season 1 April: bubbly, well-meaning, tries her best, girl-next-door type friend, snarky but nice.

season 5 April: tired, anger issues, trauma doesn’t exist unless she lets it, zero fucks left to give, “look it was either i stab someone or start crying. i didn’t have much choice.”

What Dad Doesn’t Know Won’t Hurt Him [Daryl Dixon x Reader]

Word Count: 3,154 (why can I not write short one-shots anymore? why am I incapable? help me)

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Request: Could I request a smut where you’re Ricks Daughter and Daryl’s like really stressed so you give him a massage and one thing leads to another and you end up making out and trying to go further but get caught?

Warnings: Language, mentions of scars, fluff, smut, embarrassment 

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You watch out the window of your house excitedly as you see the familiar white truck pull into the main gates of Alexandria, a weight lifted off your chest when you see that everyone arrived back home safely. Daryl, in particular.

Your dad Rick, Michonne, Daryl, and Abraham had all gone out on a run a few days ago, promising that they’d be back within a day. They never returned that night, and you were scared out of your mind that something had happened to them. But seeing them now, all back and alive, you feel ten times better. Your dad is home. Daryl is home.

Yours and Daryl’s relationship is nothing less than complicated. Because you were only a teenager when you two had met, and also since you were Rick’s daughter, he tended to avoid you for the first few years of being around him. You two would only speak whenever it came down to who’s job was what during the run. But after the Governor blew up the prison, and you, Beth, and Daryl had escaped together, yours and his relationship changed immensely. Your friendship bloomed, and ever since then, you’ve managed to remain just as close friends.

Whether you feel more for them that just platonic feelings, though, is questionable. You’re not so sure yourself. On one hand, you two tend to do things that people in relationships would typically do. You would hold hands every once in a while, which was a thing that started back before Terminus, when you two were stuck together. It was a coping mechanism that helped the both of you tremendously- both of you felt like you had someone. Other things, such as the kissing on the cheek and the hugs only started once you had arrived in Alexandria. It took Daryl so long to get used to someone’s physical touch, that when you had started, he became standoffish and awkward. The more you two spent time together, though, the more comfortable he had become with you, and it puts you where you are today.

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I Think She’s Just Clumsy

Request: Can I request a dad tony x reader where she’s been very accidental prone so he thinks something bad is going on. She swears it’s nothing so he spies on her for a few days and sees that no one has been hurting her. But she walks into things and trips on her own feet. He figures out she has bad eye sight but she was too embarrassed to say anything about it. Sadly this is the story of my life lol. 

Warnings: None

A/N: Pretend that all the avengers are friends.

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Tony had been noticing your strange behavior is month, and knew something was up. Especially one day when you came home when bruises and scrapes on your arm.

“Y/N? Are you being bullied?” He asked you seriously.

“What?!” You seriously didn’t know what made him think that.

He motioned toward your arm.

“Oh” You got quieter. “Um No, I’m not. It’s nothing”

You stood up and were walking to your room when you ran into a boulder.

Oh never mind, it’s just Steve. 

“Oh Sorry Steve” You said as you re-centered yourself. Steve shrugged and kept walking.
Once you were in your room tony turned to Steve.

“There’s something seriously wrong with Y/N. I think she’s being bullied or something”

“I don’t know, but I think we need to find out” Steve replied.

Tony had gotten Steve, Sam and Bucky to go with him. They had decided to just see what you were up to.

“There she is!” Tony said quietly and he ducked behind a bush. The rest of them followed his action.

“This is ridiculous, we’re grown men hiding behind a bush spying on a teenage girl” Said Steve.

“God Steve you make it sound so weird” Sam replied as he turned away from you.

“It’s not weird we’re just making sure she’s not getting into any trouble!”
And just on cue with Tony’s words you walked into a metal pole.

“Owww, that’s gotta hurt” Bucky said as he rubbed his forehead in the same place that you hit the pole.

They watched you trip over a chorus of things, but never had any of them seen someone trip over there own feet quite the way that you did.

“Tony I don’t think your daughter is being bullied. I think she’s just really really clumsy” Steve squinted his eyes as you walked into another person. Bucky and Sam both nodded in agreement.


“Hey Y/N? How many fingers am I holding up?” Tony held up some fingers dangerously close to your face.
“Uhh.. Maybe.. fou-”

“No” Tony cut you off.



You Shrugged.

“Y/N. you are so Farsighted that you can’t even walk without tripping over your own feet”

“That’s not true-”

“Okay then, wall all the way across this room without running into something”

“Yeah, no thanks”

“I am not going to wear glasses” You said stubbornly on the way home From the eye doctor.

“Y/N, you look fine”

“Oh hey Y/N!” Natasha greeted you as you came in.“Those look great!” She pointed towards your glasses.

“Oh thanks” You replied, you were on your way to your room when you tripped and fell over the side of the couch.Tony pierced his lips together.

“Okay maybe she is just clumsy”

Ok So I’ve been doing a lot of fluff lately. But tomorrow I have something super angsty


For @purplekitten30…reader is Tony’s teen daughter as requested. Enjoy!

Y/N smirked the only way a Stark could smirk. Her fellow agent-in-training, Jax, was on the mat trying to catch his breath. She let out a chuckle before helping him to his feet. He spit out some blood.

“Damn Y/N,” he commented, “How the hell do you do that?”
“I guess it has something to do with my amazing skills and overall awesomeness,” she teased, “That, and having the Black Widow be your trainer helps.”
“Are you kidding me? I have Barton and I still can’t land a punch,” Jax bounced right back.
She arched a brow. “Have you ever seen Barton beat Romanoff?”
He thought a moment before smirking. “Good point.”

The whistle sounded, signaling a breather. Y/N shook her head before eyeing her sparring partner.

“Lucky you. You don’t have to fall on your ass for another fifteen.”

Jax just shook his head as he laughed. Neither one had taken notice of the small clustered group in the corner of the room. Most of them, all of them boys, were glaring at Y/N’s back. One in particular was getting hyped up from his friends, growing more and more angry. Even worse, more cocksure of himself. After agreement from his fellow trainees, the boy moved from the center of the circle. He made a beeline toward Y/N Stark.

Y/N jumped when she felt a hand smack her right on the ass. Her eyes widened, noticing Jax standing across from her, mirroring her expression. He knew better than anyone not to mess with Y/N. The room seemed to have silenced before being filled with the small group’s laughter.

Jaw clenched, Y/N slowly turned to face the boy who had slapped her: Kel. He had always hated her, blaming her accomplishments on being a Stark. She arched a brow at him. He was giving her the widest grin, as if he just humiliated her. Nat was in the corner, watching patiently.

“Aw look,” Kel mocked, “What? A big girl can’t handle a little tap?”

Before anyone could blink, Y/N had wrapped herself up and around Kel’s body. She slammed the boy onto his back on the concrete floor. He gasped for air, but she wasn’t done. She rolled him until her legs were pinning his chest as she pulled his arm in a very uncomfortable position. Kel was slapping the ground with his free hand. He wasn’t getting off that easy.

In a calm, collected, but deadly voice, she told him, “If you ever touch me again, you will be heading to HR with one less limb. Understand?”

Kel didn’t answer. A couple other boys attempted to help their friend. Rolling her eyes, Y/N rolled the two of them until she had her bicep around his throat while he lay on his stomach. The two that had moved to help were now on the ground, having been kicked during the roll. The boy clawed at her arm.

“I said,” she said, keeping her neutral tone, “Understand?”

After he choked out a yes, Y/N let him go. Easily, she got to her feet and glanced at the corner of the room. She gave her Stark smirk to Nat. The red head repressed a smirk of her own. After a moment, Nat spoke up.

“Break’s over,” she barked, “Back to position.”

“Hey sweetheart,” Tony greeted his daughter, “How was training?”
“Just fine,” she answered.
“Anything you want to tell me?” he persisted.
She arched a smirking brow at him. “Well, if Nat told you…”
He mirrored her smirk. “I want to hear your version.”

She took a sip of water while nodding. Tony could already feel his chest puffing with slight pride.

“Kel slapped my ass, so I pinned him to the ground until we came to an understanding.”

She gave a deviously sweet smile. Tony started chuckling. He patted her back.

“If you hadn’t, I would’ve,” he told her, “Well, maybe Rogers would’ve done the heavy lifting, but you get my point…I just wish I saw his face.”

Y/N nodded and started laughing herself. She was glad her father understood. 

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Deal with Your Wives as You Wish for Your Daughters to be Dealt With
—  Know that you must honour your wife in your dealings with her as (you would expect from) the man married to your daughter. How would he deal with her? Would you be pleased that he deals with her in a harsh and cruel manner? The answer is No!

So do not feel content in dealing with the daughters of others in a manner that you would not be pleased for your daughter to be dealt with. Everyone should know this principle.

Shaykh Muḥammad ibn Ṣāliḥ al-ʿUthaymīn

Source: Sharḥ al-Mumtiʿ 12/381
Translated by: Munīb al-Ṣumālī