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betweenheroesandvillains  asked:

can I request orange for the playlist thing?

you can request anything you want darling. 

Orange -  songs you want other people to associate with you

(I don’t quite get how I would do this cause that requires a certain level of self-awareness that I don’t have so this is more a playlist of songs that I associate with myself…. take that as you will)

  • I Was Born, I Have Lived, I Will Surely Die - Young Guns
  • Things Are Right With You - Cloud Nothings
  • Water and Power - Cold War Kids
  • The Draw - Bastille
  • End Credits - EDEN
  • A Knife in the Ocean - Foals
  • King City - Swim Deep
  • Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts - Wolf Parade
  • Vincent (starry starry night) - Don McLean
  • 27 - Passenger

Bonus: Crack song that is actually more accurately related to me than any of the others: 

  • Girls/Fast Cars - The Wombats

You can listen to the playlist on Spotify Here

THE AIR OUT HERE IS POISON: a playlist about abuse, homesickness, forgiveness, and dark times.

Ghost Towns - Radical Face
Mother - Willow Youth
I’m Not A Ghost (Flatsound) - An Amiable Medley
Thirteen - The Antlers
Father, Flesh In Rags - Car Seat Headrest
January - Autoheart
陈伟联 - 我只是想要
Atlas Hands - Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Survivor’s Guild - Coma Cinema
Lemonade - CocoRosie
Child I Will Hurt You - Crystal Castles
I Haven’t Been Sleeping - Dandelion Hands
月亮代表我的心 - Teresa Teng
Bad Reception, Time To Heal - Flatsound
The Kids Aren’t Alright - Fall Out Boy
Nothing Left To Give - Hypnogaja
海鷗 - Liu Jai-Chang
Give Me Back The Sky - Teen Suicide
Laser Beams - Wintersleep
Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts - Wolf Parade
我問天 - 翁立友
Arctic - Sleeping At Last
Post-Traumatic All-Night-Long - Salvia Plath
Dramamine - Modest Mouse
Communist Daughter - Neutral Milk Hotel 
Names - Radical Face
大海 - 陈伟联
Home - Kit Chan

Listen on 8tracks here.

Playlist Q&A

As requested on twitter, I’ll do another one of these before I pass out and probably in the morning. 

Basically, you know the WicDiv playlist? It’s on spotify and I’ll put it all beneath the cut?

Go to my ask box. Name a track. I’ll say who it’s connected to or why it’s on there.

Some are clearly huge spoilers, so I won’t answer. Others I won’t answer just because I haven’t much to say. Others I won’t answer as I’m very tired.


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sons and daughters of hungry ghosts - a simon monroe playlist, because ive been destroyed by this asshole

{ L I S T E N } { A R T C R E D I T }

01. mother mother; omen / 02. pet shop boys; it’s a sin / 03. arcade fire; we exist / 04. wolf parade; dear sons and daughters of hungry ghosts / 05. garbage; not your kind of people / 06. florence + the machine; bedroom hymns / 07. garbage; happy home ; 08. alex clare; whispering