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it’s that time again, folks! it’s time to thank ALL of you for your love and support so far with Finduilas! you 301 followers,  have no idea what it means to me that you all have stuck around! we’ve been around for another year, now, and I couldn’t do this without any of you! So, now for the best of friends I have made, the ones who I’m still intimidated by, and the honorable mentions! 

{ Friends! }

@turambar-masterofdoom : my darling, I could not be where I am without you! I love our little ship and could not imagine them being any other way. we’ve come so far from them just having awkward conversations, to hiding in conference rooms or cuddling on couches. You have made Finduilas the kind and caring woman she is, and our character developments together give me life! thank ou for sticking around <3

@thegreatstrongbow : Oh my goodness my precious one <3 I love how our bbies went from bickering in the woods, to now being engaged! So exciting! Finduilas loves him so much and I have come to enjoy our times fangirling over them and planning everything that happens to them! You’ve been around since the beginning, and I cannot thank ou enough!

@thefatedfinwe : HEY YOU, YOU LITTLE SHIT! I can’t tag all of your blogs, so I’m tagging the main one. I FREAKING LOVE YOU. You’re so good to me and I don’t know what I’d do without you and your jokes and our angst between ALL of our ships! I also love the bantering and sarcastic remarks we have while I watch you stream final fantasy. You have given findu the love and attention she has always sought out, and you do it in so many ways! You’re the bomb dot com and I hope you never go away!!!

@hasty-riser : Can I just say, holy. shit. We have come SO far from the beginning! I always felt like I was bothering you when I would send you asks, but Tyelko and Findu, I have to say, have had the most development so far with ANY of my relationships! There’s so much between these two, that it makes me squeal when they interact. They’re just such smart asses with each other, and Findu can’t really do all the things she does with Tyelko with other people. Thank you for bringing out the wild child that has been hidden within her! 

@halfblessedhalfcursed : Oh sweet child! I love both the relationships that Fin has with her brother, and one of the first woman-loves of her life! Gil is such a kind and understanding brother, I don’t know what we have done to deserve him! Oh, and little tea Kettle! Findu is so madly in love with her, it’s ridiculous. She never thought she could fall so hard for another woman, but shiiit. Has she swooned hard! I love planning with you and putting all our angsty shit out there and ugh. You’re just a wonderful all around person!

@artaresto : So, you, my dearest, have been around LONGER than any of the honorables above. I love that fin and ory get along at times, but can be just shit heads to each other in the next few seconds! I love plotting with you and letting our wild children have their ways or argue at the top of their lungs. Ory has definitely made findu such a rebel (along with the help of tyelko), but let’s be honest. Daddy didn’t raise no fool! Thank you SO much for sticking with us and through all of our bullshit! You’re the best!!

@alyathefair : Oh my Jo, you rock my socks off! You have been there for me when I needed someone to cry to! And I’ve done my best to be there for you in return! I could not have asked for a better friend! I love our muses, and how they all act together and misbehave. Ugh. And our OOC chats, I die laughing! Hours and hours we can pull this stupid shit, and it’ll never get old. I’m glad I don’t get on your nerves <3 

@sashaofravenlock : ALL OF OUR ANGST IS AMAZING. Why are our children so cute?! I could not have asked for a better friend in all my days! I love that we can just plot and talk and just wander off topic about horses and donkeys and ugh. It’s so amazing and I cannot WAIT until we are able to meet up next year after we’re both graduated!! How exciting?!?! You’re the best therapist around, chica! Love you lots!!

@minstrelmaglor : Oh my sweet Eru. I cannot ever get enough of our children together! They’re so sweet and our angst that we have plotted out for the rest of their lives gives me LIFE. No matter how long we go without talking or anything, it’s like nothing ever happened! We just pick up right where we left off and it’s AMAZING. Miss you lots and hope you’re doing well!

@warden-of-lorien : Can I just say that I love your muse so much! He’s such a sweet little thing and Findu can’t get enough of him! I love the chemistry they have and I love plotting with you as well! Don’t be afraid to jump into my mailbox! We enjoy you very much!!

@ar-pharazon-the-fallen : MY KITTY! Oh I love how Fin and Calion get along. They’re literally like siblings and I cannot get enough! I love how they can be such little shits one minute, but super sweet and caring for another in the next moment. Ugh. They’re precious and I have no idea what I would do if I had never met you! 

{ intimidators! }

@0rome / @lordofelves / @mikhailvalhidris / @celeborn-of-doriath (yes, I know it’s silly, but still!)
@sorrowssinger / @lordofhimring / @sonsofelrond / @burkhanlig
@enviousking / @bxstiion-a / @crxwnedwiththxrns / @regnumverus

{ honorable mentions}

@feanors-daughter / @goldenhairedadvisor / @oropherrrrr / @aratinwe
@vardathestarkindler / @nolofinwefingolfin / @xstardomes / @finarfiniel
@sassykingofmirkwood / @goldenglorfindel / @kneel-to-the-playboy
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i have things for consideration: the sons of fëanor as not sons, but daughters.

give me maglor, in her grief, haunted by the sea– give me maedhros, the elleth who burned through life and burned in death– give me celegorm, the girl who wanted and wanted and wanted lúthien tinúviel, the nightingale– give me amras and amrod, sisters close as double edged blade who died for the silmarils– give me caranthir, in her splendour, in her temperament– give me curufin, who binds herself to her father to the jewels that will be her doom–

give me women, utterly lovely & utterly doomed.


the two who without… daughter  _(:з」∠)_

【feanor】My eighth child is a silver haired daughter, I take her to see the laurelin every day, her hair is so beautiful more than arafinwe’s nerwen!

【earendil】My third child is a blonde girl. even if she wants the star in the sky I can give it to her. elrond and elros both like her,  but daddy(me) is the total winner!

anonymous asked:

do you know of any fics where all the Feanorians are women? I looked on AO3 in the relevant tags but there's just modern AU and individual character genderswaps - including femslash Russingon, which is nice, but I want DAUGHTERS OF FEANOR

this ask made me think two things:

a) I am so sad that I do not know of any fics like this

b) I had a long conversation with kassmodeus​ at some point about how, given that the stories of the First Age have clearly mostly come down to us via the Numenorean tradition and given how little we in modern times actually know about Elves, it is entirely possible that the reason the Silm is so dude-heavy is that ancient Men actually found it very difficult to tell the difference between male and female Elves. they’re a different species. they wear complicated clothes. the sexual dimorphism is subtle anyway. (’they all just look sort of beautiful and leggy, like orchid mantises with good hair!’) 

so what if in fact fifty percent of the characters in the Silm are female and the Men just couldn’t work out which ones? ‘what pronouns do we go with?’ ‘just assume male for now and if it starts making out with a handsome male human then maybe it was female after all.’ 

The only girl Elves Men are completely sure about, in fact, are Luthien, Idril, and Arwen. 

wait, no, three things:

c) this textsfromsauron post

So, I’ve reached 900 followers, which to me is amazing - and also really surreal and weird. I very nearly didn’t make this blog. I was nearly too scared to take the chance and start roleplaying, thinking why the hell would anyone want to play with some weird old dead elf, especially one written by me? But I’m glad I took that chance, because despite the ups and downs, I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. And that is thanks to the lovely people I have the pleasure of interacting with and following, those who make my time here enjoyable and make me feel glad that I joined the Tolkien fandom. Both my muse and I are grateful for the friends that we have made and the way we have been accepted and supported. Thank you <3 

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For those with multiple blogs, I’ve put down the one that I associate most with you; though a couple of people have their personal and art blogs here in different sections bc reasons. 

Thanks again; from both Oreo and myself. I love you guys a lot and look forward to what the future holds :3

Jeegus! I can’t believe I’ve hit 200 followers!

Anyhow, here’s a special thank you from me!

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Ingwion looked up from the papers he was reading when he heard that someone from Tirion arrived. The Minya left his desk to greet the newcomer who was waiting in the library - his favourite place to greet others. He smiled when he saw the newcomer.
“Greetings. May I ask what brought you here?”

So, I just hit 600 followers. Thank you so much for sticking around and I hope you enjoy my blog and interpretation of the silly Sindarin king who went and got himself killed! What a dork.

I figured it was a good time to do one of these, to show my appreciation to those wonderful people who I follow. Many of these are mutuals, though some aren’t. That’s irrelevant though. You guys are awesome either way \o/

(If you have more than one blog, I’ve put down the one that I associate most with you. Because I’m lazy *shrugs*)

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That’s a lot of bunbuns.

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it’s been almost a year since i made this blog and i honestly have no idea how to react because i used to joke about the day i’d get a thousand followers and well… it actually happened. i remembered saying i’d do something big like a giveaway or whatever but seeing that it’s a bit too late (and there’s not much to give) i’m going to do something else.  ]

to celebrate, i’m going to do a little follow forever (yeah i know it’s pretty damn lame). I’m following 700+ blogs at the moment and I am terribly sorry if I forget even one of you. If you find yourself and we haven’t interacted before, it means that I think you’re rad and deserve a promo :D  ]

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