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Imagine if Sally Jackson decides to call her daughter ’Blue’ because that color means something super special for her and Percy?.

And Paul has no problem with that, because he likes the sound of the name ’Blue Blofis’ and he knows what that means for his wife and stepson.

And then is Percy, who could not be more pleased with the choice of name, and now a new favorite person in his life will have the name of something that he likes a lot and is special for his family.

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Girl Meets Camp Half-Blood

Riley Matthews = Daughter of Aphrodite (goddess of beauty and love)

Maya Hart = Daughter of Apollo (god of archery, music, art, healing, and the sun)

Lucas Friar = Son of Ares (god of war)

Farkle Minkus = Son of Hephaestus (god of fire and forges)

Zay Babineaux = Son of Hermes (god of messangers, travellers, and theives)

Isadora Smackle = Daughter of Athena (goddess of wisdom and strategy)

So I came up with a few canons for Apollo's children (aka my siblings)

-They always wake up at sunrise with a lot of energy.
-They are in charge of waking up all the other campists with music.
-Just like Percy feels stronger and can heal himself with water, they feel can do more or less the same when exposed to sunlight.
-They tend to feel claustrophobia, specially when they are in dark places like caves where there is no natural light.
-During the day, the can know the exact time by looking at the sky.
-When they get mad, like really mad, their body temperature gets so hot they might melt or burn some things that are near them.
-Since their father is the god of music, rythm is natural in them, which make them great dancers.
-We rock :3

Feba :)

Trials of Apollo <3

-Spoilers Ahead-

I think this book has got to be the most unique of Riordan’s work. Apollo is hilariously arrogant and his journey puts him in contact with some familiar faces. Nico and Will?? Wonderful. And Leo and Calypso coming back was a great way to end the first volume. I absolutely loved all the references to the other books. Apollo met a handsome god with an annoying, talking weapon??? Wonder who that could be~ (>cough< Frey >cough<). Overall, a wonderful book with some amazing new characters, campers, and a nice little peak into the Apollo cabin or as Apollo himself would call it, the ‘me’ cabin :)

The signs as demigods
  • Aries: son/daughter of Ares
  • Taurus: son/daughter of Nemesis
  • Gemini: son/daughter of Hermes
  • Cancer: son/daughter of Demeter
  • Leo: son/daughter of Aphrodite
  • Virgo: son/daughter of Hephaestus
  • Libra: son/daughter of Apollo
  • Scorpio: son/daughter of Hades
  • Sagittarius: son/daughter of Athena
  • Capricorn: son/daughter of Zeus
  • Aquarius: son/daughter of Dionysus
  • Pisces: son/daughter of Poseidon
Apollo Kids

While most people assume that we are calm and collected we still get into plenty of treble. We may not be as rowdy as the Hermes kids, but how could you expect us to measure up? Take note of the differences between their antics and ours. I know Chiron wishes we would all just give it a rest, but that’s just not our forte.