world’s best dad soon. 


You watch as Tobias’ jaw drops, he looks up at you wide-eyed and confused. You touch your stomach and nod, you notice tears spring to his eyes and quickly get up to hug him. 

“Y/N, really? Are we actually going to be parents?!” You’ve never seen him so hopeful and excited. 

“Yes Toby, yes!” He wraps his arms tightly around you and presses his lips to yours, kissing you passionately. 

“This is probably the second happiest day of my life Y/N; I can’t believe I’m going to be a dad!”

You laugh, “Second? What was the first?”

“The day you agreed to become my wife.”

“I love you Toby.”

“I love you too beautiful.”


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Y/N: *Looks  at needle* I think it’s a bad idea Eric, I wanna go back

Eric: Come on Y/N. *points at his neck tattoos* Look at these, they’re beautiful

Y/N: Shut up! *feels needle* Oh God!

Eric: Are you Dauntless or not?

Y/N: Well I’m stuck lliving in the same room with you so yeah

On the Ending of Allegiant
  • Veronica Roth:You know, it was just her time. She had escaped death too many times to do it again.
  • Me:*angrily bangs fists on table*
  • Me:You LITERALLY own her. You created her and you control her. YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!

This is what Eric’s new system creates: A brave human being has just defeated one of her worst fears in less than five minutes, an ordeal that takes most people at least twice that time, but she’s terrified to go back into the hallway, to be seen as weak or vulnerable in any way. Tris is Dauntless, plain and simple, but this faction isn’t really Dauntless anymore.


-Anon request

Dating Eric would involve…

  • Being part of Dauntless
  • Rough sex- though Eric still kisses you lovingly and murmurs sweet nothings when you’re lying in bed together
  • Helping to organise training for the new recruits
  • Telling Eric that he’s working the new ones too hard and he might actually kill them if he continues
  • Him being overprotective of you
  • Sometimes so much that you have to remind him that you are ‘still a Dauntless’
  • Playing with his piercings
  • Hiding all his studs but bright magenta ones when he’s being annoying
  • Getting tattooed with him
  • Passionate kisses
  • Him holding you close when you miss home or worry about your family and the possibility rebellion 
  • Wearing his jacket when you’re cold
  • Me:*whispers* yo what's the answer for question 5???
  • Me:Um..yeah! It looks great on you! *nervous laughter*