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Daughter of the Moon//Witchcraft Aesthetic

Inspired by the recent aesthetic trend, I thought making these would be helpful in trying to articulate my own witch/pagan identity.

so 12 yr old me was obsessed with the variability of robin hood's mythos (but mostly marian)

Let’s talk about the times Robin survives Marian, when she is the fair memory who haunts him all his days, the wild eyes he learns to live without, the part of his heart he teaches to heal;

And the times Marian survives Robin, when she stands at the firelight’s edge and looks over these brave men, these few and merry men, and says with the even, carrying voice that she did not learn from Robin, this is not the end of us.

There are a hundred ways to fall in love and Marian and Robin have fallen into each of them. A shepherdess and a yeoman, a feisty noble daughter and an estranged noble son—she has fallen for his wit, his bravery, his chin; he for her skill, her beauty, her kindnesses. No matter how many arrows she loses or witticisms she drops at the audience’s feet, Marian will always be a lover.

Marian the shepherdess, with her loyal sheep dog and her loyal Robin, a Marian who understands being hungry, who understands patience and how to find a lost ewe, who knows the hills of Nottingham better than the sheriff or the outlaw and delights in outwitting them both.

Marian the archer, the way she held competition between her teeth til it begged for mercy; or the single daughter of a destitute house, who took up poaching in the king’s wood and knows the meaning of silence but somehow, despite it all, falls for a brash youth with a big mouth and a bigger heart. 

A Marian who fights; or a Marian who sews and listens and whispers and smuggles out who and what Robin needs; a Marian who gets lost in the woods, who gets held up on the road or who gets suspicious in the market when rough men trade silver for bread and cloth; a Marian who is the heart of their cause and the head of their crimes.

They call her a lover so let’s call her a lover.

Let’s tell stories about the first time Marian falls asleep on hard ground beside the wheezy snores of Sherwood’s outlaws and feels safe, feels wanted, feels like she’s come home. They build something out in those woods with deer hides that are theirs only by right of aim and speed and skill, with the gold of fat rich men, and with the thanks of poor farmers whose children will eat decently five days a week instead of two.

Let’s talk about her love. Let’s talk about how she falls in love with this.

The runaway daughters, the girls hidden in boys’ clothing, in boys’ names, in boys’ bodies—Marian takes them aside when she can and whittles them bows to suit each of their strengths.

When a youth with skinned knees and tightly bound breasts weeps with rage when she can’t keep up with Robin’s combat practices, Marian tells her here’s how you fight when your center lives in your belly and not under your breastbone. Trust your legs, child. Trust your center. Yours is a different strength, not a lesser one.

Soon enough the girl is flipping boys over her hip while she stands with slightly bent knees, and Marian is making money hand over fist, betting against her opponents.

Let’s talk about how many ways there are to fall in love. Let’s talk about how the love of one man as a life’s calling is not a story I am interested in telling.

The outlaws were her children, her flock, her brothers and her right-hand men. They held each others’ secrets and each others’ lives in their callused palms and kept them safe.

Let’s talk about getting lost in the woods: Marian the shopkeeper’s daughter getting lost at fifteen, the first time she ran away from home, getting lost in the dark, the creep and tangle of it, and making it back long after moonrise by way of her aunt’s old nursery rhyme about how moss grows on the north side of trees. (At the next full moon she runs away to the woods again. She is not afraid, or, if she is, it doesn’t matter; she is in love).

Lost: Marian, dyemaker’s daughter, walking out to the woods with all the men who came before Robin, not for them but for the woods: the trees snarling overhead, the way they make her feel like life is more than this, that there is mystery, there is depth, and there is distance.

Let’s talk about how she loved Robin, yes, the quiet ways she traced his jawbone with shaking fingers, the hard way they both looked at each other across the fire and knew neither of them could long survive this. Let’s talk about how she loved. Let’s call it being lost.

Robin saw her first in a market, a smithy, a crossroads, and she was beautiful, but it wasn’t until she raised her chin that he loved her (til she smiled, til she shot, til she vanished—there are a hundred ways they fell in love). 

Let’s talk about how she fell in love with herself. 

Because she did: arrows and whispers, cold nights and good liars, Robin’s hand and the men who made Sherwood their own– she fell for it all. She fell for herself most of all. 

Maybe your name is not Marian and my name is not Marian and sometimes hers is not either.

But we are all sometimes lost in the woods. We all sometimes find ourselves there, and open our eyes, open our lungs, fall in love. 

Three Little Words

“Meet my family” Those three small words had thrown your mind into a tizzy, their implications huge, knowing how much Tommy valued his family and their privacy. You sat nervously in the back of the car, fussing with the hem of your dress, a light chiffon day dress, perfect for the informal picnic that Ada had no doubt planned for the group. Your mind continued to race, thinking back to the moment he’d said those three words, his crystalline eyes showing a speck of vulnerability, a chink in his armour, the crack in his ever composed exterior. This was it, this was his way of saying I love you without uttering those three impossibly heavy words.

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Strike A Deal | Part 15

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Pairing: VIXX Ravi x Reader

Genre: Fantasy/Mythology/Hades! AU

Summary:  When he catches you in his trap, what else can you do but make a deal with the King of the Underworld?

Warnings: It gets a little ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)    (ONLY A LITTLE, I’M TERRIBLE AT WRITING IT) so keep that in mind before reading. You have been warned… (both for the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)    and for the terribleness.)

Author’s Note: We have finally reached the end of Strike A Deal! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for loving/reading and supporting my story. I really appreciate it. I am cringing at the awfulness of this, but anyway. Okay, here we go!!!! ^o^

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The sweet taste of pomegranate lingered on your tongue. One bite was all it took and the sweetness you were savouring was nothing compared to how you felt at this moment. The very last of the bright sunset reflected in the violet hues of your engagement ring, glistening in the oncoming twilight. The breeze rustled in the surrounding trees of the meadow as crickets chirped happily in the distance. You didn’t want to leave the peace of the meadow.

You didn’t want to have to face Sanghyuk and potentially break his heart. What excuse could you possibly form to explain your sudden disappearance let alone the fact that you were married and wanted to be with a man that to your family was a perfect stranger. 

“My love, are you ready?”

You took another moment to collect your thoughts, mentally preparing yourself for the chaos that was about to ensue. You intertwined your fingers with his and nodded. In an instant you were engulfed in a deep smoke. The smoke seemed to disperse just as quickly; revealing that you were now in the centre of town and no longer in the peace of your meadow.

You begrudgingly walked back through the town. You didn’t want to face the questions and the disappointment of your family and the Han family because you left Sanghyuk in the middle of your own wedding. He didn’t deserve to be left like that, for all you knew he was very nice. But, love was love and you couldn’t help but listen to your heart for the very first time.

“Y/N!” Your head shot up at the sound of your name. Sanghyuk came running towards you with a smile on his face. Ravi’s hand clenched against your own, still not completely used to sharing your affection. Using your thumb you stroked the back of his hand reassuringly, giving his hand a gentle squeeze after. His grip eased and he pressed a kiss to your forehead in apology.

Sanghyuk panted as he stopped in front of you. ““Thank the Gods! There you are, we’ve all been looking everywhere for you.” 

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Cursed part 2

For those who asked for it. Let me know what you guys think


Had you still been a teenager you’d be scared to death by the way this castle looked like. There was a time when you’d label it as hunted and Stephanie would be the first to want to explore, but now the coldness of the dark castle didn’t bother you. All it mattered was that you were safe from the flesh eating wolves that were starving for your rear out there.

You were sure the scream from before had came from this very castle but would not bother to search it’s source. You just wanted to spend this mere night here and by dawn you be gone, on your way to your village, away from this freakshow and back to your soon to be husband.

But when you heard the same scream from before, ringing through the trembling walls like bells on Christmas morning, you knew fate had better plans for you. Knowing the screams wouldn’t let you sleep though, or maybe, the though of someone being in such pain to scream in such way made you want to give help to this being.

The castle seemed to be way to bigger than you expected, but the constant cries helped you find the exact location of the being. At the opening of the door you jaw dropped; it was a human. A bruised, beaten and bloody human that cried out bloody murder and tried to rip his flesh off the ridiculous pain he was feeling. In mere seconds his icy blue amd blood stained eyes locked with yours, spreading fear and anxiety through you.

“What are you -ahhh.. doing… here?” Jason managed to speak, but felt his pain numbing at the feeling of a new emotion. Curiosity. So it worked with everything else than pain and misery.

“I-i got attacked by wolves and I found this place, hoping I could s-stay the night” you mumbled, earning a faint laugh from him.

“Had I know the way out I would have left too” he spoke, seeming less pained, although at the sound of these words your heart and head started throbbing. How could there be no way out when you had walked through the freaking door some minutes ago.

Jason felt even more soothed from his pain as he stared at your own panicked form, feeling a slight amusement for once. He didn’t care that it seemed so egoistical or that he only knew you for some seconds, but you were going to break his spell. He’d force you if he needed to.

“My name is Jason” he said and screamed in pain once again. This was the curse not letting him feel anything else than pain.

“I’m (y-y/n)”

The moment Stephanie reached the village she knew exactly what to say, having everything practiced her whole speech in her head more than a thousand times. She was still shaking though, knowing your mother would possibly die too, knowing her daughter died in the woods before her long awaited marriage and maybe Akita and your brother would kill her for dragging you into that but she was the only one who could deliver the news.

She knocked intensely on Akita’s door and awaited for him or his mother to open. Once they did, she stepped in their little home, drenched by rain.

“(Y-y/n) is dead. Eaten by wolves I’m so-” her eyes watered instantly as she felt Akita’s hand making contact with her face. He hadn’t even greeted her knowing she was big trouble, carrying troubling news.

Stephanie had always been corrupting you in his opinion and he intended to make you cut ties with her after your marriage but these news… these news only meant that her recklessness and your naivety had caused you your life and he wants going to let this pass for the blonde.

“Why do you hit me you-”

“You shut up!” Akita yelled, his long black hair falling everywhere in his face.

A dead silence followed, Stephanie was too damned scared to speak for once in her life. The only thing that could be heard were Akita’s mother’s cries.

“Do you have any idea what her mother’s reaction will be? She’ll die Blondie! And it’ll be your fault and in your consciousness that you took two lives. ”

Stephanie’s eyes started pouring tears with even more frequency than the rain dropped outside. Only now she could really understand the impact of her recklessness. She could feel like she deserved to be thrown in the bonfire in Akita’s house.

And true to her imagination and Akita’s word your mother died the moment she realised you were never coming back. And Stephanie felt like she was cursed, pain and misery feeling her young and thunderous heart. She had the wight of taking two lives away on her shoulders and it pained her so much. So much she wanted to scream and never stop.


  A small family consisting of a  husband, wife and their daughter were driving through the woods when they spotted three mysterious peanut shaped beings gliding over the ground.

According to the family the three peanut-creatures were completely covered in white hair and possessed no visible appendages or facial features. Apparently, they resembled the Shmoo, a then-popular creature from the Lil'Abner comics.