Bruce: “Don’t talk to me or my son or my son or my son or my daughter or my son who is actually my son or my son or my daughter who’s not actually my daughter but her father is one of my best friends so she counts or my other daughter who’s not my daughter either but she’s dating my son so she forced her way into my family or my father who is actually my butler or my cousin or my son’s cow, dog, cat, turkey, and dragon bat or my punk daughter or her brother or my best friend who can fly or my club of super people, one of whom I plan to adopt-“

Criminal: …..

Bruce: ”-ever ever again.“

Bruce: *walks away with his ginormous family trailing behind him*

JULY 23: Ruth Ellis (1899-2000)

Ruth Ellis, the LGBT rights activist and oldest known lesbian to ever live, was born on this day in 1899 and would have turned 118-years-old today!

Ruth Ellis poses for the camera as she leans against a car in 1951 (x). 

Ruth was born on July 23, 1899 in Springfield, Illinois as her parents fourth child and first daughter. Her mother and father, Charles and Carrie Ellis, were former slaves from Tennessee but the abolition of slavery allowed them to move north and build a prosperous life for themselves and their family. Ruth’s mother died when she was young, but her father became the first black mail carrier in the state of Illinois and managed to put three of his children, Ruth included, through high school. Ruth would graduate from Springfield High School in 1919.

Ruth came out to her family as a lesbian when she was just 16-years-old, which was an unheard-of admittance in 1915! She would also recall meeting her partner, Babe, just five years later in 1920. For the next 30 years, Ruth and Babe would live together in Detroit, Michigan, where their home eventually became a major hub for the city’s black gay and lesbian community. Ruth also became the first black woman to ever operate her own printing company in the whole city of Detroit; the business specialized in printing stationary, fliers, and posters, and was operated out of her and Babe’s home.

Ruth is photographed hard at work operating the printing press that fueled her successful small business (x). 

Ruth and Babe eventually separated because, as Ruth said, “We were just two opposite people.” Although the refuge of Ruth and Babe’s home ceased to exist, Ruth remained incredibly involved in the LGBT community and reached somewhat of a celebrity status in the 1970s. She became noticed as a frequent attendee of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival and eventually began being asked to speak at different universities around the country about her experience as an out lesbian in the pre-Stonewall days. Her 100th birthday was celebrated with the release of the documentary Living with Pride: Ruth C. Ellis @ 100 and that same year Ruth was the honorary leader of the San Francisco Dyke March.

A special photo shoot to celebrate Ruth’s 100th birthday shows her smiling sweetly and holding a bouquet of flowers (x). 

Ruth passed away peacefully in her sleep on October 6, 2000 when she was 101-years-old. The Ruth Ellis Center in Detroit continues to be operated in her memory and is one of only four American organizations specifically dedicated to housing LGBT youth.



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Based on a post that @catsforartists made!


When Amanda woke up, she decided to crawl out of bed to get a bowl of cereal. And eat it on the couch, of course.

“Ain’t nothing beat couch cereal.” She declared to the empty room and dug into her delicious and dangerously sugary cereal.

Almost immediately after taking a bite out of her cereal, she heard footsteps coming from her dad’s room, but, when she glanced up, she saw Damien walking by her.

“Good morning, Amanda dear.” Damien greeted.

“Mornin.” Amanda responded. She KNEW it. Her dad and Damien had been getting pretty close, so it wasn’t a completely wild assumption that they would start dating. And, of course, the footsteps she heard must be…

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Of all things I forgot to submit, it’s this one.

So I made this before Christmas time…because this was the last Christmas I was going to spend with my family before I moved out on my own. I had a REALLY limited budget, you see, and I decided quick things for all I wanted to give a gift to: gift cards for my mom and her bf, a classic TMNT mug for my stepmom, a Waluigi plush for my younger sister, @dreamy-serenna (as a last bang to a joke)…

but what to get for my father? I was already running low on money. I usually give him the more expensive stuff, namely Playstation games, but of course even if I had the money, I dunno what he’s been hyped for.

When I browsed the frames in my dollar store, I had an idea…and almost broke down there, too.

You see, even when he and I bumped heads with our own point of views and even almost destroyed our relationship at one point, Papi was the person who really made me who I am. He made me wise and he taught me how to be the better person in any situation (unless your life was at risk). And at the time….

…I felt like I was nothing but a disappointment to him since we moved to Kentucky.

Even after he told me that I wasn’t, if nothing else…

I want to make him proud.

I will make him proud of what I set out to do, and that when he sees Shisenota or another project of mine somewhere on the internet, I hope it’s when I have succeeded in some way.

Right now, this picture is framed and hanging in the living room at his place. Maybe one day, I’ll have him or my sister send me a picture of it.

In One Piece

Alex pinched the bridge of his nose before hissing through gritted teeth, “You told me to come home t’yeh, an’ while I’m out there nearly dyin’, you’re here playin’ house with some bloke?”


Alex returns home from Dunkirk to some very unpleasant and unsettling news.

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Summer Fling Part 10

Title: Summer Fling: Father Daughter Time

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4,814

Warnings: Fluff, MECHANIC!DEAN, Minor Mention of Sex.

Summary: After months of struggling, an impulse decision puts you on the road from Sioux Falls to Lawrence Kansas, hoping that your father, Bobby Singer, will take you in for the summer.  A breath of fresh air. A change of scenery. But little did you know, this summer was going to change your life forever.

Summer Fling Masterlist

A/N: I hope y’all enjoy this part as much as I do! It’s one of my favourites. It would be wonderful if you could leave me some feedback. This series lives on it. I am also not responsible for dental bills. 


Your name: submit What is this?

August 1st.

You walked in the front door with the biggest grin spread across your cheeks. It was just after one thirty in the morning when Dean dropped you off from your exciting weekend together. A summer music festival a couple of cities over was too good to pass up and Dean managed to get tickets for the two of you. You spent the whole weekend together enjoying the summer sun. Your dad on the other hand, was going to be pissed at you for coming in this late. You probably would have been better off staying the night at Dean’s but you didn’t have any clothes for work in the morning.

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anonymous asked:

Since you mentioned that Sansa is mostly like Ned in terms of personality, which i agree 100%, how do you think Ned and Sansa's relationship was like?

Ooh, interesting question. Well, at least on the surface, I think Sansa was one of his children Ned felt like he had to worry about the least. Robb would get a lot of attention as Ned’s heir, of course, and it’s also Ned’s job to train Bran and eventually Rickon as Northern lords ready to take over the running of Winterfell as a just-in-case policy, as Ned himself - also a younger son - was forced to do after his older brother’s death. (Which we see with Bran being required to attend that beheading way back when, for example.) Arya is the wild child, getting extra attention both because of her resemblance to Lyanna and in the general sense that ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease.’ And Jon is obviously a separate issue and gigantic can of worms all on his own.

So where does that leave Sansa? She’s a good girl, she’s pretty and smart and well-behaved, and she wants to be the thing she’s supposed to be: a lady. And because she’s a girl, her education is already the provenance of her mother, not her father; it’s Catelyn’s job to make sure Sansa knows what she needs to know about manners and graces and running a household and so on, not Ned’s - for one thing, he wouldn’t know where to start. And we see the effects of this on the current narrative, where Sansa is more likely to refer to her mother than her father as a role model - “I must be strong, like my lady mother” and etc. So I can see where some people might get the idea that these two had a relatively more distant relationship than Ned and his other kids.

But…am I going to stop there? Haha, of course not. Because like I said, Ned and Sansa also seem to have the most similar personalities of all the Starks. Here’s a GoT quote from one of the Bran sections to think about:

He [Ned] had a grim cast to his grey eyes this day, and he seemed not at all the man who would sit before the fire in the evening and talk softly of the age of heroes and the children of the forest.

This is interesting for a couple reasons. One is that we have Bran commenting on Ned’s apparent ability to slip in and out of different personalities depending on the role requiring of him - an ability that Sansa will soon need to develop. Another is that it gives us definite evidence that Ned, for all his supposedly grim and gloomy personality, also had an affection for songs and stories that even extending to telling them. And the other Stark with the most noted love of stories is, of course, Sansa. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if part of Sansa’s love for storytelling comes at least in part from memories of her father sharing these tales with her and her siblings.

Here’s another GoT Bran quote:

He had taken off Father’s face, Bran thought, and donned the face of Lord Stark of Winterfell.

Once again, this is Ned showing his ability to compartmentalize different parts of his personality in order to get the job done - the exact same ability that Sansa will come to develop (somewhat to excess) later in her life. She didn’t learn this trick from Catelyn; Cat was smart and tough and savvy but emotionally far healthier and less repressed than her husband, and never showed much evidence of Ned’s (probably trauma-acquired) neat trick of packing up his emotions and putting them away till later. Sansa develops this same trick mainly as a result of her own trauma, of course - but with the help, I would argue, of her father’s behavior to base it on. It’s honestly pretty impressive that despite everything she’s been through and all the intense repression and denial of feelings she’s been forced into, Sansa still hasn’t gone crazy - and part of that might be because she had a positive role model like Ned to show her that you can compartmentalize without losing yourself in the process. Sansa has always been very observant, and whether she realized it or not, I think she watched her father very closely and unconsciously picked up on a lot of his subtle coping mechanisms as a child.

As far as Ned himself, I don’t know that he ever fully realized how similar Sansa was to him - given her youth and gender, there weren’t a lot of chances for her to show it off, you know? But I would bet that Ned had at least a few moments of looking at his daughter and getting that dizzying sense of looking at his younger self - her stubborn insistence that Joffrey is her ‘one true love,’ for example, isn’t that far off from Ned’s own blind devotion to Robert and refusal to see his friend’s flaws when he was a young man.

It’s always harder for a parent to deal with the children that are most like them rather than the children least like them, and in my opinion that contributed somewhat to Ned’s difficulty in making Sansa understand him at that time (though honestly every adult in her life did a terrible job of explaining things to Sansa, he was far from alone). It’s rarely pleasant to have your own flaws reflected back at you from your offspring, and it’s pretty understandable that Ned struggled to get through to Sansa in that instance, considering how much he was still struggling to get past his own idealized version of Robert. So there was certainly room for conflict between the two of them as a result of their similarities, and if Ned had lived and Sansa had had a normal teenagerhood I’m sure this would have developed further, as it usually does in pretty much all families with a teenager.

But in the end? Ned was devoted to Sansa, just like he was to all his children, and Sansa adored Ned. It was a loving and healthy father-daughter relationship - and, like all the Stark relationships, pretty remarkable, given the extent of the dysfunction we’ve seen in the families of the other noble Houses. (Yikes, I’m going to tear up just writing this. You are missed, Ned.)

Sidenote: I drew from another online article when writing this, which is where I took my two book quotes from, but I have unfortunately misplaced the link; if I manage to find it again, I will add it here, and if not, apologies for the lack of citation.

sugar ❖ sehun

“You weren’t good at describing things, but if someone asked you what Mina’s dad looked like, you would have probably said ‘a first love’.”

admin : - velvet
genre : fluff, smut (in later parts), pretty huge age gap, kinda daddyish, ceo!sehun, angst

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

| Part 2

No way❞ you mumbled as you checked your phone again. The place where you were smelled like fried food and strawberry milkshake, your best friend Mina was playing a game on her phone as she drank her iced peach tea down, the music playing in the background was some Halsey thing that you already heard, but weren’t quite sure of the title. The light in that cafe were neon pinkish and everything felt kind of fake, from the plants to the smiles on the waitresses faces.

If you just stop for a second❞ Mina mumbled taking her eyes away from her cellphone and looking at you. You snapped your head at her, taking your eyes from your phone too and giving her an exasperated expression.

It’s been all day that you were looking at the screen of your phone, watching as the package you bought from China was moving to an inhuman slow speed, making you grow anxious. Mina have tried to explain to you that packages from China were one of the most slow to arrive, but you couldn’t tear your guard down, what if it gets lost? You spent all the money your father gave you for that pack.

Mina gave you one of the most irritated gaze you’ve ever seen her wearing and you finally relaxed a little. ❝I’m sorry❞ you whispered blocking your phone and tossing it to the side of the table, away from your eyes.

She smiled at you, happy that she succeeded at her work as your best friend and finally you both looked at each other in the eyes, no internet or screens in between.

Since we have a test on Monday,❞ she started grabbing her straw and playing with it around her now empty glass of iced tea ❝I thought that you could maybe help me out

You raised a brow in front of her request, knowing that she didn’t need your help for the science test that you would have had that Monday. She was going to graduate in science in some years, so you probably needed her help more than her yours.

You were taking history, but still had to take the science courses too, just in case.

Y/N❞ she whined gripping your right hand that laid on the table till that moment ❝I’m begging you, I’m alone at home with my dad and it’s the first time in ages that this happens, if I stay around that would be so awkward I can already make my grave

You chuckled and tightened the hold on her hands before she let your go. ❝He can’t be that bad❞ you tried. You never really met her father, just Mina’s mom which used to come take her from uni when her car broke down.

He’s your dad anyway

Mina has always been your best friend, you went to each other’s houses countless times, she met your parents before you went to live alone, but you never really met hers. She told you that both were always busy till late with works and you knew it was true, because her mom used to pick her up at half past nine, hours after the last class, but she always talked sweet things about her parents. She told you that her mother was one of the sweetest person on this world, she always cared about her, always managed to send her messages asking if she needed anything or just asking how her day have been, as for her dad, Mina always told you that he was okay.

Mr Oh was an inveterate smoker who liked to dress in black, he liked sweet scents, sport cars and never came home before midnight. She was pretty sure her parents didn’t love each others anymore, so she always tried and stay with her mother.

I know he’s my dad❞ Mina rolled her eyes backing against the backrest of the red little couch of the cafe. ❝But he’s weird and I hate him

With a sigh you picked your phone again, almost returning to the tracking site, but you stopped yourself. Maybe spending a little time with Mina, studying for the test, might actually help you.

You sighed and stood up. ❝Okay, let’s go. I’ll help you with your dad and you’ll help me not thinking about that damn pack. Is that even normal that it takes so much to arrive in South Korea from China?

Jesus, Y/N. You’re such a pain in the ass

Thirty minutes later, after you paid your meals and she drove you to her house, you finally could get out of her car and stretch your legs.

Remind me why you live this far from the city?❞ you groaned loosening your muscles.

I don’t know, I guess ‘cause my dad is rich and needs to have a big ass house where he doesn’t even live in❞ she remarked locking her car and walking to the entrance door.

You freezed at the hate in her words, she must really hate that man, but how can you hate a person who has your same blood running through his veins?

You followed her up the two steps and then in the house, she dropped her bag and her shoes on the floor and you did the same with your shoes. The house was as silent as always, no people anywhere near, the usual smell of disinfectant that the cleaning woman uses, the light were off and there were no sounds.

Not to be rude❞ you started in a whisper, clenching to Mina’s arm for your own good ❝but your house is always creepy as fuck❞ you murmured.

Why are you whispering?❞ she laughed dragging you to the living room. You didn’t even know why you were whispering to be honest, it just felt wrong to talk aloud when everything was peaceful and silent. Not to forget that his dad was somewhere in the house, maybe sleeping, maybe working and maybe your voice could have sounded disturbing.

When you thought of Mina’s dad somewhere in the house, you surely didn’t thought of him there, right in front of you. He was leaning over the wooden little table where you and Mina used to study, what looked like work papers scattered over it.

Dad -❞ Mina choked, Mr Oh’s face shot up, his eyes looked over you two. You felt sick, he was one of the most beautiful beings you have ever seen in your life, you weren’t good at describing things, but if someone asked you what Mina’s dad looked like, you would have probably said ‘a first love’.

A first love, Mr Oh looked like every little girl’s first love, the man who was too old to be attracted to, but still, they felt something for him. It was his plump little lips, or maybe his deep-cutting jaw, maybe it was his pale face or maybe the way his eyes bored under your skin. But Mr Oh definitely looked like a first love.

Mina❞ he called looking at her, his eyes hard, just like when they were on you. He looked ethereal, but still today, when you think about your first encounter, Oh Sehun was one of the most cold people on this planet.

Mina huffed a little, lacing her arm around your shoulders, pushing you a little forward.

Hi dad, we’re here to study. This is my best friend Y/N, Y/N this is my dad Oh Se Hun❞ she talked like a robot and it almost made you laugh, if it wasn’t for her dad’s gaze on you.

You quickly bowed under his judgmental stare. ❝Nice to meet you, sir❞ you choked out trying not to blush too much, but it was almost impossible. His eyes softened against your figure.

That was the first time Oh Sehun looked at you like you were the most precious person on the world, and thinking about it today you remember the butterflies you felt.

Nice to meet you, Y/N❞ he forced a smile and then got up, placing all his papers together ❝then I’m going to leave you girls alone❞ he mumbled picking his work and walking out of the room. You waited for his eyes to go on his daughter while leaving, but he kept his gaze ahead, too afraid to look at her, but too strong to admit defeat on their relationship.

It was sad knowing that a father-daughter relationship was broken thanks to his work, almost as if he cared more about money than his own meat happiness.

When Mr Oh went out of the living room, Mina plopped on her butt, sitting at the side of the low table, her back resting on the feet of the couch.

Let’s study before you start with that tracking thing again

You felt the hurt in her words, almost as if showing her non-existent love with her dad in front of her best friend was shameful. You tried not to think about how hurt she was and sit next to her.

You better start explaining me that topic that Mrs Kim explained last week, ‘cause I know nothing

After an hour of studying, Mina was asleep with her head against the seat of the sofa and you stood up, going to the kitchen. She started talking, but at the end you were explaining her some things about the biology class that you didn’t even take. You needed water and you knew her house, so you walked to the kitchen, hoping not to find the cleaning woman and, when you entered, you started searching for a glass and the bottle of water.

You didn’t know how you didn’t hear the steps, but when you turned around with the bottle of cold water that you just took from the fridge, you almost had an heart attack.

Mr Oh was seated in the kitchen, his papers all over the clean counter and a confused expression on his face.

You❞ he started pointing his long index toward your scared figure ❝managed to come into the kitchen,❞ he talked slowly, moving his hand to the door ❝do your things and you didn’t even noticed me the all time❞ he was surprised, his face still frowning, but his eyes as cold as ever.

Were you already here, sir?❞ you asked in a high pitched tone. He nodded and his hand gripped his own chin, resting it between his fingers. His eyes scanned you, watching as you stared at him in total shock.

How haven’t you noticed him? Is he… is he for real?

You bowed deeply, red color spreading over your cheeks. ❝I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be disrespectful❞ you mumbled.

He shook his head, the ghost of a smile over his lips as he picked a pen and tapped its tip over a page.

You look very young❞ he murmured ❝Y/N, right?❞ he asked cocking his head a little, his eyes went all the way down your body.

He was the expression of handsome, you were sure that if you looked for the word ‘handsome’ he would have popped out next to the explanation. But the way he looked at you, that was not the way a married man with children looks at a girl. Perhaps, his daughter’s best friend.

So, how’s school going?❞ he asked with a soft smile on his lips, his eyes turning back to you, but they still were ice.

You gasped for an answer, not sure why he was asking your this, but it felt good having someone who actually cared about you.

Your parents were around the world after you went away for uni, so they didn’t really bother asking you about school or your well being.

You blinked a couple of times. ❝It’s… normal❞

He chuckled dryly shooting down his eyes. ❝I suck at having conversations❞ he explained biting his lip down hard. Something in your shivered, his lip painted red thanks to the pressure of his teeth looked soft and you almost wanted to suck it.

It’s fine, sir❞ you smiled trying to light up the stiff mood ❝I’m not very good, either

He sighed turning back to your face, your lips parted and the color of your cheeks satisfied him. ❝You’re so pretty, little Y/N. I wish you were older❞ he smiled.

That sentence left you speechless, his eyes fell right back on his papers and a scared Mina ran into the kitchen.

Oh my, you’re here❞ she panted resting a hand on the jamb of the door. ❝I thought you left

You bit your lip, trying to regain your composure and placed the water on the table behind you.

No, but I need to❞ you whispered still disoriented from what the man just told you. You were not going to lie to yourself, he was handsome and you felt shivers when you talked with him, but he was your best friend’s dad for God sake.

Oh, but. Can you wait some time? I have to do som -❞ Mina started, but his father’s voice cut her.

I’ll take her home❞ he said looking at you and standing up from his seat. You looked at your best friend who shrugged at you with a confused face.

If that’s okay for you, love❞ he whispered. You jumped a little noticing how close he now was. You hated it, but his warmth was something that your body craved.

This was wrong!

If it’s okay for you, sir

Call me Sehun❞ he smiled. His hand dropped to the small of your back and your skin never burned with such an intensity.

This man was ready to destroy you even before you were ready to welcome him in your life.

imma leave this here,, guys, please tell me what you think about this, so i can post the second part :3 ilyall
- velvet

black robin.

Originally posted by hardyness

pairings: peter parker x reader, tony stark x daughter!reader.
summary: you and your father don’t get along well. you ran away from your home and your life when you were fifteen and, even though just two years have passed, you’ve managed to build a new life. sort of.
warnings: mentions of violence and blood.
word count: 1150.
a/n: idk, guys, this idea popped into my mind and i just started writing. let me know if you like it, some feedback would be much appreciated!

Everybody knew the famous (Y/N) Stark, brilliant daughter of Tony Stark. Pretty smile and radiant eyes that hid true wit and intelligence. Even though she came out from a one night stand, a mistake some would say, she was loved by her dear father. That’s why all that questions came out, when she disappeared two years ago. 

Where is the child?
Was she kidnapped because of her father?
Why did they do it?

Something that went on and on for weeks. Tony couldn’t take it anymore, she could see it with her calm eyes, while she watched the news from a window outside of a lovely house in the suburbs. (Y/N) knew why she left everything and everyone behind, refusing to turn back. She wouldn’t even want to glance at what her life turned into, all that eyes that watched her and her father’s every move. She just couldn’t take it anymore, that’s why she left. This time, she really fucked up. But how she became one of the most feared villains in New York… well, that’s another story.

“ I’m not a patient woman. ” your voice was incredibly calm even though a storm of rage was running wild into your heart. Your black boot pressed harder into the man’s throat, who gasped for air, his face red.

“ I — I don’t know what you’re talking about! ” he said, and you pressed your foot harder. “ Alright, alright! Just — let me go. ” he choked. You rolled your eyes, behind your black and golden mask, easing the press. But there was something the man didn’t know: that you were cleverer than him. You knew that, as soon as you raised your foot, he would try to attack you, so you quickly took your whip from your belt and, with a swift movement of your right hand, you chained him, leaving his throat free. He cursed, spitting at your feet, his eyes filled with rage. You made him get in his feet, confident that he couldn’t break free from your grasp.

“ Even though you’re stupid I know you won’t tell me about your boss — oh, wait. What do you call him, now? Oh, yes. Vulture. I don’t like people to pry and mess with me. Stay out of my territory or there will be consequences. ” you were dead serious, but the man couldn’t contain his rapsy laugh. You clenched your jaw, holding yourself from punching that dumb and bloody face again.

“ You really think he is scared of you? A pathetic little girl who is playing villain? Black Robin, isn’t it? ” the grip on your whip dangerously strengthened, but the man didn’t care. He kept laughing at you. Humiliating you.

“ C’mon, birdie. Sing me a song. Is that all you have, sweetheart? You’re pathetic. ” just before he started laughing again, you opened your mouth. And you sang. Oh, you sang. An ultrasonic cry came out of your lips, shatterng all the windows of the storage. You screamed so hard that his ears started bleading, and you didn’t stop until everything was destroyed. You watched carefully the scenario that was before your eyes while the man cried in pain, holding his hands on his ears. Destruction. That’s what you were. Nothing but destruction. You quickly wrapped up your whip and secured it on your belt, slowly backing away. You had to run if you didn’t want to caught.

“ Ehy! ” a young, male voice drew your attention. You saw a red thing moving in the air just before something white and sticky glued you to the wall. You silently cursed, clenching your jaw when the one who liked to call himself Spider-Man appeared in front of you.

“ Nice voice you’ve got! — but, err, don’t sing, or scream or… well, you’ve got it. ” you raised your eyebrow, trying to free your body.

“ The thing is — you’ve been a very bad girl… wait, this doesn’t sound right —  yeah well, you’ve got to stop doing what you’re doing. The bad things and everything, because if you don’t, I will put an end to it. ”

“ You’re ridicolous. ” you stated bored, tilting your head. You sweared that, under that red and white mask, there was an offended expression.

“ What do you mean… ehy! I’m not ridicolous! I just got my powers and — well, let’s just say I’m not the one stuck on a wall. ” he said proudly. A sly smile grew on your lips, just before an ultrasonic cry came out of them. Peter was embossed to a few meters, and you took the chance to free yourself from his web with your knife. You approached him, looking at him with a triumphant smile, Vulture’s man long forgotten.

“ Are you sure of that, Spider-Boy? ” you smirked, just before disappearing in the dark, leaving him aching on the ground. 

After you left, Peter groaned loudly, massaging his aching head. He took his mask off, coughing and mentally kicking himself for being that stupid. He underestimated you, he though you were harmless and that your powers wouldn’t be that powerful. He was so wrong.

“ Damn it… ” he groaned, looking at the moonshine that could be seen from the broken windows. In a few istants, the view was ruined from a familiar iron suit. Iron Man approached him, flying beside him. Soon, Tony took off the mask, looking at Peter with frustrated eyes.

“ Kid. ” he started, quickly gesturing at him to get up. “ I’ll take it from here. Just go home. ” he couldn’t see it, but under the suit Tony was shaking.

“ No! I can do it! I know I can! Please, let me try. ” tried desperately Peter, but Tony snapped impatiently.

Kid. ” his voice was dangerously low. “ I said go home. ”

“ But… ”

Peter! ” Peter never saw Tony so angry and frustrated, not even during the Civil War. He seemed truly upset, and Peter didn’t have the courage to retort. Why was he so upset? Was it because of the girl? Did he knew her?
Black Robin, they called her. She seemed so young, under that black, golden and red suit that hugged her body, her (Y/H/C) hair that fell on her shoulders like a waterfall, but so cold. Peter saw her on the news a few times, destroying everything that obstructed her path with her ultrasonic cry, leaving behind her death and destruction. Maybe she was his age, maybe she was raised to hate, Peter didn’t know.
He put his mask back and, with a web, he flew out of the storage, leaving Tony and the other anonymous man alone. But Peter didn’t want to give up. He would look for you and find you.