daughters of the moon

Into the cold fire by Lynne Ewing

Description: When four best friends discover that they have magical powers, they unite as Daughters of the Moon, destined to battle against evil. They look like ordinary girls living in Los Angeles, but each has a secret power. Vanessa can become invisible. Cathy has the ability to travel back in time and to take others with her if she so chooses. Jimena has premonitions. Sirena, the protagonist of this second installment that continues the girls’ adventures after Goddess of the Night (Hyperion, 2000/VOYA February 2001), can read minds. The followers of Atrox have set a trap for Sirena. Once she enters their cold fire, she will become a follower of the dark. Jimena has actually seen Sirena entering the fire, which frightens her a great deal. Sirena again must fight Stanton, whom she also battled in the previous book. There seems to bean equally strong physical attraction mixed into their struggle, however, making it hard for either to prevail. Morgan, the Daughters’ nemesis from the first book, becomes more than a pest at school when she crosses over to the dark side. Nevertheless the four friends, ably assisted by the Goddess Hecate, who holds the key to their success, develop a plan and demonstrate again that right can prevail.

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I loved this book when I first read it. It’s a pretty good YA novel. Send me a message or reply to this post if you’re interested in purchasing this book :)

Daughters of the Moon book series anyone?

OMG, so I just found my old DotM books. I read this series in the 7th grade and I’m mind blown just thinking about how this series has NOT become a TV series/Movie yet. 

It’s been in publication since 2000/2001. If you’re a fan of Percy Jackson and girl-power based books, then DotM is a good recommendation. 

I’m going to do a cast for the books soon and so far I’m thinking:

Vanessa - Ashley Benson

Serena - Phoebe Tonkin

Jimena - Francia Raisa

Catty - Willa Holland (but I’m iffy and open to suggestions!)

Tianna - Emily Didonato 

What do you all think?! Any DotM fans out there follow me? ^_^ 

She wondered if 
Persephone had fallen in love with Hades 
when he abducted her 
and took her to live in the underworld. 

This is why I don’t make graphics, just gifs…
I don’t ship them, I just acknowledged that there is something between Vanessa and Stanton that goes against multiple canon ships and a part of me couldn’t care less.

Daughters of the Moon

This is one of those series I will never complain about being dragged out.

Though there are thirteen books in the series (plus a spin off that is totally worth the read too), the length is perfect. The story is told in the amount of time needed, no more, no less.

It’s a truly interesting series, especially if you’re fans of time travel (Whovians!) and Greek mythology (seriously at times it’s like Doctor Who met Percy Jackson. It’s amazing). While the books aren’t very long, they’re definitely worth the read, and as there’s thirteen of them, they’ll keep you occupied for a little while.

And c'mon. Catty literally is the Doctor mixed with Greek goddesses. I can’t think of anything better than that.

so several years ago I read the first three books in the series Daughters of the Moon  and then just kind of set it aside and started reading other stuff. I recently realized that I really want to read the rest of the series to find out what happens to all the girls and how it ends but i can’t find the order the books come in and therefore i can’t get the books to read them so if anybody could message me or something so i can find these books that would be great thanks

Day 03 - Your favorite series

This was a really tough pick. I have so many series I love that it’s hard to choose.  I don’t think I could ever pick my all time favorite series, but if I had to choose, this series would be up there. I’m a huge junkie for fantasy novels so this series was really enjoyable for me. I loved how crazy the main girls were, the story line was well thought out, the books really drew me in, and it had a good amount of mystery and action. Plus, I really enjoy fantasy/teen novels written before the Twilight era when books weren’t centered and focused mostly on the love/romance drama.


Guys. Guys. I seriously need another bookshelf… and a way to organize the pile of random stuff that has accumulated on my floor.

P.S.  I’m bored and people were posting bookshelves elsewhere thought I would join in.  Anyone wanna know anything about any of those books?  Plots? Comments you have because you’ve read the books themselves?  I know ones like Harry Potter and His Dark Materials are pretty obscure….