daughter finds mother


“It’s like this story has just been sitting in my brain for years, taking up space. Nothing I’ve ever written has been this easy.”

The real question we need answered next episode is

when did Maggie meet Eliza? We all know Alex wouldn’t shut up about her crush, but when did Eliza get the confirmation that they’re dating? Because this a WAY too familiar greeting for them to have never met before

Daughters of Mischief 1/?

TITLE:  Daughters of Mischief

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT:  Chapter 1/?

AUTHOR:  whisperriddle 

ORIGINAL IMAGINE:  Imagine being the adoptive mother to two powerful  (and mischievous) teenaged witches. One day you answer the door to meet a man (Loki) claiming to be the girls’ father, come to take them home with him.



Lilly put her head in her hands and leaned against the table as she read the latest reports the school had sent home. Jenny and Mary had gotten their third referral from the principal this week and Lilly didn’t think she could take it any longer.

She knew her daughters were prone to mischief, especially when they had turned eight and their magic emerged. It had been a long seven years of learning and understanding their magic, but Lilly had managed to teach the girls to use it for good, and not to hurt anyone or each other with it.

But lately, the fifteen year old girls have been using their magic for mischief, all kinds, including using it to prank the children in their grade and it often ended with Lilly in the principals office.

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6/9 Songs: Always Better
And what is true
is that we loved, 
and that I loved,
and that I love,
and I will always love
and love is always better.