Aaah I love Shinachiku so much, especially dattebae’s interpretation of him, so I really wanted to draw him as well! I love NaruSaku and the fandom so much, more than I can describe, and despite Naruto’s ending I will continue shipping them with a burning passion– in fact, even moreso than I did before! I FEEL IT SO DEEP–
I can see Shinachiku, despite looking more like his father, being quite similar to his mother (with a few of Naruto’s quirks–similar speech patterns maybe).. and as he grows and matures, he might not always make the right choices, often worrying if he can live up to his papa’s greatness. But luckily his parents are there to help and reassure him all along the way, along with giving him his space to follow his own path and mature. Soon enough, he’ll become a legend in Konoha in his own right–maybe Hokage, maybe not–but his path isn’t in the shadow of his fathers, it’s a brand new one of his own.
Also he’s insecure about his bangs which are meant to cover the forehead he got from his mama hehe


SO dattebae asked me one day if i wanted to do a collab and i was like hell yes then she asked me if i knew ava’s demon and i said no then i read it and i was like hell yes (again, thanks bae) then she said what if we drew a crossover or AU or somethin and i was like heeeeell yessss 

when her kakashi’s done we’re gonna make a post with the complete thing, the whole team (・∀・ ) (i’ve already seen her sakura and holy shit. holy shit it was beautiful)

and here they are - my nardo, sauce, and their demons. kurama humanised was first seen on this blog about two months ago, then he got a bit demonised a few days ago for the sake of this AU. sasuke almost got something snaky or hawky or straight up orochimaru as his demon before i saw the light. in the end the demon’s based on sasuke’s armoured susano'o (eternal mangekyō sharingan version).

and dang, this was fun uvu

In order to cheer you guys up!

I asked Dattebae if I could edit a picture of hers and she agreed.

I chose this one for one reason: I still believe that narusaku will happen even though the trailers had mainly naruhina moments, and I wanted say this with it: 

  • Don’t lose hope and don’t be upset guys! Narusaku still has a big chance of becoming canon! 
  • These two dorks were made for each other! 

You guys are like my second family and seeing some of you sad and losing hope makes me sad. Cheer up! It will get eventually better! <3

AU where Naruto’s a fireman and a single dad and Sakura’s a primary school teacher next door and she teaches Naruto’s daughter and he bumps into her one day and they start talking to each other and Naruto’s daughter really likes her teacher and keeps asking Sakura to hang out with her and her dad and Sakura and Naruto slowly start to learn more about each other and they have so much in common and a relationship just starts out between them and Sakura slowly starts becoming a mother figure for Naruto’s daughter.


So i guess it was time to officially announce that i’m open to commissions! I just wanna add a little to everything above by letting you all know that i truly work hard on my art and when it comes to commissions you can be sure that i will be working extra hard. If anyone is interested please don’t be shy and talk to me c: i’m just a little dork so don’t fear me lol Well, i guess that was it! If you have any questions please contact me!

Thank you!


Tomoe is a bad influence on Shinachiku and Hanami is not amused.

I really wanted to draw a crossover between the SNS and NS fandoms again and couldn’t resist adding another NaruSaku family member. 

I used dattebae’s design for Shinachiku’s hair and naepyon’s for Hanami’s. I hope it’s ok. I just fell in love with them.