daughterly love

And these dreams that I lay dying in, they are the most frightening ones I have had since childhood. I have never felt a fatherly presence near me, and when I feel you holding me, though I know you are not yet near, I am made one with your soul. Your soul knows mine and I wonder then if fate had anything to do with us meeting.
—  madamemichaela, excerpts from “Coeurs d'obscurité et de flamme”
(SU) Off Colors Squad headcanons

-Padparadscha’s name is the one annoying thing about her
-No one can remember it
-Well, they can, but like
-It’s still hella long
-Rhodonite’s the one who first calls her ‘Paddy’
-The name catches on, and now everyone has come up with at least one variation for ‘Padparadscha’
-Variations include Paddy, Raddy, Rads, Radical, Radscha, Paddleraddle, Radpad and Padshers
-Padparadscha never understands that all these names are directed at her
-This can lead to some confusion
-Rhodonite likes to make puns
-She doesn’t make them often, but when she does, they’re good
-The twins prefer knock knock jokes
-They can make them for hours, one twin asking the other
- ‘Knock knock!’
'Who’s there?’
'Sabrina who?’
'Sabrina long time since I’ve seen you last!
*cue laughter*
-It drives everyone insane
-They still can’t help but laugh along though
-Padparadscha’s laugh is always a few minutes off
-Flourite once had thought about asking Padparadscha to join her fusion, but outvoted herself four to two
-Their relationship is too mother-daughterly
-In fact, Flourite’s relationship with all the off color gems is too mother-daughterly
-She loves them like a mama cat loves her kittens
-She might look mellow and slow, but mess with one of them and shit gets flipped
-Rhodonite has lots of nervous tics
-She’ll fidget and bite her nails and tap her knees and pace up and down and stutter one word over and over again like a broken cassette
-None of the others can calm her down
-None of the others try
-Because they know that eventually she’ll calm /herself/ down
-That’s what fusions made of love do
-Sometimes, when the fear of being found and seperated gets to be too much, all the Off Colors squad huddle up around Flourite and cuddle
-No words are exchanged
-Just hugs
-Everyone hugs everyone in the Flourite Pile™
-Sometimes the twins even hug each other
-It’s been agreed though that Padparadscha gives the best hugs
-She is smol and warm
-(And smells like peaches)
-When they all cuddle together like that, sometimes they find it hard to let go
-And sometimes need to remind themselves that down here they’re as safe as it gets
-And if they don’t want to
-They don’t have to let go


Inimical Fortune, envious of all good, she who revolves things human, has deprived me for a whole year of your most illustrious presence, and still not being content with that, has robbed me once again of the same good: the which would be intolerable to me if I did not think to enjoy it soon. And in this my exile I know surely that your highness’ clemency has had as much care and solicitude for my health as the king’s majesty would have had. For which I am not only bound to serve you but also to revere you with daughterly love, since I understand that your most illustrious highness has not forgotten me every time that you have written to the king’s majesty, which would have been for me to do. However, heretofore I have not dared to write to him, for which at present I humbly entreat your most excellent highness that in writing to his majesty you will deign to recommend me to him, entreating ever his sweet benediction and likewise entreating the Lord God to send him best success in gaining victory over his enemies so that your highness, and I together with you, may rejoice the sooner at his happy return. I entreat nothing else form God but that He may preserve your most illustrious highness, to whose grace, humbly kissing your hands, I offer and commend myself. From Saint James on the thirty-first of July.

Your most obedient daughter and most faithful servant, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Tudor to Catherine Parr, July 31, 1544

Source: Elizabeth I: Collected Works by Elizabeth I, Leah S. Marcus (ed.), Janel Mueller (ed.), Mary Beth Rose (ed.)


Because i’m suddenly nostalgic with my past theatre experiences. And because I want those memories to be captured here in my blog so they will last.

“Daughterly Love”

Written by Rose Follante

Directed by Steffanie Soriano 

Stage Management by Mary Joy Javier

March 21, 2012 | 6pm | CAS Annex 2 Speech Lab, UPLB

I played here the character of Marianne. :)

such-a-classic-tale  asked:

Can you clarify Chibiusa's feelings toward her father, Mamoru? I haven't read the manga, but from the new anime episode, Black Lady is in love with Mamoru despite him being her dad. I get that the Wiseman has manipulated Chibiusa's daughterly love into lust, but I have heard that as Chibiusa wants to be in a romantic relationship with Mamoru regardless. Is incest a thing in the Sailor Moon universe?

No, incest is NOT a thing in the Sailor Moon universe.

Chibiusa has always admired and loved Mamoru, and I’m sure she’s always liked the idea of finding someone LIKE him or having a fairytale romance like her parents did. But she’s always known that he was her dad. She messes with Usagi a lot and says things like “Mamo-chan is mine!” but she does it purely to mess with Usagi. She and Usagi have always had this bantering sort of relationship.

Wiseman DID manipulate/warp Chibiusa’s normal feelings into jealousy and lust (he completely sexualized her all together). But there is no incest in this series.