Little red has pointy teeth…

Trick or treat muthafuckas, Awwwwooo~

Stiles forces Derek into a hoodie while Stiles gets his werewolf on.  Stiles wanted red contacts but Derek has to draw the line somewhere.  

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I’ll probably post cards later tonight…

Now to post the version with Alpha!Stiles

1/17/13 - Navarre

tanglebuddies said to draw my cat so I drew Navarre!  We are watching Blue Planet and Navarre stared at the tv so hard until I thought he’d fallen asleep.  Turns out he’d just rested his head on the blanket while he watched.  

Cecil cuddled me while I drew Navarre (at an angle bad for drawing) and then slipped off! So no Cecil sketch today.  

Say Goodbye
(Max & Furiosa)

I have been wanting to draw this since I saw the movie for the first time. I love their relationship so much and though I do ship them romantically, I wanted this to be read any way the viewer feels is most satisfying to them. This will be for sale at IndyPop this weekend! 


“what will you do, little wolf?”

That episode though, right?  I keep feeling like Scott would never hurt Stiles and that is going to go very badly.

Also Rosewindow wrote a little thing here.  *hearts*