Super quick Flash/Reverse-Flash sketch from yesterday.
Please everyone watch The Flash so I can lose my mind about it on my blog.

Don’t read my tags if you don’t want show spoilers. :x

Say Goodbye
(Max & Furiosa)

I have been wanting to draw this since I saw the movie for the first time. I love their relationship so much and though I do ship them romantically, I wanted this to be read any way the viewer feels is most satisfying to them. This will be for sale at IndyPop this weekend! 

Push Back by XProSkeith

Stiles has been working as a sniff for the Division for years now tracking down other psychics. He just received his new mission, a talented stitch named Scott McCall.

Finally finished my TW Reverse Bang art!  I got to work with Skeith and he is sooooo lovely, it was such a pleasure working with you dude! <3

Hope you guys enjoy the art and the fic!  I had so much fun with the colors.