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The turtle's get an unexpected visit from their daughter's boyfriend. Thinking they were looking for her, but no, they came to talk to them...To ask for their blessing to marry their daughter! What happens? :3


And I’m assuming they’re on the boys’ good side?


He’ll always be protective of his little girl, but is very grateful that the boy comes and asks for his blessing.  Let’s him know there are still some decent folk in the world.  He reminisces on how his daughter is so in love with the man, how she talks about him and how happy she is when she’s with him.  Towards the end of the conversation, Leo closes his eyes for a brief second before letting out a sharp breath.  He holds out his hand to the boy and smiles.

“Of course you can marry my daughter.  Welcome to the family son.”


Even if he likes the kid, he’s having a hard time with the idea of letting his baby girl go.  So when he comes asking for Raph’s blessing, it really hits him hard; his little baby ain’t little no more.  She’s moving on.  But he wants her to be happy, to have a future with a loving family.  Raph gives him a stern glare before patting him on the back.

“You better take care of my little girl.”


He knew this was coming one day, just not this soon.  As soon as those words left the kid’s mouth he stiffened and swallowed the lump in his throat.  Anything involving his family, especially his daughter, is precious to him, so Donnie asks the kid if this is what he really wants.  So when he sees the pure joy and dedication in his eyes Donnie knows that his little girl is going to be okay, and that she will be happy.  Donnie nods, a slow smile forming on his face.  He doesn’t say much, his expression speaking for him.  He genuinely is happy for them.


“Now listen here.  This is my little girl we’re talking about.  This is a lifetime commitment here.  You need to real damn sure you want to do this, because I am having a hard time right now of the thought of letting my baby go.”

Mikey’s daughter gushes overtime her boyfriend’s name is mentioned, He has watched and listened to her every time when she speaks about him.  He knows she’s happy, she’s satisfied and content with him in his life.  She’s even mentioned the word “marriage” to her father. He wished for a relationship way back when he was younger, and now that his daughter is in his shoes he understands what it feels like to go through this.  It isn’t but just a minute before Mikey gives him his blessing.

“You take care of my little girl, ya hear?  I know where you live… . Actually I don’t but it’s pretty easy to find out.”

-Mod Kala

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I'm sorry if you've said this before but do you have a favourite bnha character?


momo yaoyorozu is my top fave. best girl! i love herr

shotou todoroki is a fave too. best boy!!

eijirou kirishima is my son. also best boy

ochaco uraraka is my daughter. also best girl.

so yeah haha i have two best girls and best boys. but yaoyomomo is my most fave if i had to pick. but yeah they are my absolute faves :>

I had lunch with the gf and I was telling her I was going to meet my best friend and his daughter for dinner tonight and she said she wished I talked about her the way I talk about him

flames in the ocean (chapter 3)

Pairing: Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish
Rating: T
Word Count: 2207 (total: 7074)
Chapter: 3/?
Summary: An ex-girlfriend turned best friend and an adopted daughter with an expanding vocabulary decide to be nosy little shits at precisely the same time. Ronan and Adam meet on Instagram.

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A young Carmel(10), young Streusen(10)and an older, much younger than the old cook, Streusen(around age 27)

Carmel and Streusen had a very different upbringing. While Carmel was the daughter of a rich underworld broker, raised in the best environment you can think of, Streusen lived in poverty most of his young life, as youngest sibling out of five before he started his career as cook and pirate.

You can see the designs i choose for Carmel and Streusen that they pretty much reflect how they grew up. That is why the later Mountain Witch grew up to be a little spoiled while Streusen always just had to be on the edge, always being strict with himself and his surroundings.

If you ever ask me who’s real space dad in Voltron my input is always Coran.

Listen- if we’re determined to cast this found family in stereotypical roles that it may or may not fit, Shiro’s not dad. He’s the perfectionist oldest son everybody calls “dad” with a mix of love and exasperation because he’s trying so dang hard to be another parent when everybody actually knows he doesn’t have it in him and he’s maybe slowly falling apart from stress, and the best thing that happens to him is he learns to stop heaping more things onto his workload.


Coran’s the guy who left his destroyed planet with the unconscious body of his best friend’s daughter and who’s just trying to take care of her and support her because they’re alone out here, and he’s quietly managing his own grief more or less behind the scenes to support everyone without running himself into the ground.

And yet, with all that hanging on his head, he gets stuck on a ship with a couple of weird alien kids and by the second day he’s got them ranked by height, he gives them juiceboxes and tells them to not overwork themselves.

Coran, with very little preamble, steps up and really takes in all of the paladins. Everybody talks about who in Avatar the Voltron guys remind them of but I don’t think anybody’s pointed out that Coran in some regards is a dead ringer for Iroh: the older mentor and surrogate father to young and troubled royalty who initially reads like comic relief and is both ready and able to raise hell if properly crossed.

But it’s not just Allura that Coran is looking out for. Consider episode s1e4, where both Lance and Shiro are withdrawing from the party and upset- and who checks on both of them, but, Coran, who does so in this completely innocuous, casual manner that makes it seem like he just happened by when we actually see him take note of Lance leaving the party.

And I mean, c’mon. He does embarrassing dad things, he worries, he uses weird turns of phrase, he’s singlehandedly the backbone of the team playing Every Support Role At Once. Coran’s the real team dad. 

you know who this reminds me of?

these two nerds


that awkward moment when you pay your in-laws a visit and her dad pretty much hates you for “seducing his daughter away from home with your heroics” and “filling her head with strange ideas”

Me: I love Ochako Uraraka so much, she’s so soft and sweet and-

Ochako Uraraka: *Has fought an asshole that can make explosions out of his sweat without a single hint of fear or hesitation and with every intention of winning. And the plan she came up with in order to win involved letting the aforementioned asshole make a bunch of debris with his explosions so she could drop it on his head. And the only reason she lost was because she collapsed from exhaustion.*

Me: -gentle and she wouldn’t hurt a fly-

Ochako Uraraka: *Has faced off against a psychotic serial killer with no time to prepare and no warning and with only one other person to help her and came out of the encounter relatively unscathed apart from a single stab to her thigh. And that was after she had technically already beaten the aforementioned psycho by slamming her face on the floor with a martial arts move in about half a minute.*

Me: -and she has so much love for her family and-

Ochako Uraraka: *Her goal in becoming a hero is to make enough money to help her parents’ construction company that is facing major financial trouble. To that end she also goes to extreme lengths to save money which include living close to her school so she won’t have to use the bus, only buying the most cheap foods she can find, sleeping any chance she gets, and even starving herself.*

Me: -her relationship with her friends and her class in general is SO GOOD AND LOVELY and-

Ochako Uraraka: *Works herself to the bone in her studies and training along side her classmates and has excellent teamwork even with students she doesn’t interact with too often. Also her sending Kurogiri, an adult villain who made it very clear that his and his groups’ intention was to kill everyone present, flying during the USJ incident so Iida could run away and get help probably saved everyone’s lives.*  

Me: -her relationship with Izuku is the best thing ever, its so wholesome and pure and-

Ochako Uraraka: *Stopped some random kid she didn’t know from falling on his face for seemingly no reason other than being nice, later saved his life by making him float before he broke his neck on the ground even though the strain it put on her quirk made her vomit, tried to help him pass because she thought he might have failed because he saved her even though it could have hurt her chances, and then turned an abusive childhood insult into an affectionate nickname with just a few kind words and minimal-to-no knowledge of his history. All of this happening over the course of less than THREE DAYS OF GETTING TO KNOW HIM.* 

Me: -seriously she loves him so much its so good-

Ochako Uraraka: *Realizes she has feelings for her friend in the middle of a very important and intense exam, and instead of panicking she get her shit together, pushes her feeling down so she can focus, and passes with flying colors, because she is AWESOME.*

Me: -also she sleeps with mittens so she doesn’t make herself float in her sleep how adorable is that?   

Ochako Uraraka: *Is the best.*


Oh, should I have been more open and trusting and loving like, oh, I don’t know, my now dead best friend? Or your daughter, who is bffs with an intergalactic narc? Fuck you, Summer, and fuck the government, and fuck me for letting my guard down, which I will never do again. Jeez, Rick! You can’t say f-you to your granddaughter. I just did, Morty. Here’s dessert. Fuck you.

another meme I will never finish | [8/10] male characters  ♡  r i c k  s a n c h e z