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for ur rfa child au, would rika have a kid in it too?


i’m planning on redoing some plot elements and characters

yoosung’s, jaehee’s, and seven’s kids will be completely redone. jumin will have another son, and minhyuk will be redesigned. seojun is no more and zen only has jangmi

this is Hae! she’s rika and mc’s (mc 1 to be exact) daughter. 

she is very cheery and bubbly, almost always smiling. she wears her heart on her sleeve and isn’t afraid to express how she feels

she is part of the “gang,” Magenta, which includes Sangkyu (saeran’s son), and Jiyeon (yoosung’s daughter). they mostly just hang out, and steal from rich people to give to poor people

she is the sunshine of the group, always cheering everyone up during stressful situations, or when they’re just hanging out. she is very close with sangkyu and she’s the one person he can open up to. she loves jiyeon like a little sister, despite jiyeon being older

feel free to send her asks!!

Kindergarten Days (Yoon Jisung)

『Author’s note: Awe can you imagine Jisung as a dad? That’s so cute!

Request: “Hiii I saw you don’t have anything for Jisung from Wanna One so can I request a scenario when it’s his daughter’s first day of kindergarten and you’re the teacher and he starts to like you because he’s a single parent”

Group: Wanna One

Member: Jisung

Type: Fluff❥』

Jisung woke up and noticed the day was bright and sunny. It was his daughter’s first day of kindergarten and he wanted to make sure it was a good day. Truthfully he was scared, his daughter was going to her very first day of school! Jisung tried to mentally prepare himself for this day but it was no use.

He sighed as he got out of bed to get ready for the day. Then he went to go wake up his daughter. “Jiyeon, it’s time to wake up” he gently shook her. She opened her eyes “oh, hi daddy!” The five year old excitedly. “Guess what day it is?” Jisung gave her a smile “Is it my first day of school?” “You’re so smart!” His daughter gave him a grin showing she was missing two of her front teeth.

The little girl got out of her small bed. “What should you wear today?” Jisung murmured more to himself than his daughter. “Can I wear my pretty pink shirt?” Jiyeon asked excitedly “Anything you want, Princess” Jisung patted his daughter’s head before picking out a pair of jeans and shoes that would match. After Jisung helped her get dress he sat on the floor with hair ties, different types of hair clips, bows, and a brush.

“What should we do?” Jisung murmured again. “I want a bow!” His daughter said pointing to a pink bow that would go with her shirt. “Okay, let me brush out your hair” Over the years Jisung finally learned how to do his daughter’s hair without it looking like she had just gotten out of bed.

When he was done, they both walked into the kitchen to eat cereal together. Jisung sighed he was going to miss them being together all day, his job allowed him to work from home whether it was filing papers or simply typing whatever he needed to. “Daddy, is it time to go yet?” Jiyeon was practically jumping in her seat.

He checked the time to see it was seven fifteen, school didn’t start to seven thirty five. “I guess going early won’t hurt, go get your book bag.” The little girl quickly abandoned her seat from the table and went to go put on her book bag, which just had a folder, three pencils, and a notebook since Jisung wasn’t sure what to buy.

Jisung let out a laugh as he saw his daughter tangled up trying to put on the straps. After helping her they made their way out to car and Jisung buckled her up into her car seat.

The car ride there was full of laughs and singing. As they got to the school Jisung had a sad feeling again. There was only five minutes before school started. His heart felt heavy, Jiyeon on the other hand was as happy as she can be. “Where’s my class?” Jiyeon was holding onto her father’s hand. “I’m not sure” Jisung said trying to remember what the paper said

“Do you need help?” You asked Jisung who was right in front of your classroom with a confused face. “I can’t remember her classroom number” he admitted sheepishly. “That’s no problem at all, what’s her name?” You asked giggling at him. “Yoon Jiyeon”

You looked through your list, she was the last one to check in. “Oh, found her, she’s in my class” you said happily Jisung look relieved, you seemed like a nice teacher, he also blushed at the thought of how pretty he thought you were.

He broke his train of thought when you bent down in front of Jiyeon. “Hello, Jiyeon. I’m Miss. (Y/L/N), I’ll be your teacher! There are other kids in the classroom if you want to go play while I talk to your dad.” Jiyeon’s face lit up when you mentioned other kids.

She gave her father a hug but Jisung wouldn’t let go. “Daddy, you’re going to make me late!” The little girl whined. Before he knew it Jisung started crying. “It’s going to be okay Daddy. I’ll see you after school, okay?” His daughter comforted him. “Okay. I’m sorry” Jisung wiped his tears. “I’ll be right here waiting for you when you get out. I love you!” “I love you too!” Jiyeon called out to him before rushing into the classroom excitedly.

You handed Jisung a tissue. “Most of time it’s the kids who cry” you joked. “She’s just growing up so fast” “Understandable” you giggled at him again. He lightened up after hearing your giggle.

“Pick up time is at twelve thirty and you just have to wait out here. I’ll send home a paper that explains everything we’ll be doing this year including field trips and award ceremonies and things like that” you explained.

“O-okay. Can you make sure she stays safe today and she behaves. Which I’m sure she will, Jiyeon is a very nice girl and she catches on very fas-” Jisung kept on talking but you interrupted him.

“Mr. Yoon? Is it?” You asked. “You can call me Jisung” “Jisung. I can assure you everything will go great today. If you excuse me I have to get back in there with the kids.” You bowed to Jisung and Jisung slowly made his way slowly to this car.

As you got all the children settled down you kept an eye on Jiyeon all day. She was a kind little girl, she was friendly, she liked to answer questions, and she helped a lot during clean up time. You knew she was going to be a good student. After getting to know the kids and painting for the first day, the bell to go home rang rather quick.

Jiyeon was trying to put on her backpack but was having a bit of a struggle. You let out a smile as you went over to her, “do you need help?” “Yes, please” the little girl answered. You quickly untangled her then went to the door. “Please stay by me and let me know when you see your parent or whoever is responsible for you.” You told the kids who were lined up at the door.

Of course Jisung was the first person you saw but his daughter was at the back of the line. The children said bye to you as they left one by one. Jisung ran to Jiyeon and picked her up, “I missed you, Princess!” “I had a lot of fun today, look I made a painting for you.” Jisung put down his daughter and took it from her hands. He couldn’t really make out what it was but that didn’t matter, “I love it” he smiled. You were closing the door when Jiyeon ran up to give you a hug.

“Thank you for today Miss. (Y/L/N)! It was so much fun. I can’t wait for tomorrow.!” You hugged her back. “Thank you for enjoying today, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow either” you smiled. Jisung came up to you. “Was she good today?” “Of course she was, she even got a sticker for best helper!” You said pointing to Jiyeon who was showing it to her father with a proud smile.

“You were right when you said she catches on fast. I know she’s going to be a pleasure to have in class” you said goodbye to both of them then went to go clean up the classroom.

You looked at her ‘Get To Know Me’ page and saw the basics. Then when it came to family all she had written down was “Me and Daddy”. It was no wonder Jisung was so worried about today. They were all they had for each other. You weren’t sure why but that hurt your heart for some reason

Jisung gladly listened to his daughter talk about her day then asked her questions. When they got home he hung up her picture on the refrigerator. He thought back to how kind you were and how you didn’t judge him when he got a little worried. Jisung knew that he was going to be happy whenever he saw you and he could say the same for his daughter

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high society ep 7 || changsoo x jiyi

“You’re the first girl I’ve dated that I’ve said sorry to.”

“If everything’s a first, then I’ll think of it as a good thing.”

“I like it because you are so positive.”

“Since you’re smiling, I’ll think of it as a good thing…”