daughter of the kraken

“And if I shout your name?” Harmund demanded. “What then?”
“Peace,” said Asha. “Land. Victory. I’ll give you Sea Dragon Point and the Stony Shore, black earth and tall trees and stones enough for every younger son to build a hall. We’ll have the northmen too … as friends, to stand with us against the Iron Throne. Your choice is simple. Crown me, for peace and victory. Or crown my nuncle, for more war and more defeat.” She sheathed her dirk again. “What will you have, ironmen?”
“VICTORY!” shouted Rodrik the Reader, his hands cupped about his mouth. “Victory, and Asha!”
“ASHA!” Lord Baelor Blacktyde echoed. “ASHA QUEEN!”
Asha’s own crew took up the cry. “ASHA! ASHA! ASHA QUEEN!”

 - George R.R. Martin, A Feast For Crows

Art: The Kingsmoot, by Marc Simonetti

daughter-of-krakens  asked:

Would a trans or otherwise nonbinary person be safe giving out their preferred name to fae? Alternatively, ironically, would a trans or nonbinary person be safe giving out their deadname? I can think of a sassy trans person going by their deadname, infuriating the fae and smiling to themselves because that name has no power over them anymore. I'm just a lil confused how exactly it'd work.

Your birth name/deadname, the one you had no power over receiving, is the one that would give someone else power over you. Your preferred name - and really any name or nickname that you choose knowingly - are yours and can’t be used to control you. So giving out your deadname would still be dangerous. But I imagine that you could promise to give the fae your true name in exchange for something, and giving your preferred name would technically satisfy the bargain without giving them power over you. I hope this helps!


“No siren did ever so charm the ear of the listener as the listening ear has charmed the soul of the siren.” -Henry Taylor