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I have two request! How would the RFA/V/Unknown react to their daughters first date? And wait traits would their children have from them?

I love love love this request anonny! Like I always say, I’m in love with writing the RFA and friends as parents! So thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Yoosung’s daughter is his absolute pride and joy
  • She was born with his bright, purple eyes like her father, which you loved because Yoosung’s eyes are perfection, as well as Yoosung’s gaming addiction
  • Yoosung watched his little baby girl grow up before his eyes and soon enough, she came home saying that she was asked out on a date by a boy
  • Your daughter smiled and patted Yoosung’s head as he clung onto her saying that she was his precious girl and he didn’t want her to grow up
  • You had to pry Yoosung off your daughter once her date arrived, she kissed her father on the cheek and waved goodbye
  • The entire time your daughter was gone, Yoosung hugged a family photo of the three of you to his chest, saying how his little girl wasn’t so little anymore
  • When your daughter came home, Yoosung almost tackled her to the ground with a hug and told her how much he missed her
  • She hugged Yoosung back and told him that no matter what, she would always be his little girl


  • Zen absolutely adores his perfect little girl
  • She inherited Zen’s long white hair along with his dancing skills, although she has an awful singing voice
  • When she came home one day saying that she was asked to go out on a date, Zen had to sit her down and give her the “all men are wolves” talk
  • Your daughter thought that her father was going a bit overboard and you agreed so you had to explain to Zen that your daughter wasn’t a little girl anymore
  • He agreed to let her go, although he wasn’t happy with it, and the entire time she was gone Zen was a mess
  • Zen kept thinking of the worst case scenario and attempted to leave a couple of times to save your daughter from the wolves
  • When your daughter came home, Zen bombarded her with questions but in the end, he was glad that she was home
  • Your daughter was understanding of Zen’s opinions on men and respected him for it, it just made Zen love her even more


  • Jaehee thought that her daughter was an absolute joy in her life
  • Her little girl has Jaehee’s short, petite body build along with her no-nonsense attitude, something that you admire in your daughter
  • When your daughter came home one day saying that she was asked out on a date, Jaehee knew that she had some work to do
  • All she wanted was her daughter to be happy but safe so Jaehee taught her some quick but effective self-defense moves
  • Jaehee wasn’t all too worried when her daughter left for her date, she trusts that her little girl won’t make any bad decisions plus she knows that her moms are a phone call away
  • When she returns, your daughter says how much fun she had and felt extra safe knowing that Jaehee taught her some moves
  • She thanked Jaehee again for helping her have an enjoyable date and Jaehee smiled knowing that she played a role in her daughter’s happiness made her happy herself


  • Jumin’s daughter is his precious princess who he believes is perfect in every way
  • She has Jumin’s dark hair along with his tall yet slender body build, she’s basically the female version of Jumin
  • Jumin was always super protective over her especially when she came home one day announcing that she was going on a date
  • You could see the look of anxiety in Jumin’s eyes, he had total faith in his daughter but he would forever be concerned about her safety
  • He tried to convince her to take a dozen bodyguards with her but she refused saying that he was going overboard as usual
  • You helped convince Jumin that your daughter could take care of herself so he allowed her to go, although he did have two security guards tail her just in case
  • When she came home, Jumin breathed a sigh of relief and hugged his daughter, apologizing for not letting her have her freedom and that he was proud of the woman she was becoming
  • Jumin let his daughter have more freedom from that day on, except for the body guard that was with her at all times


  • Seven’s daughter had almost all of his looks but almost none of his personality
  • She had his bright, golden eyes along with his red hair but she was more quiet and shy compared to her obnoxious and loud father
  • You and Seven would notice that she would have a tough time making friends and would often become sad because of it
  • So when she came home one day saying that she was asked out on a date, Seven was overjoyed
  • He kept saying how happy he was for her and to have a good time but he also gave her some pepper spray just in case
  • Seven monitored his daughter’s date periodically to make sure that she was okay
  • When she came home, you and Seven saw how happy she was making the two of you happy in return
  • Seven gave his daughter a hug, nuzzling against her as he told her how no matter what would happen, he and you would always love her


  • V’s entire world changed for the better when his daughter was born
  • She inherited his beautiful blue pastel hair and his calm and gentle personality, she was the kindest kid you or V ever met
  • V had always tried to protect her but allow her to do as she pleased and that didn’t change when she said that she was asked to go out on a date
  • He definitely wanted her to go and have fun but also to be safe so he made her promise to call them if anything happened
  • While she was away, V couldn’t help but be somewhat worried about his little girl, you reassured him countless times that she was fine
  • When she came home, V felt a huge amount of relief that she was safe plus she had fun
  • She said that going on a date made her realize that she wants to go out as a family more often with you and V, the two of you almost cried on the spot at her consideration
  • V would forever be proud of his daughter, he knew that she would always have a kind heart so he knew she would live a life of happiness


  • Saeran’s daughter became the light in his life when she was born
  • She had his bright red hair along with a lanky body build but unlike her father, she was a social butterfly
  • So it was no surprise when she came home one day excitedly announcing that she was asked out on a date
  • While he was happy that she was happy, Saeran always felt uneasy about his daughter going out by herself
  • Your daughter knew about Saeran’s anxiety so she gave her father a hug and reassured him that she would stay safe for him
  • Even with her reassurance, Saeran kept tabs on his daughter by tracking her phone and following her via street cameras
  • Luckily, your daughter did come home safe and sound, excitedly telling you and Saeran about her date
  • Saeran gave a small smile as she cuddled up next to him, seeing his daughter filled with so much joy made his heart happy
I, Emma Take Thee Killian

An EF AU very loosly based off the infamous “I, Ross take thee Rachel” scene, inspired by @sailorkillian and the anon who sent her this ask.

also tagging, @colinoslayme, @blowmiakisscolin, and @kmomof4

4.6k words ~ also on ao3

The Charming family has finally defeated the Evil Queen. After years of torment and suffering, they’ve vanquished her for good—banished her to a far off land, that she’ll be unable to return from. All it took was the help of Rumpelstiltskin. The man who had previously been unwilling to aid them against Regina had finally found something worth his interest or, to be precise, his son’s interest.

Emma met Neal when she was 17.

She had been preparing to take her horse out for a ride when she saw movement in her peripheral vision, a blur running through the forest. Grabbing a sword, she headed after whatever she had spotted to discover a young man hiding in the trees.

He told her his name was Neal and that he was hiding from his father. He didn’t ask her for help but she had been raised by, whom she is sure to be, the most compassionate rulers to ever live and she had learned to spot a soul in need. So she offered him food, promised to keep his secret, and began to spend time with him.

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My daughter will have freedom of choice. She will be free to dance, to sing, to be educated in the fields that spark her passion, to marry if she wants, to marry WHO she wants, to remain single, or to fall in love with another woman. She’ll be able to wear what she wants, put on lipstick, and read books that spark debate and expand her mind. She will be loved, protected, respected, and celebrated. All these things that should be, and will be, basic human rights, are a promise to my daughter.

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Could I get a fluffy HC's for Yagi Toshinori with his daughter and Shota Aizawa with his daughter :) thank you

(Dadmight and Dadzawa headcanons, hell ye! Writing these made me so sad wth.)

Toshinori Yagi:

  • Might dad is best dad. He is very protective and supportive of his daughter. He gives her the freedom to hope and fight for her feature, to reach for her goals and follow them.
  • He constantly assures her that he’s by her side. Toshinori wants his daughter to know that whenever there’s going to be hardships in her life, her father will always be there for here, for better or worse.
  • Toshi is very indulging to his daughter’s wishes. If she wanted him to play tea party with her or play heroes, he’ll comply immediately if it meant making her happy. He’s so putty in her hands.
  • He cannot stand to see his precious soul cry, so whenever they are sad, he makes the silliest faces in order to help bring a smile to her face.

Aizawa Shouta:

  • Aizawa might be a stricter dad than Toshinori is, but he’s as soft as cotton whenever it comes to his daughter. If there’s one thing that he wants to protect, it’s his family.
  • He insists a lot on his daughter’s education, considering both school wise and manners. He wants to teach her the best of behaviours and hopes to help her keep in mind the kindness of the heart as well.
  • Seriousness aside, Aizawa is the type of dad who will go with his child to the park, push them on the swings and catch them when they go on the slide. He even stays by her side when she’s building castles in the sand box.
  • He teaches her self defense when she’s old enough to understand the need to protect herself. He knows he can’t always be there for her, so he wants to take some worries from his chest from when he;s not around to protect her.
  • Aizawa will be supportive of whatever future plan his daughter would choose. As long as she can do something to satisfy her and help her fulfill her dreams, he would be her backbone in her plans.
ML Angst Week: Day 3: Family / Friends

Sabine sighed as she closed the trapdoor to her daughter’s room behind her. Her heart squeezed painfully in her chest, as yet another lie was bared before her eyes.

“I’m tired, going to bed mama. I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow,” Marinette had said, kissing her mother’s cheek and disappearing upstairs, as she did every single night.

And as she did every single night, her mother had followed her minutes later to check up on her daughter.

Honestly, Sabine didn’t know what she had been expecting when she had climbed those dreaded stairs, but in all honesty, she shouldn’t surprised.

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Echo Fives Wolffe Cody and Rex reacting to catching their daughter sneaking in at 3 o'clock at night?

  • Echo is not the type of dad to get angry very often, but when he catches her sneaking out, the seventh gate of hell opens up. His anger comes from hurt, however, because he can’t understand why she would do this. He’s an understanding father, he’s always open minded for when she wants to do something. He’d ground her for sure and take away some privileges. 
  • Fives would be so confused, he wouldn’t even understand what was happening right away. Once he does it would be “da fuq man?” kind of moment. After thinking about it he’s not to surprised, look at who her dad is, but knew it was still wrong. It was dangerous at night, anything could happen. He’d make one of those shame signs and make her wear it in public. “I tried to sneak out of my house and my awesome Dad caught me.” 
  • Wolffe would be annoyed, highly annoyed. For one her failed escape attempt woke him up. For two who does she think she is trying to play the bad girl? “I raised you better than that smh.” He wouldn’t want to go as far as putting bars up on her window or anything, but he’d give her so many punishments she would think twice about trying again. These punishments would be along the lines of cleaning the house everyday, not being able to go out with her friends etc etc
  • Cody wouldn’t stop her, he’d actually wait for her to get back and be sitting in the living room chair. He’d ask her where she went, who she was with, why she felt the need to even to sneak out. He’d then list off all the things she was going to have to do to be allowed to go out again. He wouldn’t make it easy on her either. 
  • Rex was already a strict parent, but he had always given his daughter relative freedom, so when he finds her abusing this he gets pretty upset. The lectures are harsh, very harsh. After he’s done, however, he’d tell her that he’s only mad because it’s dangerous. She still young and doesn’t comprehend all the things that could happen to her, and he’s just trying to protect. He’d still have to give her some sort of punishment, just to make sure the message got through, but it wouldn’t be too bad. He’d probably just ground her for a week. 
Partner (p. 4)

parts: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | end

extras: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

genre: Fluff, Angst

wordcount: 3175

synopsis: You’ve been helping BTS co-produce music for as long as you can remember. Because of that, you’ve spent most of your career working alongside Min Yoongi. On the cusp of achieving a dream you’ve all worked so hard for, another wish is realized along the way.

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Baby Preparation (Josh Dun - Twenty One Pilots)

Word Count: 622


You and your fiancé Josh had just come back from the hospital after discovering the sex of your unborn child. The two of you were having a baby girl and out of the two of you Josh seemed the most excited, then again he didn’t have to push a baby out of him. All you wanted to do was lie down and have a nap but the second you stepped foot back in your apartment Josh went into cute expecting dad mode.

“I can’t believe we’re having a baby girl y/n. Hi there little girl I’m your daddy and I’m going to be very over protective of you yes I am.”

Josh kneels in front of you and starts talking to your bump. He rubs your belly before kissing the bump.

“Josh you’re going to be a great dad and I’m going to be a great mum. Now I just too need to get her out of me.”

Josh shakes his head as he stands back up and begins pacing.

“Oh crap now we know the sex that means we’re one step closer to actually becoming parents. I don’t think we’re ready yet babe.”

This wasn’t the first time Josh had a mini freak out on you, he was the exact same way when the baby first kicked. He would go into dad expecting mode and start double guessing all the preparation for the arrival of your child.

“Josh I think we’re ready. We’ve got everything planned. Take a deep breath.”

“What if I forgot to baby proof something and then our daughter hurts herself? What if she hates me because I painted her room a gender neutral colour? How are you going to cope while Tyler and I are on tour? Stuff could go wrong y/n and I seem to be the only one panicking, why aren’t you losing it?”

You smile and take a step closer to your pacing fiancé and stop him in his tracks by wrapping your arms around his shoulder. His breathing was still heavy but at least he’d shut up.

“Josh you and Tyler are working on the next album and have already arranged to put off touring for the first few months of the birth. You couldn’t have baby proofed the house anymore either babe, our daughter is going to be safe night and day. And I don’t think she’ll actually care about the colour of her room because she’s a baby, besides we can always paint it again at a later stage.”

Josh wraps his arms around your waist and leans down before pecking you gently on the lips, his fingers trace circle on your baby bump.

“Thank you for bringing me back down to earth y/n. I’m sorry that I accused you of not losing it like me. I guess one of us needs to keep a rational head and that person is you. We’ve created a life and together we’re going to make sure our daughter has the best life ever.”

“I couldn’t agree more Josh. But maybe playing the over protective dad too much might cause her to resent you in her teen years, we were both wild children and I want our daughter to experience some freedom.”

Josh smirks.

“I have at least thirteen years before I have to play that role y/n. But we both need to agree that she can’t date until she’s at least eighteen or older.”

You throw your head back and laugh at Josh’s serious tone.

“She can’t date until she’s eighteen.”

Josh kisses you again this time with more passion. There was no one else in the world that you wanted to have a child with other than your perfect and sweet Josh.