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SO, I’m back to using ArtRage bc THAT’S MY BABE. And I drew a couple of Isabelles!!! <3 Hope you enjoy these small sketches! 

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What I want to see in season 5 of b99
  • How Jake and Amy met
  • How Jake and Rosa met
  • How Jake and Gina met
  • How Jake and Charles became best friends
  • Holt and Terry working together in the 8-1
  • How Holt and Kevin met
  • Arlo
  • Why Hitchcock and Scully divorced their wives
  • Updates on Terry’s daughter, Ava
  • Doug Judy
  • How the squad became the squad we now know
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Evelyn drinking alcohol for the first time :D

Evelyn: CASH ME OUTSIDE, HOWBOW DAH!! HAHA! Ha!  Ha-Gosh, ya’ll are tiny down’ere!

Judy: She’s YOUR daughter tonight.

Nick: Why mine?!

Judy: Because I need to catch and charge whoever gave our minor daughter alcohol before you maim them.

Nick: …. Fair enough.

Old Hollywood Trivia

Myrna Loy : One of a handful of great movie stars never nominated for an acting Oscar, she received an honorary Academy Award in 1991.

- Her profile was the most requested in the 1930s by women to their plastic surgeons.

Clark Gable : Proposed his headstone should read: “Back to silents.” It was not used by his widow though.

- In order to hide that she and Gable had an illegitimate child, fearing that it would ruin both of their careers, Loretta Young secretly gave birth to her daughter Judy Lewis pretending she was vacationing in Europe. When she returned to Hollywood, she claimed that Judy was adopted. Gable met Judy only once when she was a teenager

Katharine Hepburn : According to Anthony Harvey - the director of The Lion in Winter (1968) - she kept the Oscar she received for the film in a paper bag and in a cupboard for years after he’d delivered it to her.

- Graduated from Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania in 1928, with a degree in history and philosophy.

Lauren Bacall : Her appearance on a cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine at 18 years of age led to her first film role; she was spotted by the wife of director Howard Hawks,who gave her a screen test and cast her in To Have and Have Not (1944)

- According to her autobiography, “By Myself and Then Some”, she was always very self-conscious about the size of her feet,which she describes as big even for a woman of her exceptional height.

Rita Hayworth : By 1940, there were 3,800 stories and 12,000 pictures of Rita Hayworth in circulation.

- In 1989, Barbara Leaming published an autobiographical book entitled ‘If This Was Happiness: A Biography of Rita Hayworth’. In the book, Leaming alleged that Hayworth was a victim of sexual abuse by her own father.
Leaming asserts that Hayworth confided that secret to Orson Welles.

Vivien Leigh : She took her then husband’s first name (Leigh) as her last name when she began acting professionally.

- A lover of cats, especially Siamese.

Debbie Reynolds : Considered herself a “movie-oholic” and has an extensive collection of memorabilia, with over 4,000 costumes from the silent screen period to the 1970s. She had been known to gather posters from her collection of 3,000 and drive to homes of actor pals for autographs

- At one particularly low point in her career, she confessed to literally living in her car, a Cadillac.

Elizabeth Taylor : Elizabeth was born with distichiasis,a condition that gave her a double set of eyelashes.

- Her eyes are the most searched on google, with 325,000 searches every year.

Hedy Lamarr : She was billed as an unknown but well-publicized Austrian actress, which created anticipation in audiences. Mayer hoped she would become another Greta Garbo or Marlene Dietrich. According to one viewer,
when her face first appeared on the screen, “everyone gasped…Lamarr’s beauty literally took one’s breath away.”

- Although she earned a great deal of money during her career, she lost her fortune with her production company. She died impoverished in Florida in 2000.

Claudette Colbert : Is one of 14 Best Actress Oscar winners to have not accepted their Academy Award in person.

- Most shots of her in her films were of her left profile. She considered her left side to be her best and only rarely allowed full face or right profile shots; an injury to her nose had created a bump on the right. Once an entire set had to be rebuilt so she would not have to show her right side, resulting in some cameramen calling the right side of her face “the dark side of the moon”.


On 22 October, 1966, Robert Sims, his wife, Helen, and their 12-year-old daughter, Joy, were at home listening to a college football game between Florida State University and Mississippi State. The couple had two older teenage daughters, Jeanie and Judy, who were both out babysitting.

Jeanie arrived home that night at around 23:00 and was horrified to discover that her parents and younger sister, Joy, had been brutally murdered. All three had been bound and their mouths stuffed with stockings. Robert and Helen had been blindfolded and shot dead while Joy was raped and stabbed six times before being shot in the head. Helen was miraculously still clinging to life but fell into a coma before she could give any information as to who could have done such a thing to a family who had seemingly no enemies.

Among a few suspects were a teenage couple who had stood out to authorities but they were never named due to never being made official suspects but authorities recall them acting quite odd and being strangely obsessed with the investigation. The case still remains unsolved today.

Zootopia / Robin Hood Fanfiction TAKE A STAND epilogue

(AN/ Here we go…the end. Take a Stand had been my most successful fic and that is only possible because of you amazing folks who actually read it reviwed, liked, faved, followed and reblogged this dumb fic, I want to high five all of you for being so awesome. Now I have to thank a few folks who helped illustrate this fic; @ziegelzeig dude you know how much I love your work and your friendship you’re an amazing artist and writer, I love you dude. @fuzzywuzzylittletail you came up with some crackin’ artwork for this fic thank you, shadowed-visitor thank you too for your song/art pieces, @reddoshirousagi06 thank you for your brilliant sketches, @trashasaurusrex @ky-jane @blueberrycarrots @idealbean and everyone else who contributed. Thank you all for reading…so without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter.)

Here’s the fanfiction,net link… https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12105029/31/Take-A-Stand

Epilogue - One Year Later

The smell of engine oil and old wood brought back a host of memories for Judy as she clambered up the ladder to the upper level of one of the many barns at Hopps farm, she used to play cops and robbers with her siblings all the time as a kit but right now the twenty six year old bunny needed a moment to relax in the barn. It had been a very hectic day, as soon as she stepped off the train at Bunnyburrow station it had been a non stop series of hugs, catching up with relatives and being overstuffed with the mountains of food that had been prepared for the massive party had arrived from Zootopia including; herself, Nick, Luna, Marian, Robin, Little John, Jack and Skye.

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Young Lorna Luft, interrupts her mother Judy Garland while she was recording for a program called “Nightline” in 1957. AKA: The cutest thing you’ll hear all day. 

Rest in Heavenly Peace, darling ♡

June 10th, 1922 ~ June 22nd, 1969

“I think she was just tired, like a flower that gives joy and beauty to the world, and then wilts away. I just want to send her off as she would have wanted to go - bright and lovely. My mother had that wild impatient streak to live. I wish you’d mention the joy she had for life. That’s what she gave me. It was her love of life that carried her through everything. The middle of the road was never for her. It bored her. She wanted the pinnacle of excitement. If she was happy, she wasn’t just happy; she was ecstatic. And when she was sad, she was sadder than anybody. She lived eighty lives in one. And yet I thought she would outlive us all. She was a great star and a great talent and for the rest of my life I will be proud to be Judy Garland’s daughter. She always told me I was living proof that she was a good woman and I intend to live up to that. We loved our mother very much, and it was a love we shared with millions of people. The only thing that comforts us now is the thought that nothing can destroy that love, or the legend she created. To us, that was, and always will be, a beautiful thing.”  -Liza Minnelli