daughter of kurt

The perfect child

Author: Mare

Summary: You are Charles Xavier’s daughter and a mutant just like him. You have telekinesis and telepathy (like Jean) and you are considered to be, much to your dismay, a teacher’s pet and you get bullied for it. You always have your homework done, you have the highest grade in the class and you are always volunteering to help out a teacher or fellow student. Your father finds out and decides to do something about it.

A/N: I’ve been thinking about this fic for ages. Now that I’ve finally done it, I hope you guys enjoy it.

Pairings: Father!Xavier x Daughter!reader

Warnings: bullied!reader, angst, fluffy-ending, depressed!reader

You were sitting at a table outside with your friends Jubilee and Kurt studying for your big exam. “I’ll be right back guys, I gotta pee.” you say.

You get up and walk inside and on your way to the bathroom you walk past a group of girls whispering. You weren’t trying to hear what they were saying but you heard what they were thinking. You weren’t trying to but your mind was so focused on going to go pee you forgot to make sure you kept the thoughts of others out. So when your head was flooded with the mean things they were saying about you. ‘She thinks she’s soooo perfect ugh.’ 'Y/N is annoying.’ 'She’s always trying to show off, like we know you can do this, why does she do that?’ “It’s probably cuz she’s a sad soul with no friends. and the people she calls friends only just pity her desperate cry to have someone who cares.’

When you heard this you ran to the bathroom and just cried. You don’t know how long you were in there but by the time you walked out it was dark outside. You walk to your room feeling heavy and terrible. You go to bed without eating or talking to any one.

The next day you get up and get dressed and go down for breakfast. And guess who you walked past on your way there, that’s right the same girls from yesterday. This time the stuff they were thinking hurt worse than yesterday. 'She’s so ugly. I mean no wonder she’s forever alone.’ 'You sure that’s the only reason I mean she looks like a freaking beached whale.’

This made you angry, so instead of acting out you went to the library and tried to distract yourself. You didn’t even eat breakfast you were so hurt. You were reading (your fave book) when you hear one of your bffs say "Hey Y/N. Where’d you go yesterday? You went to the bathroom and Kurt and I didn’t see you again.”

“I’m sorry Ju. I just..” you start to say before you break down into tears. Jubilee rushes over and hugs you until you stop crying. At some point during your crying fit Kurt and Jean had come over to check on you, and shortly after Jean walked over she walked away. You didn’t know where she went, but at this point you didn’t care.

Jean went to talk to your father. After he heard what happened he was determined to do something about it, after all you were his little girl. He found those girls and punished them for bullying you. They were on cleaning duty for 3 weeks and they each had to write a 10 page essay on why bullying was wrong. That of course was after he lectured them.

After he punished them he went to find you and he comforted and listened to you until you felt better. You forgave those girls for what they said, and you treated them as if nothing happened. Eventually you all became friends, real friends.

Baby Porcupine Pt 5 (Logan X Daughter!Reader)

Characters: Logan Howlett X Daughter Reader, Kurt X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Xmen

Warnings: Mention of bullying, torture, kidnapping

Request: Could you do a part 5 to baby porcupine where she gets her first boyfriend (you can decide who it is)

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Your dad had every right to be protective of you. You had his mutation on a new level, which made you a target. You had been kidnapped, imprisoned, tortured and tormented because of it. You had gotten bullied at the very school he worked at and named a safe haven for you. He had every right to want to keep you safe from all danger, and keep a constant eye on you.

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Baby porcupine Pt 4 (Logan X Daughter!Reader)

Characters: Logan Howlett X Daughter!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Xmen

Warnings: Mental trauma, mentions of kidnapping

Request: I recently found your work and I was wondering if yoh could do a part 4 of Baby Porcupine :’) Aftet the whole thing, she’s trying to get better with the whole team helping her, mostly Logan though uwu

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“Are you sure?” Logan asked you, as you did a last check over of your outfit. The training uniform. You hadn’t worn it in nearly 6 months, when you were kidnapped.

Logan hadn’t let you train since then, hell, you didn’t want to! The thought of being in danger and getting hurt made you quiver in the corner, leaving your dad to guard you.

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! = requested

marked out  = coming soon


One Shots

Somewhere out there Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson are celebrating Father's Day probably embarrassing their daughter.

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