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When Paulie woke up half an hour after her alarm was supposed to go off, she should have known. When she stumbled into her bathroom and noticed she had run out of toothpaste, she should have known. When the outfit she had prepared mentally before falling asleep the night before turned out not to look as good as she’d thought, she should have known.

She should have known that this day was going to be shit.

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So Little Time (So Much to Do)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Bobby, Sam

Word Count :3506

Warnings: Character Death, Angst, Light nudity and violence, Swearing

Request: I’m rewatching Season 7 and I have a lot of Bobby emotions, naturally. Could you do one where the reader has Bobby walk her down the aisle at her wedding (to any character I don’t care) and share the father-daughter dance with her? (Even though they’re not related, he’s still a father figure to her) 💞💕

Y/N:  Sorry this one took so long.  To do it justice I had to get to a pretty emotional place, which is difficult for me sometimes.  I really hope this is what you wanted love.  I used the song So Little Time, So Much To Do, which was my Father Daughter Dance song.  The time line jumps between season 7 and 4.

It wasn’t the first time he’d died.  You’d been there with him during the apocalypse.  You’d heard the sickening snap as his neck broke, before your own death found you.  You hadn’t even realized you were dead until you were alive again.  

This was different.

There was no resurrection. No deals.  No hail Marys’.  No miracles. There was just Bobby, pale and dead.

And you couldn’t place it in time and space.  Hell, you’d all fought the Devil, Angels, Demons, monsters.  And it was a bullet that killed him?  A fucking bullet.  

Inside the cabin your husband was obsessing.  Staring at that clipboard, those numbers Bobby had died to give him.  He was blaming himself, drinking himself into a shallow grave.  Another shallow grave.  

You tightened the blanket around your shoulders.  It was freezing.  But you couldn’t be in the cabin.  You couldn’t see the remnants of your life scattered in each room.  Because Bobby had loved you.  Truly loved you.  And the proof was everywhere.  There were pictures of you with your frizzy-puberty hair and braces.  The damn hoarder even still had your report cards.

(“How do you get an F in History, Y/N?  You’re damned good at doing research!”  

“My teacher didn’t appreciate my essay saying that President Roosevelt was actually killed by a Windego.”

“What were you thinkin’? You’ve got a solid head on those shoulders.  Try using it next time.”)

It sometimes seemed life pivoted around moments, single excruciating moments.  Choices were easier, if not less painful.  A slow progression was devastating, but you could see it coming. It was the small moments, the accidents, the impulse choices.  Those were unbearable.  

If your father hadn’t bought that cursed necklace for your mother.  If you’d known the colt wouldn’t work on the devil.  If the bullet had been an inch higher.  

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For @isamaegreenleaf…reader is Bruce’s daughter as requested, enjoy! (Also, I feel as though Halsey’s “Control” would fit really well with Bruce.)

Y/N smiled to herself as she heard her dad’s voice over the car’s phone.

“And don’t forget…wait. Are you on your cell phone?” he asked realizing just how long he’s been on the phone, “I told you. Nev-”
“Never use my cell phone while driving. I know dad,” she cooed, “I’m using the wireless phone Uncle Tony put in my car.”
“Oh, yeah. I forgot about that.”

Y/N smirked to herself. It had been awhile since she had last seen her dad. For the most part, she stayed with her mother. Bruce didn’t want the chance for the Other Guy to hurt the two people he loved most. The only reason she was on her way now was because she finally convinced him she could take care of herself. Plus, it helped that Tony and Steve said they’d stay back. Not that she knew about Tony and Steve acting as security detail.

“I’m excited too,” she told him.
She could hear his smile. “I really think you’ll like it here.”
“That’s what I’m hoping,” she teased, “I should be just about there. I see the tower from he-”

Y/N was cut off as her car threw her forward. The sound of folding metal, breaking glass, and screeching tires filled Bruce’s phone. His smile was quickly replaced with worry and the worst kind of fear.

“Y/N?” he called frantically, “Y/N, please, answer me! Y/N? Y/N!”
“What’s wrong?” Tony asked.
“I…I don’t know,” Bruce stated, heart rate increasing, “She’s not responding.”
“JARVIS, I need a quick scan of all the police scanners in the area.”
“What am I looking for, sir?” the AI inquired.
“Anything relating to Y/N. She’s in her car; the one I put a cell phone in.”

Bruce began to pace back and forth. His breath was increasingly ragged. His chest heaved as his nerves, and others things, began to take over.

“This is why I told her not to come,” Bruce ranted, “I told her she’d get hurt. Why wouldn’t she listen to me?”
Tony stepped in. “Whoa, calm down Banner. JARVIS is working on it.”
“Calm down? She’s my daughter! I can’t calm down!”
“You’ll have to,” Tony shot back, “Otherwise your best pal is going to burst through you like bottle rocket.”
Bruce nodded. “I know.”

Despite being aware, Bruce couldn’t seem to calm down. The longer the AI took to respond was agonizing for the father. His mind raced a thousand different ways. He gripped at his hair to keep the Other Guy inside. He couldn’t afford to switch with his daughter’s life at stake.

Within an instant, Tony turned back around only to widen his eyes. He watched as Banner’s rage took over, ripping his clothes. Soon, the Hulk stood where Bruce had been. The green man glanced back at Tony before jumping out of the window.

As if on instinct, the Hulk landed, cracking the concrete, and headed in a direction. The Hulk hustled through the streets, cars swerving to avoid him. It wasn’t long until he came upon a crunched and flipped over car. A semi truck was bent behind it, a fire hydrant nearby having burst. The Hulk noticed the driver limping next to the truck. He looked at the mass of green in horror. The Hulk huffed at him, only focused on Y/N.

The Hulk ripped the car doors off and crouched low. He saw Y/N, unconscious, inside the car. Some blood was falling from her temple and into her hair. With a roar, the Hulk reached in and gently pulled her from the wreckage. Her limp body swung slightly as he did so.

Without warning, the Hulk burst from the car and headed back to Stark Tower. Y/N groaned quietly as she regained some consciousness. She lifted an eye to see the Hulk, her dad, carrying her to safety. She smiled softly while drifting back into unconsciousness. She just hoped she could remember to tell her father she wouldn’t be in danger with the Hulk. Even the Other Guy cared for her.

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