daud and the whalers

I’ve played through ‘Dishonored’, ‘The Knife of Dunwall’, and ‘Brigmore Witches’ three times now, but it wasn’t until my third playthrough of ‘Brigmore Witches’ that I absorbed, acknowledged, and laughed uproariously for about… fifteen seconds (or probably less, tbh,) at Daud, world-famous assassin and murderer of the empress who has literally scared maids into leg-lengthening death throes, fishing around in a prison toilet for a collectible charm for his bracelet (or wherever the heck he keeps such heretical things.)

Anyway, I laughed enough for it to be my first Dishonored fanart. 

Daud visits the black market

based on this video

Daud: Can we have one original lethal mine please?

Black Market Dealer: Lovely, is that springrazor or arc

Daud: Arc mine, please

Dealer: It’s gonna be sparkling! And what drink on that bad boy?

Daud: Elixir, please

Dealer: Oi oi a saveloy a little regular elixir! Anything else?

Thomas: Can I have two six-bolt pouches please?

Dealer: Lovely two six-bolt pouches. And what pika-choosing variety are you going to go for?

Thomas: Can we have er - what does Billie want?

Billie: Sleep darts please

Dealer: Sleep darts, is that for both?

Thomas: Yes please

Dealer: Lovely, so we got slumber-party darts! And er, what grenade would you like with that?

Thomas: Can we have a sticky grenade

Dealer: Getting saucy with a sticky grenade! Anything else?

Daud: A whalebone pack with no corrupted bone charms please

Dealer: Phwoar now we’re talking. Whalebone, no corrupted, no worries! And what drink on that bad boy?

Daud: Piero’s Spiritual Remedy, please 

Dealer: Remedy-shake, don’t mine if I diddly-do, anything else?

Daud: [trying to keep a straight face while Billie and Thomas are giggling behind their masks] No that’s great, thank you very much

Dealer: Gorgeous! I’ll reel you one in for the next window my friend. Ciao ciao!