daughter get lucky

  • *late evening, 221B*
  • Baby Holmes: *sniffing, rubbing her eyes*
  • Sherlock: *carrying her to the kitchen; softly* It's okay, Dad's here...
  • Baby Holmes: *upset* I don't w-want any friends. They all m-make fun of you and f-fink you're a weirdo.
  • Sherlock: Well, would a weirdo have lots of cake for his special girl? *opens the fridge; brings out cake*
  • Baby Holmes: *gasps* But Mummy's not here!
  • Sherlock: *thoughtful* You're right... *smirks* you thinking what I'm thinking?
  • Baby Holmes: *nodding, excited* Uh-huh!
  • Molly: *leaves the morgue, rubbing her shoulders*
  • Molly: *enters her office*
  • Sherlock & Baby Holmes: *sharing a bowl of chocolate cake*
  • Molly: *smiles* Hi. What are you two doing here?
  • Baby Holmes: *grins, chocolate all over her face* Mummy! We brought you some cake!
  • Molly: *joins them, sitting in Sherlock's lap* I thought you were with your friends.
  • Baby Holmes: *slurping cake* I am.


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Random Access Memories

Daft Punk have promised that they’ll be releasing their own remixes of the songs on their latest album, Random Access Memories.
But Darkside a.k.a. Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington– have beaten them to the punch, remixing RAM in its entirety, and riding roughshod over its smooth patina.

Listen below.


Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” has been called many things (electronic dance music’s savior, EDM’s demise, pure funk, completely derivative), but a soothing indie song it is not. Shoe-gazers looking to stay “up all night to get lucky,” however, can find solace in Daughter’s new cover, a breathy, minimalist take that sounds like one of best xx songs never recorded.

Listen below.


.   .   .

Get Lucky (Cover)
Get Lucky (Cover)

the present has no ribbon // your gift keeps on giving // what is this I’m feeling? - Daughter, Get Lucky Cover


Coven - A Modern Coven Playlist

[8tracks] [Spotify]
By mrsilva

1. How Soon Is Now - Love Spit Love (”I am the son, I’m the heir”) //
2. Landscape - Florence + The Machine (”Born from dark water, daughter of the rain and snow”) //
3. Between Earth and Sky - Rhea’s Obssession (”As one we move with the breeze”) //
4. Human - Christina Perri (”But I’m only human and I bleed when I fall down”) //
5. Paradise (What About Us) - Within Temptation feat. Tarja Turunen (”The wheel embodies all that keeps on turning”) //
6. Scarborough Fair - Celia Pavey (”Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme”) //
7. Peaceble Kigdom - Rush (”The wheel against the rules”) //
8. The Weight of Us - Sanders Bohlke (”I’m not ready, for the weight of us”) //
9. Who Are You Really - Mikky Ekko (”Lift me higher, let me look at the sun”) //
10. I Awake - Sarah Blasko (”Fire and ice, all in between of this world and all unseen”) //
11. Season of the Witch - Hole (”And when I look in my widown, so many different people to be”) //
12. Human - Gabrielle Aplin (”Show me that you’re human”) //
13. Run This Town - Spanish Harlem (”We gonna run this town”) //
14. I Am The Fire - Halestorm (”Alive and burning brighter, I am the fire”) //
15. Get Lucky - Daughter (”We’ve come to far to give up who we are”)

a super gay makeout playlist for super gay ladies // LISTEN HERE

01. blind truth feat. georgia harris ~ i want her 02. neon jungle ~ take me to church 03. joan jett ~ i can’t control myself 04. marina and the diamonds ~ starstrukk 05. metric ~ succexy 06. lykke li ~ get some 07. marina and the diamonds ~ bubblegum bitch 08. beyonce ~ crazy in love 09. daughter ~ get lucky 10. sheppard ~ smile (acoustic) 11. mary lambert ~ she keeps me warm

Nothing Satisfies me but your Soul [listen

A mix for all us modern witches out there.

Oh Death - Jen Titus | 8 - Willow Smith | Landfill - Daughter | Toxic - Melanie Martinez | Bang Bang - Sky Ferreira feat. 2Cellos | Get Lucky- Daughter | Bedroom Hymns - Florence and the Machine | Biting Down - Lorde | Seven Devils - Florence and the Machine | Once Upon a Dream - Lana del Rey | Sweet Dreams - Emily Browning | Gods and Monsters - Lana del Rey | Eyes on Fire - Blue Foundation | Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Lorde

prescription poison

a junkomikan mix on 8tracks

♥ tracklist ♥

empty - metric || female robbery - the neighborhood || all mine - portishead || keep me high - adaline || rainy days - late night alumni || strawberry gashes - jack off jill || get lucky - daughter || toxic - melanie martinez ||  the void - metric || please - nine inch nails || a pain that i’m used to (jacques lu cont remix) - depeche mode || calm me down - mother mother || seamstress  - dessa || shark - oh wonder || lofticries - purity ring || the mouse and the model - the dresden dolls


turn me on with your electric feel / LISTEN

indie, alternative, rap, whatever, fusion music that makes you feel b a d a s s. the type of music you strut down the street listening to with sick heavy beats. electric…

My Song 5. HAIM

Wicked Games. The Weeknd

Guilty Filthy Soul. AWOLNATION

Ridin’. Asap Rocky & Lana del Rey

West Coast. The Neighbourhood

Do I Wanna Know?. Artic Monkeys

Savage. Ben Khan

Superstar. AlunaGeorge

Elephant Black Skinhead. Kanye West & Tame Impala

Pumped Up Kicked. Foster the People

No Church in the Wild. Jay Z & Kanye & Frank Ocean

Seven Nation Army. The White Stripes

The Pit. Silversun Pickups

Lonely Boy. The Black Keys

Drop the Game. Flume & Chet Faker

Cool Kids. Echosmith

Call It What You Want. Foster the People

Beggin For Thread. BANKS

Sweet ‘N Sour. MVSCLES

Otis. Kanye West

Ginseng Strip 2002. Yung Lean

Silversun Pickups. The Pit

Arabella.  Artic Monkeys

Get Lucky. Daughter

Bridges. BROODES

Another Brick In The Wall. Pink Floyd


the gentleness that comes, a fanmix for raven reyes and bellamy blake and the tenderness they learn (x)

they who made you, they made me too
quiet like you, violent like you

1. sufjan stevens - the only thing, 2. future islands - little dreamer, 3. the national - don’t swallow the cap, 4. wye oak - fish, 5. the antlers - I don’t want love, 6. holly miranda - nobody sees me like you do, 7. andrew bird - luistania, 8. alt j - hunger of the pine, 9. daughter - get lucky, 10. x ambassadors - renegades, 11. the lumineers - ho hey



You stood beside me when I was out of my mind. I broke the glass, and you were there to sweep it aside; and if you leave me, rest assured it would kill me.”

DONATELLA (lady gaga) ♀ OLEANDER (mother mother) ♀ EMPTY (metric) ♀ GET LUCKY (daughter) ♀ LOVE IT DISSIPATES (mother mother)  ♀ INSTANT CRUSH (daft punk ft. julian casablancas) ♀ MYSTERY GIRL (yeah yeah yeahs) ♀ WOLF & I (oh land) ♀ TEAM (lorde) ♀ OBSESSIONS (marina & the diamonds) ♀ WEREWOLF (cocorosie) ♀ MELODY DEAN (amanda palmer & the grand theft orchestra)


we’ll be looking for sunlight – “Thank you for keeping me in this world when fate seemed determined to drag me to the next.”


1. buzzcut season – lorde // 2. home – daughter // 3. ghosts – pvris // 4. roman holiday – halsey // 5. east of eden – zella day // 6. leave the lights on (dntst rework) – meiko // 7. deeper devastation – jesca hoop // 8. woodwork – sleeping at last // 9. carol sparks – frederik wiedmann // 10. home – gabrielle aplin // 11. maybe – london grammar // 12. get lucky – daughter


Amazing Anna McLuckie

Get Lucky (Daft Punk cover) - The Voice UK

loved you like a fool, a modern au midsummer night’s dream mix, summery and acoustic

And I have found Demetrius like a jewel // Mine own and not mine own.

tracklist: civilian (wye oak), like a fool (keira knightley), love the way you lie (tyler ward accoustic cover), daydream in blue (i monster), early christmas present (kate nash), it’s only a paper moon (ella fitzgerald), jilted lovers & broken hearts (brandon flowers), annie oakley (miniature tigers), get lucky (daughter cover), i’m sorry i love you (the magnetic fields), folkin’ around (p!atd), fidelity (regina spektor)

listen on 8tracks

I should be writing an essay playlist:

Lucy Rose - Middle Of The Bed
Bon Iver - Bloodbank (pen perry remix)
Angus and Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane
Honey Bones - Dragg
Alt-J - Dancing In The Moon Light
King Charles - Bam Bam
Regina Spektor - Samson
Daughter - Get Lucky (cover)
Swim Deep - King City
Disclosure - Latch
Kate Nash - Sister
Ben Howard - Everything
RY X - Berlin