daughter of famous

alright idk about all of you but i’m ready for calypso the “ton of character development possibilities, struggling without her magic, trying to gain it back, still being bitter towards the gods, could do something extremely rash” daughter of atlas and famous nymph 

James Sirius uses the “son of the chosen one” literally every single chance he can get, especially after getting caught in the midst of an outlandish prank 

Albus Severus gets angry whenever someone tells him he is the son of the chosen one, because he hates living under that constant pressure

Lily Luna will smile and say, “I’m actually the daughter of the famous Quidditch player, Ginny Weasley”


Degrassi Social Media AU (4/?) + Emma’s Instagram


31 Days, 31 Childhood Favorites | day twenty-five
Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School

Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School follows Shaggy, Scooby, and Scrappy as they answer a job posting for a new P.E. teacher at Miss Grimwood’s Finishing School for Girls. Once they arrive, they find that it is inhabited by the daughters of famous monsters—and under threat by the evil Revolta.

This is without a doubt my absolute favorite of any Scooby-Doo special. Someone was definitely taking notes from this film when they got around to creating Monster High, because that’s how this movie functioned for me when I was a kid. Monster girls! Everything I wanted to be! In case you were wondering, Phantasma was my favorite.


Miss Hokusai is a coming-of-age story focusing on painter Ouei Katsushika, the relatively unsung daughter of the famous Hokusai. Described as having a firey temperament similar to her father’s, Ouei has not had much of a spotlight shone on her life, until now.

Looks great.

A letter written by Einstein to his daughter

In the late 1980s, Lieserl, the daughter of the famous genius, donated 1,400 letters written by Einstein to the Hebrew University, with orders not to publish their contents until two decades after his death. This is one of them, for Lieserl Einstein.

When I proposed the theory of relativity, very few understood me, and what I will reveal now to transmit to mankind will also collide with the misunderstanding and prejudice in the world.

I ask you to guard the letters as long as necessary, years, decades, until society is advanced enough to accept what I will explain below.

There is an extremely powerful force that, so far, science has not found a formal explanation to. It is a force that includes and governs all others, and is even behind any phenomenon operating in the universe and has not yet been identified by us. This universal force is LOVE.

When scientists looked for a unified theory of the universe they forgot the most powerful unseen force. Love is Light, that enlightens those who give and receive it. Love is gravity, because it makes some people feel attracted to others. Love is power, because it multiplies the best we have, and allows humanity not to be extinguished in their blind selfishness. Love unfolds and reveals. For love we live and die. Love is God and God is Love.

This force explains everything and gives meaning to life. This is the variable that we have ignored for too long, maybe because we are afraid of love because it is the only energy in the universe that man has not learned to drive at will.

To give visibility to love, I made a simple substitution in my most famous equation. If instead of E = mc2, we accept that the energy to heal the world can be obtained through love multiplied by the speed of light squared, we arrive at the conclusion that love is the most powerful force there is, because it has no limits.

After the failure of humanity in the use and control of the other forces of the universe that have turned against us, it is urgent that we nourish ourselves with another kind of energy…

If we want our species to survive, if we are to find meaning in life, if we want to save the world and every sentient being that inhabits it, love is the one and only answer.

Perhaps we are not yet ready to make a bomb of love, a device powerful enough to entirely destroy the hate, selfishness and greed that devastate the planet.

However, each individual carries within them a small but powerful generator of love whose energy is waiting to be released.

When we learn to give and receive this universal energy, dear Lieserl, we will have affirmed that love conquers all, is able to transcend everything and anything, because love is the quintessence of life.

I deeply regret not having been able to express what is in my heart, which has quietly beaten for you all my life. Maybe it’s too late to apologize, but as time is relative, I need to tell you that I love you and thanks to you I have reached the ultimate answer!

Your father,
Albert Einstein

Gordon Ramsay Hits Back At ‘Sick’ Online Trolls Targeting His Daughters

Gordon Ramsay has bared his protective side after hitting back at “sick” online trolls who commented on his Instagram pic to criticise the outfits his teenage daughters were wearing.

The famous chef shared a gorgeous family portrait from his twins, Holly and Jack’s, sweet sixteen birthday party.

The snap showed the twins alongside their sisters, 14-year-old Matilda, 17-year-old Megan, and a pal, Emma Montagu, with Gordon writing alongside the pic: “Very cool 16th birthday party @heddonstkitchen last night congratulations Jack & Holly #prouddad.”

However, the jovial mood soon turned sour when the photo was inundated with comments from users laying into the teenage girls for their outfit choices.

One wrote: “Wouldn’t let my daughter out like that. I’m 29 and I wouldn’t even go out like that. It’s called modesty.”

Originally posted by forthesnaketoeattherat

Others added: “Skirts are a bit short there, dad!

“Beautiful girls but let them be GIRLS. Those dresses are for grown a*s women

“Those girls are 16?? Jeez from the clothes I would have guessed 21.”

When asked about the negative comments, Gordon was eager to slam the haters, saying: “Like they have any right to suggest what our daughters wear….hilarious What next…. ”

Responding to another fan, he added: “Sick minded people Claire, my job is to teach my son how to respect girls.”

Which we think is a pretty brilliant response.

Fans have since flocked to the photo in question to flood it with positive comments, with many praising Gordon for being such a great dad and also slamming the haters for “sl*t-shaming” teenage girls.


Voltron Rock Band! AU

Voltron is a Rock Band managed by Allura, a famous reconverted Singer, daughter of the much famous (and regretted) leader of the Rock band : The Paladins.

Coran is their 1rst fan (and an ex guitarist of the Paladins).

If you have any ideas or request my askbox is open!


Miss Hokusai trailer, which is about the daughter of famous Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai, who you probably know from his iconic work The Great Wave off Kanagawa from Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji, as she begins to develop as an artist in her own right.

Little is known about Isabelle Romée, mother of Joan of Arc before the birth of her famous daughter. She was born in Vouthon-Bas around 1377. She later married Jacques de Arc and moved to Donrémy where she gave birth to Joan. The last name Romee suggests that she made a pilgrimage to Rome at some point. She was responsible for her children’s education, including Joan’s, and taught them their prayers and their saints. The values that Joan embodied such as piety, honesty and bravery doubtless came from her mother. 

After her daughter’s execution on the charge of heresy, Isabelle worked to overturn the charge. For thirty years, Isabelle fought to clear her daughter’s name. She petitioned the Pope to reopen the court case and gave an address to a delegation of the Holy See. Her efforts were not in vain. Thirty years after her daughter’s death, an appeals court overturned Joan conviction. Isabelle was seventy at the time and died two years later. 

Though she was not a knight, I wanted to take a moment to give a shout-out to Isabelle Romee. In popular retellings of Joan’s story, Isabelle is often left out. Wikipedia only lists two depictions of her in media. Isabelle taught Joan everything Joan knew about religion and spoke truth to power to right her daughter’s legacy. She is a key figure in the story of the Western world’s most famous Lady Knight and deserves recognition as such. 

anonymous asked:

I have a question about the main characters' titles. The tomboy countess goes by "Countess (name)", the sheltered princess goes by "Princess (name)", and the minor scholar goes by "Lady (name)". However, what are the titles for the ambitious widow, the daughter of a famous pirate, and the court lady? Thank you in advance, and you're doing a great job at creating this game!

Other than the Countess and Princess, they are all ladies, at least that’s how they would be called.

The widow is the only one who has a title (sort of) her own. She’s a Dowager Baroness. Which means she’s referred to as Lady (name).

The Jiyel Scholar and the Court Lady both have no titles of their own. They are simply the daughters of someone with a title. Therefore they are known by the courtesy title of Lady (name).

While the hise!MC can claim the same courtesy title because of her father, she’s generally getting the “lady” treatment because the other kingdoms are trying to be polite. There isn’t a nobility system on Hise. 

With very few exceptions, most of the women of the seven kingdoms will only ever get a title of their own if they marry one.

(For instance, marrying Lyon will make them a Duchess, marrying Lisle or Ana will make them a Princess/Princess Consort eventual Queen/Queen Consort, marrying Emmett will make them a Countess etc.)

This is 110% @kvmalakhvn‘s fault for sending me that femslash post.

Jacqueline Zimmermann, the daughter of famous model and actress Alicia Zimmermann, and lesser known hockey star Bob Zimmermann, is six foot tall. She’s been pressured all of her life to become a model like her mom, but she found that playing hockey with her dad helped her relieve stress and anxiety. Now she’s the captain of the Samwell Women’s Hockey team and is noted for having the best glutes on campus, rivaling even the men’s hockey captain’s. 

Erica Bittle is from small town Georgia where cheer is life. Her mother was a cheerleader back in the day and encouraged her to pursue it too, but Erica is afraid of heights and hates being tossed. Her dad encouraged her to stay in sports though so she started figure skating, which is where she met the community hockey team and the rest is history. Her teammates call her Bitty because she’s a proud member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. 

Just imagine, for a second, that Vivienne is a folk hero in Tevinter.  Just imagine that for a second.  Here’s this woman, who came from very humble roots (potentially, I mean, her family is never discussed) and rose all the way to becoming an advisor to the Orlesian empress.

In any country, that’s one of the best jobs you could ever have. You literally have the ear of the ruler.

And here’s Vivienne. She rose up from nothing, became a mage, and became the empress’ advisor on all things magical.

Now imagine an Orlesian trader scoffing about her in some Tevinter inn. And maybe, just maybe, that story spreads. A Tevinter merchant corroborates that story when they get back.  Yes, Madame de Fer started as a soporati, but now she’s a mage and she’s the advisor to the empress. (Such a shame, they say, that she lives in Orlais.)

And the alti and the magisters love the story too.  Maybe because they approve of the idea of a mage having power in the south, maybe because Madame de Fer keeps the soporati pacified - if she can get that kind of power in the South, imagine what soporati in Tevinter could do.

And her story just sort of…spreads. It gets embelleshed, maybe gets local color added, but it all agrees on the same points: Some Orlesian peasant came into her magic and rose all the way to the Imperial Court.

And that is why Vivienne de Fer is a folk hero for the soporati.

Staycation—book style! 

Summer is vacation season, but you don’t need a plane ticket and a passport to get away from it all! Check out our listicle of “Staycation” books set in exotic locations around the world for a last minute trip before fall hits. These reads will transport you from your couch to the glitz and glamour of Beverly Hills to mysterious cobblestone streets of Prague… minus the jet lag 😎 ✈️  

1. Rules of Summer—Joanna Philbin 

Get an inside look at the country club scene in this delicious read about navigating new friendships and summer romance in the Hamptons. Rory may be the summer errand girl for the Rules but that doesn’t mean that a certain cute member of the family isn’t interested…

2. Gossip GirlCecily von Ziegesar 

When the beautiful Serena van der Woodsen returns to New York City the whole school is talking. All Blair Waldorf knows is that there’s no freaking way Serena’s going to just waltz back into high society and steal everyone’s heart again. Get ready for some serious drama!

3. The A-List—Zoey Dean 

When Anna Percy moves to Beverly Hills to live with her estranged dad for the rest of the school year, she has no idea she’ll be diving into a life of glamorous parties and wild rumors set against a backdrop of young Hollywood.

4. Famous in Love—Rebecca Serle 

When Paige Townsen gets plucked from obscurity to star in the movie adaptation of a blockbuster book series, her life changes practically overnight. Within a month, Paige has traded the quiet streets of her hometown for a bustling movie set in Maui, and she’s caught in a very juicy love triangle.

5.  Love, LucyApril Lindner 

While backpacking through Italy, Lucy Sommersworth finds herself falling in love with the culture, the architecture, the food…and Jesse Palladino, a handsome street musician. After a whirlwind romance, Lucy returns home, determined to move on from her “vacation flirtation.” But just because summer is over doesn’t mean Lucy and Jesse have to be, does it?

6. WildlifeFiona Wood 

During a semester in the wilderness, sixteen year old Sib expects the tough outdoor education program and the horrors of dorm life, but friendship drama and love that gets complicated? That will take some navigating.

7. Daughter of Smoke and BoneLaini Taylor

How about a little atmospheric fantasy to change things up? Around the world, black handprints are appearing on doorways, scorched there by winged strangers who have crept through a slit in the sky.  And in the tangled lanes of Prague, a young art student is about to be caught up in a brutal otherwordly war.