Say Goodbye
(Max & Furiosa)

I have been wanting to draw this since I saw the movie for the first time. I love their relationship so much and though I do ship them romantically, I wanted this to be read any way the viewer feels is most satisfying to them. This will be for sale at IndyPop this weekend! 

Super quick Flash/Reverse-Flash sketch from yesterday.
Please everyone watch The Flash so I can lose my mind about it on my blog.

Don’t read my tags if you don’t want show spoilers. :x


“what will you do, little wolf?”

That episode though, right?  I keep feeling like Scott would never hurt Stiles and that is going to go very badly.

Also Rosewindow wrote a little thing here.  *hearts*


Move You by LadyBubblegum
The McCall pack is invited to a werewolf party and that goes about as well as you’d think.

This is my second post for the Sciles Reverse Bang and it is SO LATE but I did finally finish it. The story is wonderful and I can’t thank Lydia & LadyBubblegum enough for their incredible patience.
If you want to see my previous Sciles RB from about a month ago here it is! (My art was claimed twice so if the primary image looks familiar thats why. :D)

Push Back by XProSkeith

Stiles has been working as a sniff for the Division for years now tracking down other psychics. He just received his new mission, a talented stitch named Scott McCall.

Finally finished my TW Reverse Bang art!  I got to work with Skeith and he is sooooo lovely, it was such a pleasure working with you dude! <3

Hope you guys enjoy the art and the fic!  I had so much fun with the colors.


Light Lines by 8611

“Hey scottmccallme and stilinskiing, great news! You’ve been selected for The Grid developer beta through the third round of the lottery! (Tron/Programmer!AU.)”

Okay so, Atomic is amazing and wrote a TRON!AU and I’m still dying from how excited I am about it!  *u*  I doodled these on my breaks between projects and wanted to wait to post them until Atomic posted her fic.

I also have one more pic to post that’s uh…NC-17 so I’ll be posting it separately. 8D

GO READ IT, IT’S GREAT. <3333  It’s got both Derek/Stiles and implied Scott/Stiles and Scott/Allison and justlksdjfljf it’s so great!  (NO relationship angst except some brief reconnect between Derek and Stiles, it’s all super great!)

I swear I will draw Derek’s program when I have more time ahaha~