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Yours and Bucky's daughter adores Tony and somehow manages to get in his labs everyday. One Saturday you're having a team barbecue and your daughter runs up to Steve. "Uncle Stevie? Uncle Tony says to call you 'Uncle Capsicle', what's a Capsicle?" Bucky tries very hard not to laugh but fails because the look on Steve's face is priceless.

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and they both just crack up laughing 

Daddy Wednesday™

in which Darth Vader sprints down the halls of the Death Star with a very angry Princess Leia over his shoulder, and on his way to steal a shuttle from the hangar a great many thoughts go through his head

re-written/expanded version of this three-sentence fic

His daughter.

He had a daughter.

He had almost tortured his daughter.

Princess Leia hadn’t stopped shouting, cursing, and kicking since he had first gathered her up onto his shoulder (gently, carefully, she was his daughter) and run out of the cell. He paid no heed, of course, to her demands to be put back on her feet, and did his best to ignore the blows to the back of his head.

She didn’t know; he could feel her lack of understanding through the Force. Their parent-child bond, which had awakened on his end with the realization of their familial relationship, still lay dormant on her side. He reached out, trying to connect their minds, but of course it was impossible; if she didn’t know, then the bond couldn’t be fully open. For now, it was only one-sided.

She didn’t understand, but she would soon. As soon as they were safe, he would explain everything.

He would tell her that he had been nearly killed by his traitorous Jedi master on the very day she was born. He would tell her that he had thought her dead, had never known she was alive on Alderaan all this time, because had he known he would have come for her, of course he would have. He would tell her about Padmé, she looked so much like her –


His step nearly faltered as a wild, desperate hope filled him. If their daughter was alive, then that meant Padmé had survived his anger on Mustafar; could she be alive too? Was she also on Alderaan, waiting for him to find her and their child, waiting all these years for him to come back to her? He reached into the Force, seeking confirmation, practically begging for it to be true –

It wasn’t. She was dead, and he was foolish for imagining otherwise.

He had been told of Padmé’s death mere seconds after rising from the operating table. He had looked frantically to the Force, just as he had now, when Palpatine had said those words – it seems, in your anger, you killed her – and had felt the truth then as well; had felt her absence from the Galaxy as keenly as he felt the absence of his freshly-severed limbs. He had watched her funeral on the Naboo holonews, too, seen her body lying in the casket with his own eyes.

But… her body had still looked pregnant, then, swollen with the child he thought had died with her. But she hadn’t died, Leia was here, alive and very much kicking over his shoulder. Which meant –

His master had lied; he hadn’t killed Padmé in his anger. And the Organas – the Organas, the traitorous Senator and Queen – had stolen his baby and made Padmé’s body appear as if she had died in the womb.

He would kill them.

Rage and hate filled every inch of his being like a howling storm, and the Dark Side rushed to meet it, beckoning with sweet, familiar power.

No. Not yet.

He’d let himself become lost in his own dark fury on Mustafar, and he had strangled Padmé. He would not allow history to repeat itself; he would not lose control around Leia.

He pushed away the Dark and promised himself soon.

Soon he would rain devastation down upon the ones who had taken his child. Soon he would unleash the wrath of a Sith Lord – of a father – and make the guilty pay for their crimes in blood and pain and unmerciful death. Soon

His thoughts were interrupted by a particularly vicious elbow to the back of his neck, which sent a rather painful current of shock down his spine. It was accompanied by a choice selection of Huttese swears, shouted in a voice so loud and powerful that Vader half-expected the walls to start shaking around them.

He had to admit, he was somewhat impressed. He had lost track by now of how many different languages Leia had sampled in the last few minutes; she seemed convinced that somewhere in the many tongues of the Galaxy there was a vulgar word or phrase that would halt him in his tracks and force him to let her down.

Well, he thought, a touch amused despite the urgency of the situation, she could keep swearing that blue streak until she was blue in the face; he would set her back on her feet when the time was right to do so, and not a second before.

Which, as he was rapidly approaching the Death Star’s large and unprotected (from him) hangar, would actually be quite soon.

Stormtroopers and officers scattered as he raced through, not slowing down by a second. He quickly scanned the facility for something that would suit their needs; not that one, not that one, certainly not a TIE fighter… was there nothing on this damn station that would –

There! A shuttle; small and fast and in pristine condition. Perfect.

He stretched out an arm and opened the shuttle with the Force, screeching to a stop in front of the first seat inside and quickly – carefully – shrugging Leia off of his shoulder. He caught the look of mixed outrage and dizziness on her face as he straightened up, and before she could get her bearings he pushed her gently down into the seat and strapped her in tightly. He broke the safety strap’s locking mechanism in a way that would keep her from escaping, and without a word – they weren’t safe yet, and truthfully he didn’t even know what he was going to say when they were – made his way to the cockpit and started the shuttle up, tearing out of the hangar before some petty officer could gather enough of their wits about them to throw a wrench in their getaway. Back in the passenger area, Leia had started up again, outdoing her previous performance over his shoulder by a mile; her protests increased in both volume and vulgarity, a feat he almost wouldn’t have thought possible. But she was, after, his and Padmé’s daughter; he supposed the impossible was to be expected.

As he prepared to make the jump to hyperspace, his hands paused over the navigation system and he suddenly realized that he didn’t have the slightest idea where they were going to go. Fool, he mentally berated himself, casting about for some safe, nearby planet he could take her to.

Alderaan. Of course, she was the Princess of Alderaan. She would be safer there than on any other planet in the Galaxy; that’s where they would go.

And on Alderaan, he thought darkly, punching in the coordinates, he was likely to find a certain Senator and Queen. He gripped the controls tightly as they entered hyperspace, the stars stretching into blue-white streaks of light.

He was very eager to speak with them.

this is the longest single chapter I have ever written. I am very proud.

if anyone thinks I’m writing Vader well, PLEASE tell me, because I feel like I’m doing okay but I can’t be sure.

Winter Playlist

since it’s finally starting to feel like winter outside, I put together some songs to listen to when the days get darker and the weather colder. a mix of alternative, indie folk, and acoustic. 

1. blue moon - beck
2. black flies - ben howard
3. promise - ben howard
4. people help the people - birdy
5. winter white hymnal - birdy
6. blood bank - bon iver
7. the emotion - børns
8. northern wind - city and colour
9. christmas lights - coldplay
10. oceans - coldplay
11. delicate - damien rice
12. youth - daughter
13. the ice is getting thinner - death cab for cutie
14. kiss me - ed sheeran
15. i see fire - ed sheeran
16. black water - edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes
17. hypnotized - fleetwood mac
18. syndicate - the fray
19. mad world - gary jules
20. picture frames - georgia fair
21. days go on - greg laswell
22. call me in the afternoon - half moon run
23. sedated - hozier
24. cinder and smoke - iron & wine
25. when we were on fire - james bay
26. in your atmosphere - john mayer
27. a bad dream - keane
28. one day - kodaline
29. stormy weather - the kooks
30. lamplight - lewis watson
31. windows - lewis watson
32. the yawning grave - lord huron
33. frozen pines - lord huron
34. buzzcut season - lorde
35. stubborn love - the lumineers
36. breathe - matt corby
37. winter winds - mumford & sons
38. align - nina nesbitt
39. dirty paws - of monsters and men
40. always - panama
41. chasing cars - snow patrol
42. sad beautiful tragic - taylor swift
43. back to december - taylor swift
44. out of the woods - taylor swift
45. red eye - vance joy
46. my kind of man - vance joy
47. unsteady - x ambassadors
48. hypnotic - zella day

To my future daughter,                                                                                                              
 I’m sorry for all the hurt the world will inflict on you.
I wish I could protect you,
But I can’t.                                                                                                                           
Instead, I will teach you what my mother failed to teach me.                                                                                                                                   
  i. You are more than your body.
The world will tell you, you are nothing but lips and curves.
Only thigh gaps and soft brown waves of hair.
They are wrong, baby.
There are universes in your eyelashes,
Worlds caved into your ribs.
You are entirely too big for your body, for this world.
Your world is held together by skin and bones, but you are more than the stitching at your seams.
You are wonder.
And grace.
And beauty, all in one.                                                                                                                           
  ii. The world is at your service.
Never let anyone tell you you cannot be anything you want.
Honey, you might not be able to be everything,
But you sure hell can be something.
Be an astronaut, if you want to see what the world is like away from all the noise.
Be a doctor, if you want to know what its like to hold a beating heart in your hand.
Be a teacher, if you want to see true wonder in those around you.
Be all of it or none of it.
The world will be what you make it.
And you can make it how you want.                                                                                                              
 iii. Please don’t resent me for when I try to protect you
I wish my mother had taught me to thicken my skin,
To hold my breath around bullies
And not let them see me bleed.
I wish I’d been taught tough love.
I walked down hallways with a hood of slurs covering me, tears burning acid on my cheeks.
Instead, I was taught unconditional love, which is great but it won’t help.
Not when it really matters.
It won’t prevent the scratches you draw across your arms when times get tough.
The blood drawn will heal with kisses, slowly, but they will still bleed.                                                                                                              
 iv. Befriend the outsider.
Because, my darling, we are all the outsiders, some are just outsiders together.
The girl with the pink hair has a story behind her eyes as well as her tattoos.
Take time to listen to it.
It might shift your world a little bit.
The boy with the acne always running, running, running.
He might be running from more than his problems.
Maybe his mind, maybe the love he doesn’t know how to show.
He might let you run with him, if you ask.                                                                                                              
 v. They’re going to leave you, whoever they are.
A friend, a lover, a companion.
They will say they won’t - but they will.
And that’s okay.
Your heart will wither when the door slams on his way out.
Tears stream down your face when another message remains unanswered.
That’s okay too. It will all be okay.
Not at first, but eventually.
Because we are all on our own journey and maybe yours don’t intersect anymore.
Life is big and messy but sometimes it’s not big enough for all of us.                                                                                                                           
So, do it all.
Be tall with short hair.
Short with purple hair.
Loud with a small voice. 
Small with a big heart.
Be anything you want, baby.
Be it all.                                                                                                                           
Because this world is yours.
And what anyone else says doesn’t matter.
And you are made, grown and built to conquer it.
—  To My Future Daughter (For The Road)
EXO Reacts To Their Children Running On Stage To Their Mom

A/n: You’re performing and they’re supposed to be watching with the kids from the crowd.

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You were looking for your daughter’s eyes as you sung a very slow and emotional song. Your eyes teared up and a tear fell down your cheek.

All of a sudden you see your daughter running away from your husband, Kai, and him chasing her.

She ran up on stage and clung to your leg.

“She’s so damn fast. Your daughter is cheetah and I am sick of it… Love you.” He said breathlessly from the bottom of the stage before blowing you two a kiss and walking away defeated and tired. 

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Your comeback song was one for the history books. It was catchy and a nice dancing song. Holding the mic and following along to the dance moves, you laughed as you saw your daughter running towards the stage.

She ran up and started dancing in front of you and the crowd.

“Aishh.. why are they both so cute?! I can’t take it!!”

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Your son ran up on the stage during the part of your song where you danced with another guy. 

“AH! NO! UMMA! APPA NO!” Your son pointed to the man behind you and screamed again, “APPA NO!”

“ THAT’S MY BOY! I’m only laughing now because I know that once we get home I’m going to be in sooo much trouble.”

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You had won an award and were going up to to accept it, passing your sleeping daughter to your husband. 

Once you had gotten up there you started to thank everyone until you heard an ear piercing cry from the front row. You watched as your daughter ran with her little legs, poofy dress flapping against her knees, up to you. 

The crowd awe’d and clapped.

“I’m glad you all find this cute.. God, I’m screwed when we get home.” He thought to himself.

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You were dancing to your group’s new song on stage when you noticed your husband running after your son. Your son was too quick and made it up on stage to you before Chen could catch him. 

Chen stood there with a blank look on his face.


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Your daughter had way too much energy today and neither you or Lay had any idea why. So when you had to perform her favorite song off your comeback album you had specifically told him to make sure she didn’t run on stage.

What happened?

She ran on stage.

Lay was breathing heavy with his hands on his waist.

“How the hell did she get so fast?! What have I raised, an animal?!”

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You were accepting an award when your son attached himself to your thigh. Looking down at him you smiled and went to pick him up, but you stopped when you saw your husband stumble up the stairs to the stage.

The man who presented the award to you asked Chanyeol to speak since he was so eager to come up here.

“Ah yes.. I love my jagiya and I am so extremely proud of her!” He said smiling, hiding the fact that he knows he’s gonna get lectured from you.

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Your son apparently didn’t like what you were wearing as you were performing on stage. Running up to the stage your son took off his little tuxedo blazer and held up in front of you, pouting. “Appa say umma clothes no no!”

Suho looked at you from the beginning of the stage and smiled widely.

“Please don’t kill me jagiya.”

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You were singing a duet with a male partner and you two got closer to each other during the performance. That was until your son ran in between the middle of you two, pushing the man away from you. 

You looked at Sehun who was at the bottom the stage, winking at your son.

“Good job son! That’s my boy!!”

Houses as PSAT 2016
  • Gryffindor: Pliny the Elder
  • Hufflepuff: Fluorescent mouse brains
  • Ravenclaw: The Robert Galbraith/JKR complex
Slytherin: "It was awesome anyhow"