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http://musthavebeenadreamer.tumblr.com/ - Shelby- she’s such a sweetheart! One of my top friends on tumblr. Don’t think I’ve ever seen her post something mean/rude on her blog ever. And obviously, if you love the Wings you’ll love her blog!

http://copperbooom.tumblr.com/ - awesome, awesome Wings blog! 

http://fuckyeahdetredwingsforlife.tumblr.com/ - her username says it all, if you love the Wings, you should follow immediately!

 http://abdelkiller8.tumblr.com/ - She’s an Abdelkader fan! (obviously, lmfao). You gotta follow her, she’s so cool and her blog is awesome! 

http://hock3y.tumblr.com/ - She’s great! She’s a Wings and Blackhawks fan. You should definitely follow. And she’s really nice!

http://datsyukiangeek.tumblr.com/ - her blog is a quality blog. I find myself reblogging from her a lot, so you better follow!

http://ohvegeta.tumblr.com/ - her posts make me laugh, she’s awesome. She’s a great hockey fan. She loves the Wings and the Bruins, so follow her!

http://conkblock.tumblr.com/ - amazing blog. she posts a lot of Wings pictures that I’ve never seen before. Definitely one of my top favorites!

http://gottafallbeforeyoufly.tumblr.com/ - Lauren is so nice! Her blog will make you smile(:!

http://poke-check.tumblr.com - Wings fan/hockey fan, great blog.

http://wingsovereverything.tumblr.com/ - Super sweet, Wings fan!

http://thisishockeytown.tumblr.com/ another totally awesome Wings blog worth following!