datz all

So Apollo mentioned that he remembered running around with Datz when he was a kid, so have some cute images I thought of

Datz chasing Nahyuta and Apollo around in a field, scooping them up under his arms when he catches them while they kick their little feet and yell and laugh for him to let go

Datz giving them both piggyback rides because he runs so fast that when they hold on it feels like they’re flying

Datz holding Apollo by the wrists or ankles and swinging him around until they’re both dizzy.  (Nahyuta doesn’t want to try but Apollo calls him a chicken so Nahyuta says fine and lets Datz do it.  Yuty gets so dizzy that he can’t stand up for ten minutes.)

Datz taking them somewhere to swim and letting Apollo ride on his shoulders because he can’t swim on his own  (Nahyuta, meanwhile, takes to the water like a fish)

Datz helping the boys build forts and enforcing the “no password, no entry” rule when Dhurke tries to get in

Datz carrying the boys home after a long day of playing outside has tuckered them out so much they can’t BARE to walk

karmicbutterfly  asked:

How often was Datz up with Dhurke and the kids in the mountains? Did anything change after Apollo was gone/Amara got recaptured?

Character development questions, please! [x]

✨ It varies a lot with the timeline and Defiant Dragon activity. Datz was the one who initially set Dhurke up in the mountains, so he was there keeping Dhurke alive and sane (also zerberting the babies) for a good while in the beginning – but he was still in the military and had to return to active duty once he was sure Dhurke could be self-sufficient. After that he went AWOL every month or two to check up on them, and his visits generally had to be brief (he still racked up a ton of demerits, though).

✨ The fishing trip photo was taken shortly after he deserted and fled to Khura’in, and Datz took advantage of the freedom to spend a lot more time with Dhurke and his family. The Dragons were still few and disorganized and taking care of Nahyuta and Apollo was still a bigger priority to Dhurke than The Revolution, so the tone of Datz’s visits was pretty relaxed. He wasn’t there constantly (he had to have some semblance of a regular civilian life in the city while he was immigrating, which gave him the excuse to gather supplies and secure safehouses, etc), but he did spend a great deal of time in the mountains and was much more a part of the family than any of Dhurke’s other allies.

✨ After Amara was found alive and rescued, it was kind of a crazy period in terms of the Dragons’ goals. It cemented that Ga’ran was doing things that were fucked up and shady and a revolution was necessary, but stealing Amara away tipped Ga’ran off that the rebels were a threat that needed to be dealt with and it put them all in a lot of danger (thus why Apollo had been sent away beforehand). Datz’s role had to shift to more counter-intelligence in order to keep Dhurke and his family safe, so he spent less time with them and more time spying and raising lowkey hell to try to throw Ga’ran off their scent.

✨ He had to do a lot of emotional damage control when Amara and Rayfa were recaptured, so in the immediate aftermath of that he was with Dhurke and Nahyuta a lot to make sure they were keeping it together and to figure out how to proceed. Once things simmered down he went back to being the Dragons’ main gofer and shit-stirrer, so he ended up spending more time causing trouble and on the run than with Dhurke – and when he was with Dhurke and Nahyuta, the tone was usually much more urgent and focussed on the Dragons and The Revolution than the fun family atmosphere they had in the past.