Simple Hex/Curse Reversal

This is an aggressive reversal spell intended to harm or hurt whoever hexed you. If you are strictly nonviolent, this spell is not for you. If you are engaging with an enemy that outpowers you, an attack may not be the best move. This spell also has instructions for a simple hex negation instead of a full reversal.

Ingredients: Chili pepper or flying devil oil to break the hex and “burn” whoever sent it to you

If possible, one or more of the following herbs: Rue, datura, bay leaf, hyssop, sage. These herbs are hex-breakers supreme.

If possible, one or more of the following plants: Rosemary, angelica, agrimony, amaranth, anise, asfoetida, barley, basil, calamus, caraway, castor, cedar, cinnamon, cinquefoil, clove, dill, elder, frankincense, garlic, hyacinth, juniper, leek, mint, mugwort, mullein, myrrh, nettle, pine, oak, primrose, rose, rowan, thistle, tulip, valerian, vervain, willow, witch hazel, wolf’s bane, wormwood. These plants are all valiant guardians and protectors.

If you choose to engage in protection for this spell, also have a small container or cloth sachet you may carry with you. Also have a method of marking on your container (paint, Sharpie).

One small taper candle of any color; black is best, followed by white and red.

A sharp knife.

Warning: Sometimes we can accidentally hex or curse ourselves, due to incompetency, inaction, poorly planned spells, or angering spirits. If you “bounce back” a curse and you were the one who cast it, expect to see it hit you doubly hard. For this reason I highly recommend you do divination to attempt to discover who cast the hex, or if this is not possible for your skill level, at least to determine it was not done by you.

Method: The method for the spell is simple. Take your taper candle and carve the bottom end off so the wick pokes out. Dress the candle with oil and hex-breaking herbs or oils if you have them. Surround the candle with a ring of chili peppers or very hot peppers. With a prayer of intent to send back the curse to whoever attacked you, light the carved end of the candle.

The purpose of carving out the other end of the candle is to symbolize reversal. If it is impossible for you to carve away the wax, instead use the simple negation method:

To negate a hex instead of reversing it, do not carve away the other end of the candle. Rather dress the candle as normal, but pray that the spell does not reverse the hex, but rather melts it away and tears it up in to nothingness.

If you cannot acquire any herbs, it is alright to just pray over the candle with your intent. The only two required ingredients are the chili peppers and the candle.

If you choose to use protection during this spell (which I think is a good idea in general), add your protective herbs of choice to your small container. Pray over the herbs and request that their spirits protect you from this hex-caster and their malevolent energies. Draw or paint a protective symbol on your container (a cross, pentagram, or other icon will do) and carry it with you for a while.

Ensure the hex-breaker candle is allowed to burn down fully and completely. During this time you may feel a bit funny, as if something is being removed or burned away from you. This feeling may be a bit overwhelming but it should not be scary. If you chose to use protection, ask the plant spirits to reduce the overwhelming feelings of the hex being removed.

When you glance at the candle, you may get flashes of things exploding, popping, bursting, shattering, or burning. If you are especially adept you may see flashes of the person who hexed you. However, these visions do not need to occur; the spell is working whether or not you see anything.

The Players

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Bug of the Month: Apis mellifera

While honey bees, Apis mellifera, often get to be the face of pollination, there are many other important pollinators, such as alkali bees, pollen wasps, butterflies, some moths, and more. With the launch of a new “Pollinator Ecology and Management Section” in Environmental Entomology, we hope to better understand pollinators’ biology, their interactions with plants, challenges to their success and even survival, and changes to management approaches.

Image: Apis mellifera (honeybee) on Datura III by Marshal Hedin. CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr.

Mon Paris, Yves Saint Laurent

“Red berries and pear immediately exude sensuality and femininity.”

Notes: Strawberry, Raspberry, Bergamot, Calone, Pear, Orange Flower, Jasmin Sambac, White Peony, Datura, Patchouli, White Musk, Ambrox, Cedarwood, Crystal Moss

mornings at the cafe, strawberries dipped in cream, a lavish Sunday feast; wearing clean, crisply starched linens, not a button out of place; wearing light pink lip gloss and moving quietly through busy streets; strong black ribbons holding your hair.

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This year again, some daturas stramoniums grew up spontaneously in my garden. I love these witch plants so much, I feel blessed to have them naturally. 🌿✨🎃
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Go on, drugs. Datura, fly me higher than the moon.
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silvenarts  asked:

I kinda feel bad now for making datura look for lossi because he will probably be too busy hyperventilating in the corner about everything going wrong. They both need saving...

So many others needing saved from this game, I do hope someone is able to free Lossi before he suffocates in that box

i. but darling, haven’t you
touched the moon?

ii. they rip her wings off and 
throw them to the ground
they trample on them until 
blood has stained the field

iii. she makes it a point
to stick her toes in the water
just to make sure it’s alive

iv. they pluck the words
from her throat and give it a shot
daisies turn into datura and
flames lap it up like water

v. she makes it a point
to peel her dreams off every night
just to make sure they’ll live 

vi. it’s no matter to touch the moon
if you don’t have the means to reach yourself

—  skinless fingers, a.k.