I can’t stop watching this. Omg. 😂😂😂😂


Naruto: “Kakashi sensei, do you think the shinobis are watching us from up there?”

Kakashi: “Well Naruto thats hard to say but they say all the stars are each and one of them”.


Kakashi: “Naruto if our ancestors are watching they will be very proud of you like I am”.

Naruto: “Hahaha thanks Kakashi sensei, but do you know who is proud of you from up there: Dad, Mom, Rin and Obito . And do you know what they are saying right now? HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAKASHI. Now is my turn dattebayo, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SENSEI.

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I'm shock that frisk could open their eyes!

Yes, when designing the look for the characters, we opted to let Frisk open their eyes for this story. This allows for a much wider range of emotion, and helps better convey what they are thinking!

However, I do have a soft spot for Frisk’s closed eye expressions, so I include them whenever it’s convenient to do so.