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Vixx Daddy's: How would they react if their baby girl/daughter brings her first boyfriend to introduce him to them?

Oh man! I can’t see them EVER being ready to see their daughter as old enough to date! Their daughters would definitely be daddy’s little girl!

N – He would be such a worrier! He would be watching the boy like a hawk to make sure he treated his daughter with the utmost respect! He would also grill the poor boy about everything he has ever done and thought about doing in life. At the end of the day, if the boy passed all of N’s “tests”, he may be allowed to take his daughter on a date.

Leo – Nope. No girl would ever be good enough for his daughter. He would be giving the boy his patented death stare the whole time he was there. If the boy somehow made it through without messing up his pants, he would never call Leo’s daughter again. Her dad is just too scary! Which would, of course, upset her and he would try to explain to her that the guy was only after one thing and that she was far too good for the boy. This may lead to her not speaking to her dad for a time.

Ken – Ken would have the guy come in to the house and go the embarrassing dad route. He would do his imitations and ask the boy if he could do any. Then he would ask the boy if he played video games. They would go off to play games while the daughter is trying not to die of embarrassment. What she doesn’t realize is, Ken would be secretly checking out what kind of guy the boyfriend is during all of this and just covering it up by being silly to gain the guy’s confidence. If Ken decided at the end of the day that they guy was too childish or not good enough for his daughter, he would put his foot down and tell her she wasn’t allowed to see him anymore.

Ravi – If you think Ravi puts woman in a pedestal, just imagine how he would think of a daughter! There would be no boy/man in the world that would ever be good enough for her! He would probably end up tolerating the boy but only so that he didn’t upset his daughter (and wife) by being rude. But make no mistake, he would not like the boy. On principle alone. And if the by ever hurt her in any way, it would be all over!

Hongbin – Hongbin would probably be a flustered mess. On one hand, he would want his daughter to feel comfortable bringing a boy home because he wants to be involved in her life, but the other hand, he would just think about the thoughts the boy is probably having about his gorgeous daughter (because you know she’d be very beautiful). His biggest concern would be making sure the boy treated her well and respected her for who she is, not just the way she looks. He would be familiar with how people sometimes act around people they only like for their looks so he would be on the watch for that.

Hyuk – Hyuk would use the occasion as the ultimate way to embarrass his daughter. When he knew she was bringing a boy home, he would run around the house, switching out all the photos with pics of her as a baby naked, getting a bath, really any photo that would be mortifying to have the first guy you bring home see. Once the boy gets there, he would use any and every opportunity to tell whatever embarrassing story he could remember, and some he would just make up. It would be horrible for her, but he’d have fun!

God is so kind and so faithful and He’s just such a good dad and that’s one of the biggest things I wrote about in The Mystery. I feel like even with Flyleaf, there were certain things about our level of freedom to be ourselves that would be key to being received, but working with so many different people like producers and record label people and all these different people, you compromise that in a sense. You sort of take the heart out of it a little bit. When we did this, if it was not received at all, I would have been totally excited: “I obeyed you God and now I get to stay home, which is really my dream is to be a stay at home mom.” I was honest. If people don’t like what you do when you’re honest and genuine and you know you’re doing the right thing, that’s great. It’s OK. As long as you’re true to yourself, you’re doing what you know you’re supposed to do, that’s OK. But if people received it, it’s like, “Now here we go. The ball is rolling. Where are we going to head from here?”
—  Lacey Sturm