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Horror Anime

In light of it being October, and Halloween time, I figured it’d be cool to make a list of horror (gruesome/scary) anime that you should watch/rewatch during October…


Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Deadman Wonderland

Elfen Lied


Gyo (this is more of a parody movie, but it’s still hella gross)

Hell Girl

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni

Ichi The Killer: Episode 0


Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne

Perfect Blue

Shiki (my personal favorite)


Tokyo Ghoul

Umineko no Naku Koro Ni


Hiiii it’s been a while *wavess *

Gonna do this this full on some day and the other ghouls as well.(and save up or contacts) 

Sibella from scobby doo and the ghoul school(just a test) Scoobydo was always my jam that is one show i loveddddddd.I dont fancy the newer ones too much but they have their moments.

I’d love to make time to redo this and work on the other girls Who should I work on next?

A Century of Glamour Ghouls: 1930s

The Countess Marya Zaleska in Dracula’s Daughter (1936)

The Movie

Dracula’s Daughter (1936) gives you that weird feeling, apparently. Use of the term horror to describe these weird films had finally caught on by 1936, just in time for Universal to have producer turnover and stop making them. So Dracula’s Daughter would be Universal’s last (for a few years anyway) and a fitting intermezzo for the genre in America.

Directly connected to the Universal horror films of its own decade, Dracula’s Daughter also operates as a spiritual predecessor of Val Lewton’s horror films in the 1940s. Dracula’s Daughter is atmospheric and wistful, driven more by character psychology and internal conflict than Universal’s previous monster movies.

Dracula’s Daughter picks up directly after Dracula (1931). Police officers have arrived to cart Von Helsing away for murder (the sudden name change has never been explained). Quick to the scene is the Countess Marya Zaleska (Gloria Holden), who uses her vampiric wiles to retrieve her father’s body. Zaleska intends to destroy her father once and for all in an effort free herself from vampirism. This doesn’t quite do the trick and Zaleska is left hopeless and depressed until she meets a psychologist, Dr. Garth, who believes he can cure any obsessive behavioral trait. When this also doesn’t work as quickly or easily as she expects, Zaleska plans her revenge.

From the very start Zaleska is a character at odds with herself. She’s not alive and not dead. She’s an ancient monster who carouses in polite high society. She’s an (awfully British) Eastern European immigrant trying to operate within English culture. Her thinly veiled queerness adds another layer to these conflicts of identity and informs the film’s narrative closely. The primary tension of the film comes from her interlacing identity crises and the self-loathing that follows. The film is driven by the suspense of when or if she will snap under the weight of it all.

If the last film I covered was written about too much, Dracula’s Daughter hasn’t been written about enough. The primary focus of most writing is on the film’s lesbian subtext, but honestly more bi people need to write about it. I’ll give it a whack at a later date.

The Look

The Countess Marya Zaleska isn’t just a vampire, she’s a Dracula and her costuming shows it. She’s primarily costumed in gowns (what would a daytime wardrobe even mean for a vampire?); regal with an artistic bent and painfully fashionable throughout the film.

The Clothes

I decided for the daytime look to put together a more casual version of one of her gowns, but sticking to a 1930s silhouette.

For the hair, I wound a few dark colored ribbons together to wear as a headband because my hair is on the shorter side. If you have longer hair, this simple milk-maid braid tutorial by Rachel Maksy would be perfect.

For the full costume I honestly donned a dark bedsheet as a cape. If you have a long black cape at your disposal, you’re more goth than I. Congratulations. I also took a large glass bead from the dollar store, glued some tin foil to the backside of it and then glued the whole thing to a plain ring to create something like the ring Zaleska uses in her hypnotism.

The Makeup

First I had to tackle brows. While I already have the ends of my eyebrows shaved off, the heads are thicker than Holden’s. Very thin brows were en vogue in the 1930s. So, to demonstrate two methods for you, I used a glue stick for one eyebrow and just a cream concealer for the other. In the photo below, the glue has dried and I laid down my base, using a foundation with a semi-matte finish.

Contour time. Gloria Holden has very strong features that I wanted to emphasize, but this is still a daytime look, so I used a light hand and a warm gray powder. (1.) This is where I put the lines of my contour to make the shape of my nose more sloping at the upper bridge and a little sharper at the tip. I also brought my cheekbone contour quite far forward and rounded it out. (2.) To illustrate the shapes I’m going for a bit better, I mapped out the highlight and contour with a little dodge & burn. (3.) And here it is blended. It’s subtle, but with contour it’s better to go subtle and add than to try and neutralize too much shadow. (Sorry for the lighting change, I was doing this in the middle of a storm.)

Using a taupe gray shadow, (1.) I focused in on the crease and blended both upward and outward. With what was left on the brush for each eye, I ran the shadow all along my lower lashline. Because the eyebrow and eyeshadow shape compliment each other in this look, (2.) I drew out the long, rounded eyebrow shape next with a little flip up at the ends. For daytime eyeliner, (3.) I started with a kitten flick (a small upward angled triangle) then drew it out across my upper lashline using a dark brown shadow. (If your skin is considerably deeper than mine, black is better.) (4.) I then applied a few coats of black mascara, touched up the brows and eyeshadow to make sure they were still deep enough and added some highlight to the browbone.

Last, but not least, are lips. Holden’s upper lip is fuller and extends further at the corners than her bottom lip, so (1.) I used concealer to make my lower lip smaller. I blended the concealer down to make my chin look more prominent as well. (2.) I then drew out the shape of the lips with liner. I rounded out the shape of my upper lip and sharpened the cupid’s bow. (3.) I chose a medium-dark pink to fill in the lips, but you could use any color for this look since the eyes are so neutral. Be sure not to smoosh your lips together to spread the color with this look, you’ll ruin the line you created.

For the full costume look, I went back over my brows with black eyeshadow. For the eyes, I deepened the eyeshadow a bit with a deep purple (not historically accurate but hey). I extended and thickened the liner across my entire lashline in black and added a trimmed set of lashes. (This was the most useful false lash tutorial for me.) I deepened the contour a bit as well and changed the lip color to red.

And that’s the look! I think The Countess is a great costume choice and I hope this help guides your look this Halloween. The 1940s are just around the corner!

The 1910s | The 1920s

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Oh Ishida is extremely ghoul biased so don't worry!

I’m not sure if this was meant to be encouraging about Yomo’s chances of surviving or if that’s bitterness I’m sensing but either way, that’s blatantly made up? :’D

Here’s a list of character deaths in the series from the wiki. In bold are ghouls:

60 ghouls to 60 humans if I counted right. Neck and neck. And that doesn’t count the unnamed characters we’ve seen on screen- hoards of fodder CCG Investigators, the unnamed Tsukiyama family staff, every ghoul in the ghoul restaurant, the entire Black Dober gang, the entire Devil Ape gang, half of Aogiri, every ghoul Kaneki cannibalised, the 98% of ghouls Furuta exterminated in a single ward, etc. etc. I dunno man, if I would have to pick I would say the ghouls are winning the race for deaths overall and even moreso, the major character deaths. But I might just be ghoul biased.

My Top 10 Favorite Women Characters

I was tagged by @darkcyradis  It was so cool to see how many cool female character are; I’ve so much fun. Thank you!! ◝(⁰▿⁰)◜

10. Eliza Sommers   from  Daughter of Fortune
She dare to leave a comfortable life where Eliza have everything, she follow the love of her life, starts a long journey away from home to another country, a totally unknown city and find something way better.

9. Kagura  from  Gintama
Kagura patting his beloved pet Sadaharu; but don’t get fooled by this two, she’s not feminine more like a tomboy, bad manners, say pervert stuff, very strong in more that one way.

8. Touka Kirishima   from  Tokyo Ghoul
Even tho Touka have been tho many things she’s a lovely person who supports, help and keep going forward even if it’s difficult.

7. Yuzuki Seo  from   Gekkan Shōjo Nozaki-kun
Seo try to helps others but no in the conventional way, say what she think, cannot read the atmosphere or context, kinda rude but funny, she makes me laugh so much.

6. Shirayuk  from  Akagami no Shirayukihime
Doesn’t want to be a prince concubine, run away to another kingdom and Shirayuk is determinate to become a pharmacist even tho she start a friendship with royalty doesn’t take advantage of, work very hard and is very talented. Shirayuk is kind, always is helping in whatever she can and speak her mind.  

5. Arrietty  from  The Secret World of Arrietty
Arrietty love adventure, don’t chicken out, loves her family and she’s so strong, keep going and make the most beautiful friendship ever.

4. Nanaba  from  Shingeki no Kyojin
I love this woman, she’s so cool, strong, determinate and don’t debut to protect others event if they may not be worth it; of course she have personal dreams and beloved ones but her human side is more bigger.

3. Haruhi Fujioka  from  Ouran High School Host Club
Haruhi don’t give a crap about what others think, determinate to reach her goal; in the process have new friends and help them to be a better human. Even tho have a sad part in her life she keep going and learn how to enjoy life.

2. Sheryl Nome  from  Macross Frontier
Even tho Sherly is not the main heroin she doesn’t give a second tho to fight for what she want, she’s sweet and cool, even tho she’s orphan keep going and don’t let the sad part of her past took over her present.

1. Candice “Candy” White Audrey  from  Candy Candy
OMG! Tragedy after tragedy, orphan, best friend cut the friendship, fall in love, so many deaths, fall in love again, can’t be together, going from one place to other, from one city to another continent. Don’t blame her for crying so much it’s really sad, even tho Candy is the main character Candy lose everything all the time!! Don’t hide resentment, is positive and keep going, Candy have a super strong will, meet her goals and always is helping others event tho some of then don’t deserved it. Candy always give love.

Every female character that I like they have in common a strong will, do your best! Don’t give a crap about what other think. If you want something Go for it! When the shit hit the fan well… Just keep going and enjoy your journey!!

P.S. Also I like so much from:
SNK - Riko, Historia, Ymir.
Ghibli movies - Shopie and Chiro
Cowboy Bebop - Faye Valentine
Noragami - Bishamonten  and Hiyori
and probably I forget to mention many others.  ( ゚ヮ゚)

I‘m tagging @nangnuk @pinkjasmink @shtarka @survey-corps-rookie @blueweil @k0zuha @rsn258 @zedsdead1001 @winglysimmer @gallifreyanphd @acrknowyou @eruri3xpress @ongzori
and anyone else who want to do it are welcome… Have fun!!

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What are your theories on Hide's identity? :D

I think Hide’s got a thicc, juicy–

Anon, you almost got something you did not even ask for because of my inability to read things properly. I have so many theories on his identity tbh! But, for your sake, I’ll keep it strictly to things that could become canon.

1) Hide the V Agent/from the Sunlit Garden

This one’s my favorite. Especially since I saw this picture

(Can you tell I love this art?)

Hide has always been hinted to have something more going on with him than what meets the eye. The first instance of this was shown when he took that kick from Nishiki and lived.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 7

For reference, this is what his kick can do.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 4

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 8

For Hide to have survived that without needing more medical care than what was available at Anteiku was the reason I suspected that Hide was more than human. It was also the moment I suspected that he’d been involved with Yoshimura in some way, as Yoshimura didn’t consider taking Hide to a hospital at all, from what we’ve seen. It was as if he knew Hide was going to recover fine.

Another thing that made me suspicious of Hide’s background were Kaneki’s and Nishiki’s thoughts about him.

On Kaneki’s part, he thought Hide was scary when they first met.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 8

This point is reiterated as we are further introduced to Hide’s incredible ability to analyze the Ryouko’s murder at the hands of Mado and deduce that Rabbit (aka Touka) was acting out of vengeance for Ryouko and Hinami when she murdered the investigator.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 30

On Nishiki’s part, he’s sensible enough to recognize that Hide is dangerous to be acquainted with.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 8

Hide finding out enough about Aogiri’s stronghold to be able to inform the CCG of its whereabouts and know that Kaneki was being held captive there was what really tipped me off, though. Why would a mere human civilian know so much? Even Marude was suspicious of how he knew so much. Even if Hide did only catch the name “Aogiri Tree” eavesdropping on an investigator at the CCG cafeteria, how did he know who to track and how to find the stronghold? 

That’s a feat for a college student and part-timer to accomplish. Even more so, the majority of the Aogiri Tree Ghouls relocated and raided Cochlea while the CCG investigators were concentrated on their base. Very convenient timing, on Hide’s part, and mutually beneficial for him and Eto. Kaneki was able to escape in part due to his intervention, and Eto broke out the Ghouls she wanted from Cochlea.

Not to mention Marude’s and Akira’s suspicions concerning Hide, who by all means is just a part-timer.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 84

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 90

They both are questioning his motives. They both know there’s something else going on. And Akira’s reaction to his plain statement struck me as very hostile, and it reminded me tremendously of her father. The way he let his intuition guide him, and how his intuition never failed him. 

Mado was an amazing investigator with an uncanny knack for uncovering dangerous Ghouls and people, and his daughter surely inherited that ability. And it led her to suspecting something off with Hide.

That being said, Hide’s own words have often led me to think there’s more than what meets the eye.

“My interest would be piqued even if I hated it.”

That sounded as though Hide didn’t want to be involved in any of what’s happening around him. That would tie back into the carving of V on his forearm in the first picture. He doesn’t want to be involved, but he doesn’t have a choice.

Then there’s this scene.

It seemed so out of place to have him there that it surprised me at the end, but I get the sense he was commenting on something more than coffee. His expression, his body language, it struck me as someone who felt very sad. Like he was slowly losing control of his life alongside Kaneki.

That’s what made that meeting in the sewers so poignant for me. It was like he was just so fed up of all the secrets, both his own and Kaneki’s, and just wanted to go back to how things were before Rize.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 136

Then there’s Kishou Arima. Arima had no reason to be involved with Kaneki, much less recognize him. They’d never met. He hadn’t even recognized Yomo when they fought back when the raw wounds of his sister’s death painfully plagued him, but rather recognized his kagune, and calmly determined how to deal with him in order to kill him.

So why then didn’t he kill Kaneki just as he’d killed so many Ghouls before, like every other Ghoul who’d been unfortunate enough to encounter him in V14 and were rendered unable to escape?

Because there was someone with whom he possibly had a relationship significant enough that they could convince him to spare Kaneki’s life. Someone with enough personal information on Kaneki that would allow Arima to be able to recognize him. And the only person I could think of is Hide.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 136

Hide said that as though he was preparing Kaneki for what was to come. Because he knew who was waiting for Kaneki to either help him or end him.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 139

It’s like he had a lightbulb moment. Oh, it’s you. You’re the one I’m supposed to meet. If this is the case, then Arima cared enough about Hide’s input to at least consider it, and - ultimately - spare Kaneki’s life, even if it meant reforming him into Haise. And for him to care about Hide’s input means that their might be a hidden relationship between Arima and Hide yet to be revealed. And that relationship may just correlate to the two of them being half-human V agents from the Sunlit Garden.

I do highly suspect that these two are involved with each other in some way, even outside the narrative, there is one thing that particularly holds my attention. The fact that Hide’s birthday is exactly half of both Kaneki’s and Arima’s. The birthdays show the significant bond between Kaneki and Arima, most likely, it’s no coincidence that it could relate to Hide as well.

2) Hide the human who got caught up in a whirlwind of Ghoul crap and became the Witch’s servant

I do strongly hc that Hide could just be human. Simply because of how he’s always been depicted as Kaneki’s link to his human side. Hide was his place to belong to, the person that made him feel safest in all of his despair.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 6

Hide was just a regular guy who cared immensely for his best friend, and that he was so highly intelligent that he was able to deduce Aogiri’s whereabouts and their abduction of Kaneki.

In which, during this time, he became associated with Eto, and struck a deal concerning Kaneki and his status as a One-Eyed Ghoul. Getting her interested enough in Kaneki to at least give him a 50/50 chance of surviving in the Anteiku Raid and when battling against Arima. That he could play the part of the OEK she and Arima were seeking.

And since Kaneki is currently fulfilling that role, who better than Hide to be the witch’s servant?

If he was purely human, the scene in the sewers would remain as poignant as before. He loves Kaneki, his best friend, no matter what, and will accept him regardless of what he is. The same way Ukina accepted Kuzen, and the way Kimi accepted Nishiki. And would show that the human-Ghoul dynamic can transcend the prey-predator relationship and show that there can be an understanding between the two species. That they’re not very different from each other.

(Can you tell I love this scene?)

OH! What a lot I’ve written! Well, I think that’s enough for my main theories. Hope that answered your question, anon! And sorry for the long wait! I’ve been wanting to write about this for some time, and I’m really glad I got the chance to do so! So, hope you enjoy!

Touka, Strategies, and Quick Thinking

I like how we get to see Touka’s quick thinking in forming a strategy in this panel:

It reminds me a bit of the time when Touka and Kaneki dressed up as Yamaguchi and Kanemoto and went to the CCG headquarters to provide false information on Hinami’s whereabouts.

It’s here that Touka tells the CCG information head Ruisawa about the river near Kasahara Elementary.

Initially, it may seem like Touka picked that area simply due to its location being  on the border of the 20th ward which could carry the possible implication that  the daughter ghoul, Hinami, may have left for another ward. However, that’s not the only reason why she chose that spot.

In chapter 17, a few chapters prior to Kaneki and Touka’s visit to the CCG, Touka’s arm gets sliced by a rinkaku kagune derived from Hinami’s father during her first clash with Mado Kureo.

Though it doesn’t last very long, and Touka escapes quickly after getting injured, she uses the knowledge she gained from said fight, to devise a plan to lure him to a place where he wouldn’t be able to use his quinque efficiently so she can take revenge for Hinami’s sake and protect her from one of the only doves aware of her identity at the same time.

It doesn’t turn out exactly the way she had predicted (Kureo holding the unexpected advantage towards the latter half of the fight with the quinque derived from Hinami’s mother) but it’s here we begin to see hints of how her knowledge about the various areas in the ward and their potential for defense and offense come into play.

Keep reading