Dean Winchester - Save Her

You first met Dean Winchester ten years ago when he saved your life, a monster had come into your house in the middle of the night and killed your parents if it wasn’t for Dean it would’ve killed you too. Ten years later and you’re still with Dean, he has become a father figure to you. One day, you go on what you think will be a simple hunt, but it all goes very wrong and you get very badly hurt.

Dean x Teen!Reader (Father, Daughter relationship)

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Blood, Angst

Using the prompts: 22 - “You promise?”, 30 - “No. We need to save her. We can’t let her die”, 41 - “Don’t you dare die on me” & 49 - “I’m right here, I’m going to take care of you” (from my Prompt List)

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Like Daughter, Like Father
Batgirl v1-19 2001-10
Detective Comics 939 2016-10

Nobody… Dies… Tonight.
Batgirl 2001

Nobody dies tonight.
Batman 2016

James Tynion, you are amazing.

JTIV is doing such a good job at accurately voicing his characters and paying homage to their past lives. His dialog feels natural and flows nicely with no awkward or unbelievable moments.

When Batman says Nobody dies tonight of course it hit me like a nostalgic brick to my comic book face - BAM! That line is straight out of Cassie’s mouth from Batgirl #19 all the way back in 2001. And I love Batman’s maximal grimace when he says it.

What’s great about this line is it flows perfectly with the book’s story and with the character of Batman. So a reader that’s not knowledgeable about OldCass would think “this makes sense, Bats is intense and determined, and will ensure no one dies.”

But for Cass fans, it also reminds us of her old days and how much Cassandra Cain shares with Batman. They’re both intense, dark, intimidating, driven, iron-willed, mostly solo vigilantes who want to stop death and suffering because of their own dark pasts. When Batman says Nobody dies tonight it is also feels like Cass is saying it.

Bravo JTIV, bravo sir.

Ok, what about the rest of ‘tec939?

It opens with a very nice expansion on Bruce’s parents’ death. You’d think there’d be nothing else to add to this part of Bruce’s past but I really liked seeing Jacob and Kate at the funeral since it makes Martha’s death real and meaningful to another blood relative other than Bruce. And Kate with Bruce was perfect. It also helps readers like me who don’t know as much about Kate realize that she’s close to Bruce’s age and more of a peer than a sidekick.

There’s a really nice beat with Steph and Tim as they talk about his future. Every player has gotten some page time in every issue and this helps make JTIV’s 'tec an excellent team book.

Bats and Kate have a serious talk with her admonishing him for lying by calling out his I suspected as being Batman double speak for I knew. Good on her for standing up to Bats and making it clear this is a partnership.

Tim figures out the Colony drones are attacking Gotham and the team scrambles to respond. There’s a very nice frame of the team with Kate saying it’s not over.

As the team starts to evacuate civilians, “Batman” smashes through an apartment windows and says Hey! Uh… Batman here. What? I read this frame carefully not looking at the rest of the page. I thought JTIV finally blew it and wrote out some weird dialog. But no! It’s Clayface! This is perfect and very funny.

You wanna piece of this?!
Run, or you’ll get a full dose of Clayface!
(Sigh) Hey, it it works, it works.

Back to Cass! THOOM as Cass opens, I mean she kicks open, I mean she kicks the whole door off it’s hinges. It seems she can only kick open doors Hard Enough To Crush A Normal Skull.

So where is this? Maybe a boarding school for high school age kids? No college dorms have 5+ bunk beds in one big room. Is this a detention center for teens or an orphanage? I don’t know. It might end up being something that doesn’t map well to the real world, like 8foot thick titanium doors or tunnel systems from 1900 that are 300feet below ground level.

But wait, who’s that guy in the baseball cap?! We get 2 frames with both him and Cassie in them so there’s no doubt we’re being told he’s someone. But who? And is it just a dark scene or are his eyes strangely all black? Cass only gets a single page this issue but I bet this is a tease of her upcoming story arch.

So Tim realizes there’s only one trick he can pull: redirect all the drones to attack a single target. Being a noble superhero, Robin points all the drones at himself.

Then there’s an excellent exchange when Steph radios Bats and tells him to get back to Tim, now! Batman calmly chides Spoiler telling her to only use code names on the comms and she yells back:

I don’t care about your stupid code names!

Bam! What’s really cool about this it is not just a Gotham teen Bat-sidekick with confidence issues barking at the bossman. This exchange also communicates the emotion and gravity of the situation: Steph’s boyfriend might be sacrificing his life to save them all and Bats needs to save Tim. While we haven’t had a bunch of issues showing Steph and Tim spending time together, beats like this make their relationship feel real.

So will Tim actually die? Rumors have swirled for weeks now but it’s been discounted as likely being another Robin and not Tim Drake. Plus, JTIV’s fave toon is Tim. But dead or not, it looks pretty definite that Tim is going down or going to college and putting his tights aside. Will this make room for Harper to show up either on the team or maybe as a relationship interest for Steph? So many possibilities!

I for one am excited to see Tim’s resolution and how it will impact the team and Steph. I’m also itching to know about the guy in the baseball cap when Cassie rescued those bunk bed people. Who is he?!

Come on Wednesday 09/14!

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I'm shipping Abby and Gibs so much, no matter what others people thinks!!

i very very very lowkey ship gabby

but idk my love for their daughter-father relationship is stronger than my love for the ship

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Hey guys! Thanks so much for being an overall awesome blog btw!! You guys rock ✌ Also I wondered if you knew any fics similar to Charlee Bleu's 'His little girl' ?

Try this:

Daddy’s Little Girl By: LoveBugOC - K, one-shot - When his daughter’s biological father returns, wanting a place in her life, Draco Malfoy begins to question his own place in her heart. OneShot.

- Lisa